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  2. Covid -19 Hospitalizations rise as the virus rebounds, the spread in the Southern states and West seems uncontrolled. More layoffs Likely as states see a spike in Covid 19 infections. 15 million jobs are still missing, and it's becoming clearer that some of what people had hoped were temporary lay offs have now turning into permanent Layoffs. The Washington Times estimate that it will take 10 years for the economy to recover. lets just hope that July 4 does not become another virus super spreader weekend!
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  4. My sister went to the post office in South Africa to mail me a card. The response from the SA Post office is that they are not accepting any international mail. They will only be processing mail within South Africa.
  5. Australian borders may be closed until mid 2021 due to the Covid Pandemic.
  6. Covid -19 continues to ravage the economy. There has been 47.1 million jobless claims in the past 14 weeks. There was a staggering amount of new case reported yesterday. - 41 ,000 New cases of Covid- 19 reported yesterday, The highest numbers ever. Mostly affecting people under age 45. I see in Australia there is a run on the Supermarkets for toilet paper and paper towels again.... the shelves look ransacked. Finally here in New York cases have dropped off and more stores are opening.
  7. Dr. Fouche said on CCN yesterday that South Africa will be one of the countries to test the new covid -19 vaccine. https://news.yahoo.com/africa-start-africas-first-coronavirus-vaccine-pilot-134917634.html
  8. Met Museum NY has said it plans to reopen 29 August.
  9. Hopefully we get a new President in January!
  10. All performances at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC and at the National Theater in DC have been cancelled until the spring of 2021 due to Covid 19
  11. Further to [at]Malamute's point, it's a bit worrying how this proclamation will affect people who've already submitted their DS-260 forms/were in the process of interviewing. This will likely make it more challenging to prove ties to your home country when applying for a NIV. It's one of the reasons I haven't bothered submitting my DS-260 until I'm certain that no further EO's will be imposed on immigration. And of course the lockdown.
  12. Latest news on SAA'S bailout: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/south-african-airways-bailout-plans-emerge-from-private-investors/ar-BB15RO8F?ocid=msedgdhp
  13. The latest (today) executive order pretty much puts paid to the hopes of some drawn in DV2020. It effectively extends the ban on interviewing/granting visas to those drawn for DV2020 to 31 December, and as visas have, by law, to be issued by 30 September, those folks who were drawn and don't yet have a visa (and issuing was suspended in March already when the current number was around 31 000 for Africa) will lose out. For those drawn for DV2021, visa issuing would normally start in October 2020, but because of the ban, can't start until at the earliest January 2021, presuming that the ban is not extended, and also presuming it is not challenged and struck down by Federal Court.
  14. Here is a link to a article on how one of the was Covid-19 got to California. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/airline-passengers-brought-covid-19-into-lax-in-march-and-no-one-warned-the-public/ar-BB15sAgT?ocid=msedgdhp Here in New York they have established through Contact tracing of Covid -19 patients, Most of the spread was caused by people riding on the underground Metro. In Beijing China there has been another flare up in a fish market, they found Covid- 19 on a Salmon chopping block in the fish market. So they have sent in the Army to close of a section of the city, and testing everyone.
  15. South Africa deciding on which tourists to allow in: https://qz.com/africa/1867165/south-africa-has-a-plan-to-decide-which-tourists-to-let-visit/?utm_source=YPL&yptr=yahoo
  16. Here is a link to a article on a newly discovered oil field in Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. https://www.yahoo.com/news/world-next-oil-hotspot-230000952.html
  17. Thanks SJ! That makes a lot of sense. I haven't paid much attention to the immigration numbers lately. I'll claim ignorance on my part. Strange enough, I know at least seven people who immigrated last year. None to the US though. We'll see how this (DV21) pans out. I know DV20 selectees in other forums are the most anxious right now. The fiscal year is drawing to a close and not much has been happening.
  18. I tell you, the way this year has been going I wouldn’t be surprised to switch on the news and watch Godzilla taking out the Golden Gate Bridge .
  19. another congratulations! Re above -I think it’s partly that there just aren’t that many immigrants from SA to the US. DV selection has fallen to a couple of hundred a year, and total immigrant visas issued out of SA have been running around 800 a year. Forums typically have a fraction of actual immigrants on them so when numbers are low to start with I guess activity gets low too. There are some active Facebook groups of Saffers who have already immigrated, for all of the US and by city, but they vary in how useful they are (a couple of them seem mainly advertising vehicles). I personally no longer follow any of them.
  20. 😄 That doesn't seem so far off. "Year 2020" already sounds like the worst chapter in a modern history textbook. Thank you, JumpingJasonFlash. I think the universe timed this perfectly for me because I'm turning 27 soon. It's like I was not meant for the Selective Service System. 😅 Yeah, at the rate things are going, I can't be certain. But given past DV bulletins, it seems like my case should go current around May. Of course I can never be sure, espicially with COVID-19.
  21. Congrats, Delo! You must be beyond excited! It will definitely be interesting to see how the process works during the pandemic, although with a +20k number it’ll most likely be next year before you can expect an interview. Who knows what things will look like before then. At this rate we’ll probably be dealing with an alien invasion by Independence Day... 😂
  22. Thanks, Oscar! It seems like there hasn’t been much activity on this forum. Makes me wonder if people have sought out different approaches.
  23. Congratulations Delo ! its nice to hear of people winning.
  24. I haven't frequented this forum much, I've been using a different one. But I finally got selected today. The website was surprisingly easier to access than other years. My case [previously wrote “confirmation”] number is 24xxx. It will be interesting to see how DV21 will look like during the pandemic, and the new orders. Good luck to everyone else.
  25. Good luck all that entered. I have a couple of family members that entered but weren't lucky this time round.
  26. DV 2021 Results now available: https://dvprogram.state.gov/ My family members were not selected.
  27. US unemployment figures released today : 42.6 Million unemployed since March 2019 but there has been a rebound😀 https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/u-s-jobless-rate-unexpectedly-fell-in-may-as-hiring-rebounded/ar-BB154ATi?ocid=msedgdhp The Diversity Visa lottery Results should be available on Saturday June 6😄
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