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  2. Dv-2018

    Although the number set aside has been 50k that has been because 5k annually had been allotted for NACARA. Those have not been close to being fully used in recent years, since the late 2000s,, hence why you see a number of years from that time when DV issuance has actually gone over 50k - the hard limit in law is 55k, not 50k, and they were obviously using some of the underutilized NACARA allocation. (DV2012 was so low because of the second draw debacle so that wasn’t a normal year.) And it seems like in 2016 they simply underestimated the number of selectees who would proceed with their cases, which is why mist regions went current so early. However it certainly appears that a return to 50k has been the case more recently, which I’d be 99.999% sure is part of the new administration clamping down wherever it can without a court challenge. If 50k was a legal limit there would not have been any years at all in which it went over that.
  3. Dv-2018

    Since 1999, only 50 000 visas have been available for DV entrants. In some years, the actual issue has fallen quite a bit short of that, and in a few years just over. It will be interesting to see the DV2018 number in due course. Total Issued South Africans (Includes Main DV selectee and their family members) DV2017 49 976 215 DV2016 46 718 182 DV2015 49 377 197 DV2014 51 018 211 DV2013 51 080 319 DV2012 34 463 225 DV2011 51 118 309 DV2010 51 312 303 DV2009 48 036 301 DV2008 46 633 235 DV2007 40 076 151
  4. Unabridged Birth Certificates - Gc

    Will you plz share the contact you used for Home affairs
  5. Dv-2018

    I wonder if the Trump Admin realises that'll be the direct cause of exactly what they don't want, illegal immigration will spike, desperate people will do crazy things. I have seen that Australia and New Zealand are also starting to decrease their visa allocations and make their entrance criteria stricter. It's just making life so much harder for people looking to improve their lives legally.
  6. Financial Emigration

    Ouch... always SARS to put a cherry on the top. I think some of the "older RA's are a beast to get out. So many choices and companies to use... FinGlobal, Expatri8 and Exchange for Free. Might have a look and see if I can do it myself when the time comes. Thanks for your great info. I read that Allan Gray is really great in assisting with this and do it in house.. maybe a bit of running around but cost saving might be there. With the other smaller RA's maybe best to cash out, pay tax and transfer as cash. Fingers crossed, this will all be more cost effective in 2 years time.
  7. Dv-2018

    Agree i also think the days of issuing over 50k visas are over, many of the years they did (the official legal limit is 55k).
  8. Financial Emigration

    Thank you all. Hubby got his out no problem. This I think is a Sanlam requirement, so yes, will do what I can and go as far as I can. If all else fails I will look into it when we first visit. Thank you all for input.
  9. Dv-2018

    I wouldn't be surprised if Visa Processing is slowing down due to the new Administration's efforts... https://www.migrationpolicy.org/article/even-congress-remains-sidelines-trump-administration-slows-legal-immigration
  10. Dv-2018

    u can inbox me your Number
  11. Financial Emigration

    I wasn’t actually directly linking them, just looking for a cheaper option to get the money out. As i said above, I didn’t know what the rules for cashing out an RA were. ( I was lucky enough to have other types of pension/provident funds where I had to pay a tax penalty for cashing them out but otherwise had no restrictions on what I could do with my own money.) The suggestion about using the discretionary allowance was simply given as an easier way to take funds out without having to officially financially emigrate, given the cost of that process vs the amount of funds mentioned. If the RA indeed can’t be surrendered then - as I said - “If I’m wrong this won’t work”.
  12. Financial Emigration

    The discretionary allowance (what you can take out of SA) has nothing to do with whether or not you are eligible to cash out an RA. You can only cash out an RA if it is worth less than R7 000 currently. If you officially emigrate, you can cash it out, regardless of the value, but taxes are due.
  13. Financial Emigration

    I’d look into not actually financially emigrating if the amount falls under the usual discretionary allowance. (This used to be R1m, not sure if it’s increased.) Cash in your RA and take the penalty /pay the tax on early redemption (if I understand correctly you can do that without emigrating ? If I’m wrong this won’t work) so that’s the same but then just get your normal tax clearance from sars and use your normal bank to send the money over to a US account. Quick easy and hardly any fees.
  14. Financial Emigration

    I actually have one silly Sanlam RA and they quoted 29k. I will see if I can get it done myself. RA value after penalty and SARS 51k. Probably TMI, but yes, I think the cost is really high. Best of luck.
  15. Unabridged Birth Certificates - Gc

    One of ours took a while, but I took it upon myself to contact the offices of both the minister and the regional manager of home affairs, and it was ready the next morning...
  16. Unabridged Birth Certificates - Gc

    We were in SA in Dec 2017 and needed a new unabridged birth certificate for our daughter. I contacted an agency and they quoted me R2,000... My wife went to Home Affairs herself about 30 mins before closing time, and was out of there in less than 15 mins with unabridged birth certificate in hand. They printed it on site. Think it cost R75.
  17. Unabridged Birth Certificates - Gc

    As an aside I hate these companies. The reason they get them fast is they have “contacts” on the inside. The contacts are not being kind in getting it faster...they are getting something in return. Just perpetuates the corruption problem and makes it harder for the rest of us.
  18. Unabridged Birth Certificates - Gc

    Hi! I contacted this agent info[at]passportassist.co.za and they got our unabridge marriage and birth certificates for us in two weeks. You pay them and they push it through for you. Even if you did apply your self. Hope it helps
  19. Financial Emigration

    That sounds ridiculous. I can’t remember exactly what we paid, I probably have a record somewhere, but as a % it was nowhere near that, in fact it probably ended up being much less than 1%. However you may find that there is some kind of basic/ minimum fee that gets charged for the admin work involved irrespective of the value of the asset. Have you tried asking your bank’s exchange control department for a quote?
  20. Financial Emigration

    [at]JumpingJasonFlash thanks for that info. I guess there are always mixed results when working with companies. I have been researching anything and everything in order to get my ducks in a row for more immediate forms and processes as well as what will happen in 2 years time (eg fin emigration). Did you only contact FinGlobal or did you shop around? It's so difficult to put a price on the process. I saw a post on another forum where they quoted R38 000 to process a R200 000 policy. (nearly 20% ). Was your experience similar to this? Thanks
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  22. Dv-2018

    Yes I'm interested dear.
  23. Dv-2018

    Hi!! I contacted this agent info[at]passportassist.co.za and they got our unabridge marriage and birth certificates for us in two weeks. You pay them and they push it through for you. Even if you did apply your self. Hope it helps
  24. Florida July 2018

    Good day I would like to introduce myself. I am a mom of two girls 9 and 11 and my husband is a Project Manager in the Construction Industry. He qualified for a EB1 and now we are in our last stage of waiting for our interview, the attorney said that after the interview its about 7 day then you have your Visa so we are hoping to go for the interviews soon. I would love to come in the beginning of July so we have time to settle in before the school year start. Any like any advice or notes that you guys can share with us will be highly appreciated. We desided on living in Ponte Vedra Beach just out side of Jacksonville Florida. Thank you and I am so looking forward hearing from all of you.
  25. Florida 2018

    Thank you! Its always good to have a reverence.
  26. Dv-2018

    Thank you Sj id check the Links today
  27. Dv-2018

    Im with the Family dear we are 5 ,,we have a whtasp group as DV 2018 if ud be interested to join us ,let me know
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