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  2. Well, our summer has ended, and it's cold in the morning. Outside. It was 11 degrees. So the summer of 2021 is over especially in the Northern states. We have a new Hurricane coming. It's called Hurricane Larry... Not sure where its going to end up. Happy Labor Day Weekend!
  3. Doing great ! There was some flooding in the basement parking area. I checked our vehicles, looked in the trunks and interior of car it was dry. They had pumps running overnight. Just have some puddles of water remaining. At least its still remote work so no need to go to the office.
  4. Hope you’re doing ok in all that rain oscar!
  5. Some Broadway shows have started as from today: Broadway Tickets | Broadway Shows | Theater Tickets | Broadway.com
  6. Return to the office update: Return to the office due to the Delta virus has been pushed back to November 2021. This date is not final and could be extended further to 2022
  7. Here is the actual CDC page https://www.cdc.gov/immigrantrefugeehealth/civil-surgeons/covid-19-technical-instructions.html
  8. From Oct 1, vaccines that are WHO or FDA approved. Waivers are available to applicants who are too young to receive the vaccine, have a medical contraindication to the vaccine, or who do not have access to one of the approved COVID-19 vaccines. https://www.natlawreview.com/article/covid-19-vaccine-added-to-requirements-green-card-processing-effective-oct-1
  9. The White House is pushing for the 3rd Booster Covid -19 vaccination, to be done six months after your initial shots and not eight months as initially planned. This is due to data coming out of Israel. The CDC is still to get on board with this.
  10. Really goes in waves. It used to be really difficult to get your money out, then it got pretty easy, now it’s hard again. When we emigrated it was pretty formulaic to get the SARB to approve an application for taking out more than the excon limit, I am told that in the past few years they have not really been allowing that any more. Now this too…
  11. New Exit Tax on South Africans planned ‘Exit tax’ to hit South Africans looking to emigrate from 2022 (businesstech.co.za)
  12. Looks like SAA is going to make a comeback. They currently only have a fleet of 12 aircraft. But looks like the new SAA will resume domestically in September and Internationally in November 2021😀 New AOC Sees Prospects Brighten At South African Airways - Simple Flying
  13. When the borders open up and foreign travel is allowed to the USA, All foreign nationals must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 before entry to the USA is allowed. Not sure of the implementation date.
  14. Just a update to the Phillips product recall. No response from Phillips after registering their equipment. My insurance will pay for the rental of a new Bipap machine for 10 months. After the 10 months it becomes yours anyway as long as you use it.
  15. The return to the office date has been pushed back to October 5, 2021 Due to the Delta virus.
  16. gman

    Lions Tour

    If your local pub isn't showing the games, looks like Peacock Premium is streaming it.
  17. Pfizer has applied to the FDA for a 3rd Covid - 19 vaccine Booster shot in August Pfizer to Request FDA Authorization for Covid Vaccine Booster Shot in August - Bloomberg
  18. Phillips Dream station 1 There is a recall out on many of the Phillips CPAP machines sold before April 2021. So appears many folk will be affected by this. The problem found is that the machines have a small potential to cause lung cancer, as some of the black foam packaging inside the machine has the potential to break off, and be blown into your lungs during use. The advice given by Phillips is to stop using your machine and contact your sleep lab or service provider. This sounds like a massive world wide recall which will take months to repair./ replace. I have registered my device with Phillips. Enter the serial number of your device and it will tell you immediately if you device has a recall on it. Philips provides update on recall notification - News | Philips. Warning! Important Safety Information For Philips DreamStation Users - Health Hazard - Bing video Philips recalls sleep apnea machines, ventilators over cancer risk (msn.com) SoClean May Be Dangerous to Your Health | Sleep and Attention Deficit Disorders Institute (sleepandattentiondisorders.com) Received this message after completing the recall notice. Please notate your confirmation number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx What to expect next: We regret that it may take some time to replace your device. The repair process for existing devices requires regulatory approval in your country, which we are working toward obtaining as quickly as possible. We will begin the repair/replacement process immediately upon that approval. When the repair/replace process commences, we will prioritize the devices that support patients with more advanced clinical needs. We understand the impact of this issue on your therapy and we sincerely apologize for this disruption. It is our absolute number one priority to replace affected devices as quickly as possible. For additional questions: For more information and updates, please visit Philips.com/src-update where we will be updating answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) as more information becomes available.
  19. My mom’s retirement home all got their first Pfizer shot a couple of weeks back. Meanwhile more and more people i know back in SA are getting COVID, some mild, some very serious and unfortunately a couple of deaths of relatives of friends. Most of these cases (that I know of) are people in their 40s and 50s.
  20. My siblings in South Africa got their first round of the Covid-19 Vaccine today. (Pfizer vaccine) 😃
  21. Isn’t this global, I heard same in UK again quite recently. can’t stand the stuff personally lol
  22. SJ272

    Passport Renewal

    My daughter did hers a month before you at the same consulate and is still waiting. Go figure. Have to say found the people at NYC way more helpful than LA. Daughter did not realize she now had to make an appointment for fingerprints but they let her anyway, then helped her with the application to ensure everything was correctly filled - first time she has done it on her own.
  23. gman

    Passport Renewal

    Seems like we're having more luck at the NYC consulate, though I did bargain for 9 months to be safe. I did two in-person applications in mid Feb, and received notice that one is ready (hoping the other arrives soon... ) That would be just under 4 months
  24. SJ272

    Passport Renewal

    It now says “minimum” 6 months and we were told 9 months verbally.
  25. SJ272

    Passport Renewal

    The lady at the consulate in NYC blamed home affairs in SA for the long wait. She said that they put the applications in a bag to get couriered to SA every week so the longest delay on their side is a week, but it seems DHA has a principle of assigning low priority to applicants living overseas. My daughter handed in her application in January and of course we have nothing yet and fully do not expect anything for another few months, will be pleasantly surprised if it comes within 6 months. Thankfully she now has a US passport. (On that note…she did her interview oath ceremony about 2 months after handing in the passport application …and even with current delays in US passports still got the US one before the new SA one)
  26. The CDC has a new policy of banning dogs from 100 countries for a year. South Africa is on the list. Appears from the article in some case the will still allow the import of dogs with all the required paperwork. High-Risk Countries for Dog Rabies | Bringing an Animal into U.S. | Importation | CDC What is a Valid Rabies Vaccination Certificate? | Bringing an Animal into U.S. | Importation | CDC
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