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Real Estate Agents

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Condo, walkout, bungalow, range, 4-level Split ????

Commercial Advertising Placement Rules

We allow for the placement of commercial ads as long as the advertiser abides by these guiidelines:

  • Ads must have sufficient contact information to enable SAUSA to contact you.
  • Ads may be placed for free in the forum for a period of 30 days.
  • After 30 days the forum moderator will contact you regarding extending the advertising period. There is a $15 fee per year or any part thereof, renewable annually.
  • Failure to pay within a further 30 days will have the ad removed without further warning.
  • This is a "family friendly" forum, and ads will be judged against that norm. Any found to violate it will be removed. The final authority lies with the moderator of this forum.
  • Non-profit organisations are also welcome to advertise. The eligibility for non-profit status will be ascertained when the moderator contacts you.
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