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  2. My understanding is that there’s enough bipartisan support for the dreamers, it’s the other stuff, especially chain migration, that they can’t agree on. Trump backpedaling again (first saying he’ll sign any agreement that gets made, then saying he’ll veto it if he doesn’t agree on it) probably not helping. The bill that supported all of his 4 pillars was the one that was defeated by the biggest margin....
  3. So far four immigration plans have fallen flat in Senate votes. The house is deeply divided on immigration on providing the dreamers with a path to citizenship.
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  5. Exactly, and the uscis page on it even notes that the stepchild sponsored this way is still allowed to sponsor both natural parents! Definitely does show why they insist on all children under 21 even step of divorced spouse on the DS260.
  6. Interesting, I wouldn't have thought it possible but it is. I suppose this is a good example of the 'problem' with chain immigration - that it is endless. e.g. if someone sponsors their step-child, that step child can become an LPR and then citizen, and then petition for their parents (including the parent who didn't marry the original sponsor) - who in turn can sponsor their 'new' spouse, any children from subsequent marriages, step children, their own siblings etc, as well as their parents, and so it goes, on and on and on.
  7. Not really sure where to post this but I saw this and thought it was interesting ... it’s linked to chain migration, and also I recall we once had someone here filling in a DS form (I think for Dv) who was upset at having to list stepchildren from an ex-spouse. Well, it turns out that a step parent can actually sponsor a step child from a previous marriage where they have divorced, as long as a couple of conditions are met - that the child was under 18 at the time of the marriage, and that they can show a continuing relationship. I had no idea this kind of thing would be possible, but there you go...
  8. See page 3 General info/links to details
  9. What supporting documents are required when submitting affidavit of support.
  10. thank you [at]moving2018
  11. Congrats. Your interview is nice and early. Re doctors, you will need to do as they tell you. Besides the visa situation, you will also pick up problems if the schools in your district require them. At the end of the day worth every penny. Also, adults are more than the kids. Best of luck.
  12. Thank you for your response.
  13. There is apparently a directive from the US that all police certificates are valid for a year from date of issue, even if the local police have a shorter expiry date, so you should be fine. If it’s easy to get renewals done and you’ll feel more confident that way then do so, but I don’t think you’ll need them. The doctor will decide what vaccines you need, it’s unlikely that everyone in the family needs all of them. As adults we got exempted from most of them. But you don’t really have a option. If the doc says you need them, you won’t get an approved medical without them, and you need an approved medical for the visa. Try claim from medical aid after, we did without expecting much but got about half the cost of the medicals refunded (discovery). Good luck with the interview!
  14. Hello everyone. I am a DV2018 winner. My interview is on 6 March in Johannesburg. Going for medicals on 23 and 26 February. Its 4 of us i.e my husband, step daughter and son. Only my son has a vaccination card. Was given a list of the vaccinations 11 of them. To all those who had medicals done, did you have all the 11 vaccines done? The prices are just too much.(R 4,790 for all 11 vaccines PLUS R 5,400 for consultation and other various tests. For kids consultation is R 3,150. We did police clearance last year in September because i was speculating my interview to be in November/December (i compared my case number with previous years). The police certificates are dated 8 September. On 6 March will the police clearance still be valid? Do they expire after 6 months or 1 year? Should i have another one done. Thank you.
  15. Yes I have pictures of the customary/lobola ceremony. The photos have stamp date of the lobola ceremony on them and I have prepared a photo album to take along with me to interview.
  16. You can get an affidavit if you want, but I’d personally think that if you have proof of the date of the customary marriage it should be enough.
  17. Hello guys I had earlier ask advice on my marriage issue on this forum. The issue is that I filled in my customary marriage date on the ds260 form because the lobola ceremony actually took place before I entered the visa lottery with wife. However the civil marriage took place after the dv2018 result was announced. We couldn't fill in the date of the civil marriage because it will appear as if we were single when we entered for the in year 2016. I have been advised on this forum to get documents to proof the customary marriage. On this basis I wish to ask if a sworn affidavit together with our customary/lobola dated pictures and other bills be enough to proof the customary marriage even though we now have a child which was born 10 months after our customary marriage and has also been added to our case.
  18. Yes, ask them to us, that’s what we are here for! We too had hardly told anyone, even after we got the visa, until a few months before the final move.
  19. If you are like us with no one in the US, I understand 100%, Without the advice from the people on this forum I would not have made it. The journey is lonely. We were only telling the absolute "must know" people, so I get that. We are doing better by the day. Hubby been working for over 2 months now and I have just started. Exciting times and loving every minute.
  20. Trump’s base not happy, as seen by Breitbart today labeling him “amnesty Don”! from promises of deporting all illegals and getting Mexico to pay for a wall, to now offering citizenship for dreamers in exchange for money (from voting taxpayers)! for a wall.... no wonder they’re not happy ... ! Of course the general push towards more skilled immigration is bipartisan and has been on the cards for a long time...hopefully they figure something sensible out... I think there may still be a fair amount of fighting over the current proposal - hardline trump base doesn’t want dreamers to get citizenship and hardline Dems don’t want a wall ...but let’s hope they reach a compromise so we can all move on from this. Another shutdown on Feb 8 would be seriously boring 😒 DV almost certainly is finished. I guess they won’t bother with doing a DV2019 draw if law has changed before then. Another question for many saffers is to what extent any existing chain migration petitions get grandfathered in. Some of the proposals limit that severely.
  21. In the news today the government plans to launch the framework for Immigration reform on Monday : The four areas to be covered in the proposed legislation: DACA - Path to citizenship for up to 1.8 million Dreamers $30 Billion funding for Border Security "Chain" Migration limited End of the Diversity Visa Lottery They hope to have legislation by February 8 Let's see what happens !
  22. Thanks moving2018, I will definitely take everybody's advice.It is becoming nerve wrecking exercise and I must sayit is becoming a journey and its quite lonely one,you have all these questions you would like to ask someone but some of them are crazy.. or viewed as crazy Lol..I hope you doing well and got yourself some work already,or are you still settling in?.
  23. Oh, now Trump has whiplashed again and (from saying DACA is probably dead a few days ago in one of his tantrums) has now turned 180 degrees and said he sees a path to citizenship for dreamers!! At least, that’s his view for the next 5 seconds and yes, I agree you can’t have different types of citizens. Actually that must be unconstitutional. There is absolutely no reason for the US to be so generous with the huge swathe of family ties it allows to reunite. One issue in the revised proposal I have is lowering the minor child age (for immediate relative immigration) from 21 to 18, given that many children in that age group are at college and still being financially supported by parents and often still living at home. Hopefully common sense wins out there.
  24. I agree, the DV lottery is not going to survive long - it would be an easy bargaining chip for the Democrats to concede, and there isn't much support there for it to start with, and so too chain migration. The bringing over of parents and siblings is hard to justify when you look at immigration as a means to benefit the country as well as adult children, when looked at through the lens of what is really in the USA interest. The future of Dreamers is hard, and heartbreaking, but if they are given a path to citizenship, once citizens they should get exactly the same rights as every citizen when it comes to sponsorship and everything else, even if that means parents (and, to your point, perhaps sponsorship of parents should be replaced by a merit system anyhow, meaning no-one can sponsor them). To apply different rules to dreamers who get citizenship would, in effect, create a class of '2nd class citizens' who had fewer rights than others. That would be a slippery slope.
  25. Personally I think while dreamers should be protected I don’t think they should get a path to citizenship or if they do, they should not be allowed to sponsor parents. While I disagree with much of what trump does I do agree that you don’t want to encourage anchor babies. Of course, the easiest way to kill two birds with one stone there is to end chain immigration - if you strip anyone from being able to sponsor parents, then giving citizenship to dreamers is moot. It protects them (and most of them are working, contributing taxes etc) while not encouraging more illegals, to my mind that’s the best outcome. Any poll shows a vast majority of the population supporting protection for dreamers, I’ve seen numbers from the low 60%s to the high 80s. By contrast, support for the wall seems largely confined to Trump’s base. And Trump started this whole impasse in the first place by trying to cancel DACA rather than just leaving it be! If he continues on this current path he’s on, making policy for just his base rather than the country, it’s certainly going to help the democrats in the midterms...we’ve already started seeing republicans losing “safe” seats in Alabama and Wisconsin, and losing supposedly close ones like Virginia by a landslide, that’s all thanks to him. No one is fighting for DV and quite frankly I don’t think many people really think chain migration should continue either, it’s been shown that the majority of people coming in this way (especially parents) are lower educated/skilled than either native born Americans or other immigrants (most other immigrants actually are better educated, including DV). A merit based system is long overdue, I just worry about what this administration - who now for example has a non-science person vetting science research grants to make sure research goals “align” with the administration (Orwell, anyone?) - regards as skills.
  26. Right now the government is barely functioning. The partisan divide is bigger than ever and we are now in another election year with HUGE stakes for both parties in the House and the Senate! Yes, immigration reform is in the headlines and Congress can see almost nothing else right now, but it’s DACA where the fight is happening. It’s the only reason so much discussion is happening and it is the bargaining chip that both side are going to use to gain leverage, because it is in fact a very popular act with huge support on both sides. Dems will more than likely give Trump money for a wall to save the Dreamers, but I doubt they’ll vote for anything else that touches on comprehensive immigration reform before the Dreamers have a guaranteed path to citizenship in a straight up separate vote. Which would take DACA off the table when it comes to the rest of immigration reform. Trump and the GOP were fools to tie immigration reform to spending for the wall along with DACA. If they had tied border security and the wall to the gargantuan defense budget or infrastructure instead, they wold have got it without a fight and then still had DACA as leverage for comprehensive immigration reform! Now they’re going to have to choose between getting a wall and border security spending or getting comprehensive immigration reform in return for DACA and my guess is Trump being Trump, he’ll opt for The Wall because it “sells” better to his base. This would be a win-win situation for both parties, as the GOP and Trump can go into the mid-terms with another major campaign promise fulfilled and Dems can go in and declare that they saved 800,000 Dreamers. Also bare in mind that comprehensive immigration reform would also most likely have to include a variety of other aspects like the introduction of truly skill-based visas and priorities to STEM applicants over the current flawed H1B system, along with all kinds popular and unpopular changes to student visas, migrant worker visas and the like. Trump is certainly very vocal about family-based immigration and the DV lottery, but he’s not going to be able to throw out the bath water without the rest of the baby, not with such a divided political process as it is right now. Dems and Republicans will also be looking to November any day now. The GOP would rather retain their power for 2 more years, than fight an unpopular battle on immigration this year. Dems will want to regain the majority and begin impeachment proceeding as soon as possible. So immigration reform will take a back seat if they can get DACA sorted out in the coming weeks in a straight up vote. I won’t even get into the potential train wreck that is the Mueller investigation. Which is already neck deep inside Trump’s most inner circle and tightening around the President himself like a python! That could blow up any week now and you can bet, one way or the other, if that happens it will stop all of Congress in its tracks, suck all the oxygen out of the room and become THE number one issue and priority for every member of Congress.
  27. With the usual caveat that this bill might never become law,the latest proposals cancel all those applications in the queue. I think an earlier version proposed canceling all those who had more than a year to wait for their visa numbers. So the grandfathering concept is up in the air.
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