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  2. Yes Adventurer, defn aware of the scenario. If either parent is drawn, hopefully it's a low enough number since the 20 yr old will be covered under the child protection act, number of days credited will be from the date the draw began until the results are drawn, around 200 days I believe.
  3. Also note that if one of the parents entries are selected, the 20 year old might age out before their process / visa is approved. (if 'then' 21 year old dependent is still unmarried, they can fall under F2A category- +- 2 year wait period. If married they have to apply under F2B which adds +- 5 years to the wait) If parent is selected and number becomes current but 20 year old will age out Before interview date (usually +-6 weeks from notice to interview date), consulate will consider earlier interview appointment (if requested) But its still all possible
  4. I was reading something in another forum about h1b “consultancies”, mainly in India. They arrange H1 for “employee” but the employee (under the table) pays them back the costs of the H1 application, plus a cut...basically a total scam. There is definitely plenty of scope to cut back on h1b abuse.
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  6. Thanks for the confirmation Malamute and yes they are aware no one else can be added to their petition.
  7. Yes, if each child has the high school education, they can enter individually as well. Not that if any of them are drawn, they cannot add their sibling or their parents as derivatives - i.e. they will have to make the move alone.
  8. Trumps new changes to the H-1B visa Renewals. As from today the renewal of an H-1B visa will undergo more scrutiny than before. Previously the renewal of an H-1B was a smooth process, but as from today any renewal will be reviewed as thoroughly as the initial application.
  9. Hi all, asking a question on behalf of a family member. A family of 4, both parents are entering the lottery, the kids are 19 & 20 so according to DV rules they will be added on each of the parents application. Since the minimum requirement is a 12 yr high school, does that mean, each child is also eligible to enter on their own? My logic says yes but wanted to claify so no one application is disqualified. Many thanks.
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  11. Good luck with the rest of the process and thanks for sharing your experiences, it will help someone along the line.
  12. For those of you who are interested - I would like to make you part of our journey and maybe it helps someone else in the future as I found there is limited information for South Africans petitioning with the i-360 form. Just an update on our i-360 petition in the EB4 category at USCIS. The priority date for our application is 15 September 2017 and we only expected a response around mid-December. So it happened that on day 54 of our application we received an RFE. We would have been stoked to have received an approval notice instead but we are grateful that our application is being processed a month earlier than we expected. My employer, who is the petitioner, is now waiting to receive the RFE so that we can see exactly what they are requesting. I will update you on the RFE. We are consulting the immigration lawyers again on this so that we can be sure we are sending everything USCIS needs. Here are also a few updates on our local documentation applications: 1. Unabridged Birth Certificates (R75 per application ) Applied on: 1 Nov 2017 Received on: 08 Nov 2017 (we are still waiting for my wife's certificate) 2. Police Clearance (R114 per application) Applied on: 06 Nov 2017 Received on: - 3. Unabridged Marriage Certificate (R75 per application) (We have reapplied as they issued us previously with an abridged certificate instead of an unabridged version.) Applied on: 09 Nov 2017 Received on: - 4. North-West University Graduation Certificate (R200) Applied on: 02 Nov 2017 Received on: 08 Nov 2017 Hope everyone has a great day!
  13. Lol... like the Van Jones nothing burger......
  14. CNN does not report fake news all the time. Just some of the time.
  15. I agree with SJ272. if you take all the school shootings and other mass shootings it's mostly been by white males.
  16. Greatschools is a decent website, did you see this article?
  17. Do your research on the charter you are thinking of. “Charter” does not automatically mean good (although many of them are). I have a friend with kids in a really excellent charter school, but some of the charter schools have had some serious issues. Another friend in a different state took her kid out of one, and there’s one in another friend’s town that has had some major problems. If there are any issues with the charter school, if they are serious issues you’ll probably find local newspaper articles etc on the net. Best is if you can somehow try to talk to other parents, but that can be hard if you don’t have someone to introduce you. I believe some of the better ones are quite hard to get into as well, something else to consider vs moving to a good school district where they have to place you in their system.
  18. Hi All. Getting ready for our first winter. Was wearing 3 layers and neighbor came out wearing a no sleeve top. Ouch. Anyway, just a quick one on your experience please. Have a year to plan, so best to start now. Does anyone have their children in a Charter School? What are the pros and cons? Private School is out, we will never be able to afford that. Options really are moving to better school district and going public or staying in a great area with bad school district and then sending my child to a charter school. TIA
  19. “Fake news”? How many people died in Vegas? How many people died in Texas? how many people died from the Uzbek guy in Manhattan? Unless you think arithmetic is fake these days too. Sheesh.
  20. Malamute, Disproportionate? How so? The US sported a white population of well over 70% between1982 and 2012. Of the 62 cases, 44 amounts to 70%. That's not disproportionate that's pretty much bang on. We all too readily seem to accept what we read in the Fake news these days of which CNN seem to be the biggest culprits. My point still stands that the DV visa will be targeted and that IMO the lottery is a stupid idea. Now, all of you, please stop with the racial blame game. There are no winners here.
  21. SJ272 is merely referring to the fact that an overwhelming majority of mass shootings are perpetrated by White Men, and also that this fact is a big part of current mainstream discourse on mass shootings. Unfortunately, this may seem racially (and gender) charged because of the facts that it is indeed WHITE MEN who disproportionately commit these sort of heinous acts - CNN and Time in the last month alone: Time: e.g. "White men are much more likely to own guns than non-whites, and the “super-owners” amassing arsenals of weapons are particularly likely to be white, male and conservative." CNN: e.g. "out of 62 cases between 1982 and 2012 , 44 of the killers were white men " and "An over-affinity for guns among white men, dangerous against any other backdrop, gets defended as patriotism by many conservatives or even as white pride by those on the alt-right" So, with the current administration, the focus won't be on addressing any legislation to try and curtail these mass shootings, but, to your point, Adder, possibly introducing legislation impacting the DV lottery for a really isolated case of 1 DV recipient radical.
  22. SJ272, Why you would answer my post with a racially charged response like that is beyond me..... There are plenty of mass shootings carried out in this Country by all types, if you care to open your eyes a bit..... I am surprised that administrators allow you to post crap like this on the website. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  23. As SJ272 said... you can do it in China wherever the US consulate is. I did mine in Sydney, Australia.
  24. Good luck to everyone, let's hope that 2019 is the year. when we entered last yeat we sorta placed our whole life on hold, and after getting the "no" answer i was super sad. So we have also just made it part of our life, enteries done, and we live on untill we get selected. So again Good luck to everyone.. 2019 might just be it for all of us!!
  25. And today’s terribly sad news of the church shooting in Texas, plus the awful Vegas tragedy, just underscores that in fact white men with guns are far more dangerous to Americans than DV immigrants whether Muslim or not.
  26. You change your address and do the interview in China.
  27. hi i am planning to move to china , just wanted to find out , if i get selected for the DV 2019 . what happens ,do i have to come back to SA to apply/do interviews or can i change my address and do the interviews in China.
  28. Thanks Raven. We visited my future employer in Hanover December 2016. We loved the area! We are heading over for another visit in March 2018. Maybe we could meet up? While I'm posting I just want to make a correction on my earlier post. Our unabridged marriage certificate was issued the same day. The unabridged birth certificate took a whole day to gather all the info and complete the paper work. We submitted the application the next day and were told to wait 2 months. This coming week we will be filing our police clearance. I'll update on when we receive everything.
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