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The folks who help you find a job and hold your hand while you battle with résumés and forms! Also commercial ads from companies advertising directly.

Commercial Advertising Placement Rules

We allow for the placement of commercial ads as long as the advertiser abides by these guiidelines:

  • Ads must have sufficient contact information to enable SAUSA to contact you.
  • Ads may be placed for free in the forum for a period of 30 days.
  • After 30 days the forum moderator will contact you regarding extending the advertising period. There is a $15 fee per year or any part thereof, renewable annually.
  • Failure to pay within a further 30 days will have the ad removed without further warning.
  • This is a "family friendly" forum, and ads will be judged against that norm. Any found to violate it will be removed. The final authority lies with the moderator of this forum.
  • Non-profit organisations are also welcome to advertise. The eligibility for non-profit status will be ascertained when the moderator contacts you.
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