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Last Revised March 2017


This forum is a not for profit initiative to help prospective immigrants in their move from South Africa to the USA. The forum is managed by a group of unpaid volunteers.

We do not allow Commercial Advertising posts in any form on the forums. If you sell anything (service, goods, knowledge, advice...) and you charge for it, it is advertising. If you derive an income stream from it, it is advertising - even if it is not your main source of income! If anything you sell is your business - whether it is a main or side-line business, it is advertising. If you have a registered business (including online services, such as a website for this purpose) or work for a registered business (including online services, such as a website for this purpose) for whatever service or goods you are offering, it is advertising. If you offer something for free with the possibility to derive a future income from that free offering, it is advertising. So basically, if you make an income from it, either directly or indirectly, it is advertising.

  • Google Adwords: Any commercial business wanting to advertise on www.sausa.org will need to utilize the services of Google Adwords. Google Adwords will receive payment from the business and provide a banner advert on the top right hand corner and/or bottom of a page on the forum. Advertisers can request that their advertisement banner appear on our website specifically in addition to other websites the advertiser may wish to target. See Google AdWords for details.
  • Business Reps: Certain members who post in their professional capacity, may be deemed Business Reps. Commercial Business Rep members are welcome to contribute to the forum with their professional advice but will not be permitted to start a thread advertising their business (however disguised it may be as an 'informative post'). They are permitted to answer a post of another member provided details of how their business will be able to help. Business Reps may attract business indirectly due to the reputation they gain on the forum for helpful advice. They may not troll the forums for business posting comments such “Email for help on this” The reply should be public so as to help future members looking for an answer. However should a commercial member exclusively make posts that are aimed at selling their services and flood the forum with such posts, they will be asked to stop and to make more meaningful contributions.
  • Immigration Consultants: Immigration agents will be required to disclose their company name, visa agent registration number, real personal name, website details and business contact details in their signatures. They will not be charged for this.


We do allow non-commercial advertising. Non-commercial advertising is the once-off selling of items not for income purposes - Something once-off like a car or book or a bed or whatever, in which case place a free once-off add in classifieds. All free advertising in classifieds for this purpose could only be placed once a member has contributed at least 100 posts. This is to alleviate spammers registering on the forum with the sole purpose to sell their goods. (That is what Ebay & Kijiji is for...) In all cases, all advertising should be placed in classifieds only and can only be placed once.