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  2. Financial Emigration

    I know it’s not what you wanted to hear, but I have literally, just this week, finalized my Financial Emigration through FinGlobal and I couldn't be more happy with the results! From start to finish their service has been absolutely top notch. Took about 5 months for my specific situation. It can get a bit pricy if you have lots of policies and assets to cash out, but it’s probably a mere fraction of the cost of flying back to SA and spending weeks to months sorting out the mess and jumping through the ridiculous hoops necessary to get the process moving along. I caught a really lucky break and got my payout and Forex transfer right when the Rand hit its recent high, which effectively paid for itself, as I was going by a much higher exchange rate back when I started out If your financial situation is super simple, you bank with someone who is able to process your MP336(b) without you physically walking into a branch, and you use SARSefiling, then you may be able to do it yourself. But there are a lot of regulations, moving parts and a very specific order that needs to be followed. The process also takes quite a while, even with pros doing most of the heavy lifting. One screw up or delay and you could be set back weeks... probably months.
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  4. FBAR filing 2018

    For those of you who need to file FBAR: the filing date is 17 April, but if you miss it there’s an automatic extension to 15 October.
  5. Financial Emigration

    We used our bank (investec) and we had our tax consultant deal with SARS (and we really needed someone who could actually contact them and get them to get their butts into gear, they were shocking - reserve bank part was very efficient though). Honestly, I wouldn’t do it myself. It was stressful enough even with the experts doing it all.
  6. Financial Emigration

    Has anyone on this forum done financial emigration successfully without the assistance of a company such as Finglobal. Just need to know it is possible before I start what looks like a very difficult process myself. TIA
  7. Dv-2018

    Hi [at]moving2018 I guess its not easy to stay away from Brits simon website ,its good though you are helping us,Its great.to hear from you.I am going to Cape Town city.Home.affairs,tomorrow which is friday to get my all unabridged certificates,it was easy to get the kids ones its lm still waiting four mine and hubby birth unabridged for over 7 months now,so tomorrow after applying for the unabridged marriage certificate I will send an email straight to Mr Gigaba himself,I trust him ,he did a great job at homeaffairs prior his overnight reshuffle im glad they throwed him back there.I will wait and update you guys,Thank you [at]Pete and [at]Angel21 for all the interview experiences and info,you made it sound very easy☺
  8. Dv-2018

    Hi Pete,please give us an update as to how your interview was?I hope all went well.I have.just noticed.your number was current 2 months ago
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  10. Dv-2018

    ^excellent suggestion.
  11. Dv-2018

    It seems to me that every October/November there is a flurry of activity with hopefuls entering the DV lottery. Probably the best advice we can give anyone entering is to there and then make sure they have unabridged birth/marriage etc certificates for everyone on that application - at R75 each, it is really worth it - and it is not as if they expire - you never know when you may need it, or for what. Many of the posts here after an applicant is actually drawn involves stress around not having these documents in hand, and the time it takes to get them. I would advise to just get all of these, and keep them in a safe place - even military records, your matric certificate (in English) etc. IF you are drawn, you can wait for your interview virtually stress-free with only the medicals and the police clearance to be done, and if not, you have the documents for the following year, or for any other country you are considering moving to, or for any other reason whatsoever.
  12. Dv-2018

    We were specifically told by the consulate that the handwritten usual certificate was not acceptable. This is the post I think you referred to. Although handwritten, it was unabridged and signed by a commissioner of oaths. http://www.sausa.org/topic/7860-2017-draw-results/?page=4&tab=comments#comment-67988 so it still means absolutely has to be unabridged. At least the agent gave you your money back. If I were you I’d do a duplicate submission, one to your local HA office and one by post to Pretoria (the details are actually in the link I posted a few messages above) and see if one gets there faster. If you don’t get it by the interview, take your handwritten one and they will probably (if everything else checks out) tell you that you’ll get your visa when you submit the unabridged certificate.
  13. Dv-2018

    Hello Guys Thank you all for your prompt responses to my questions and fears. I once read on a platform possibly this or britsimon about an interview experience of a dvlottery winner at Johannesburg embassy. As we all know that unabridged marriage certificate is required for all married couples however this dvlottery winner said the embassy accepted the handwritten marriage register(I suppose/assume he meant dha-30) after he told them that his unabridege marraige cert is not ready. Can anyone validate this? Is it really possible. Am asking because the agent am trying to use to speed up the process of getting my unabridged marriage cert has returned back my money saying I must go apply for it at home affairs. This process as I know could take several months which is very frustrating!!!
  14. Dv-2018

    O dear Dreamland, I have just been onto Britsimon. Yes, the numbers are real slow. I can imagine your anxiety at this stage. Stay positive, and at least you have time to get unabridged of everything. Timing for a reason, so just hang in there.
  15. Dv-2018

    Yes, it has to be unabridged. If you follow the link from your selection letter to the dvselectee website, and then read through that and the appropriate further links it explains what civil documents are acceptable. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/SouthAfrica.html ”Only unabridged ("long-form") marriage certificates are acceptable. ..... The request should specify that a long-form marriage certificate (listing the prior marital status of both parties) is desired in the English language. Should the marriage certificate be issued in a language other than English, the applicant must also submit an English translation.”
  16. Dv-2018

    As far as I recall you need an unabridged marriage certificate but check your documentation that states what you require - it will indicate exactly what you need.
  17. Dv-2018

    Hi great people I just need to know if hubbu and I need unabridged marriage certificate or just a printed home affairs marriage certificate and how easy is it to obtain,we were under the impression that we got a correct oneon but we have been advised we actually need unabridged marriage certificate,is it true?
  18. Dv-2018

    Thank you so much [at]SJ272 Thank you for reminding me about security ,all is noted,I will checkout the link above I must admit I was very dissapointed with the pace.that the bulletin moved this month,but I guess we are safe its just that our interview s will be much later than we thought.
  19. Dv-2018

    This is the only site I know that does any really detailed analysis of the numbers. It’s still only an estimate of course but he suggests Africa should go to the mid-40s - so hopefully your number will be very comfortable http://britsimonsays.com/march-update-on-vb-progress/
  20. Earlier

    Yup, not just that but the platform that everyone was touting (something with an L, can’t remember the full name) apparently has a *massive* bid-offer spread, so you lose even more when you sell. Of course saffers were even more affected because the rand has strengthened too so rand value of bitcoin has fallen faster than usd since late last year. There were some interesting debates on Facebook ...!!!

    I know some peeps in SA back in dec/jan who were lured in by the "buy bitcoin - nothing can stop it - get rich quick" frenzy and were touting it to everyone who would listen. Needless to say, they have since lost their shirts.
  23. EB4 Petition

    I think this happens more often than you would expect. After we were drawn in 2010 we applied for our certificate ages in advance to avoid any issues. It took 2-3 months to get my wife’s birth certificate (I already had mine years earlier). We figured we’d just go and pick it up and then wait for our Marriage Certificate to come through some months later. When the lady went to fetch my wife’s birth certificate she came back and asked if we had any other certificates outstanding, because she had just seen a Marriage Certificate with my wife’s name when she was looking in the filing cabinet! LOL!
  24. EB4 Petition

    It’s been a while since I was there, but what I found was (1) contacting the office of the regional director of Home Affairs helped (I’d suggest the minister too which I did at the time, but I think the current minister is ....um....a bit preoccupied with other matters) - we did that when we needed the unabridged birth certificates of our kids, which was before our immigrant visas for something else or (2) the head office call center in Pretoria, which we used a couple of times during the actual immigrant visa process for the same things you need, and found surprisingly helpful. Incidentally in one of those cases (calling head office) we found that the certificate in question had been produced quite speedily but we never got a notification from the local office that it was ready, and even when we went to pick it up she said no notice so it wasn’t there.. I made her look anyway and to her obvious surprise, there it was!
  25. EB4 Petition

    Application Update: We sent the response to our RFE on 11 December 2017. Our petition was approved on 2 March 2018. The i-797 document will now be sent to NVC for further processing. Can anyone please provide some advice: 1. My wife's unabridged certificate is still outstanding after we applied on 1 November 2017. 2. Our unabridged marriage certificate is also still outstanding since 9 November 2017. Is there someone you can recommend whom we should considering contacting? Thanks in advance!
  26. Dv-2018

    ^ if you share personal details you should do it in a private message, not on the public internet
  27. Dv-2018

    Hey Ade,I know exactly what you mean,it would be great to start a wassup group and we can share info and just listen to each others queries and help where ever we can,my cell 079 345 9187 ,I am based in Cape town.Comeon guys who still waiting to go on interviews,lets chat!☺
  28. Dv-2018

    I agree with SJ272 - while nothing is certain, the only time since DV2002 that your number would not have been current, was for DV 2004, when the numbers for Africa capped at 35 450. In 2016, the May figures were close to what they are now - i.e. they were at 28 300 - and all numbers were still current by August. So, hang in there, and plan for the interview -i.e. get all the docs you need gathered etc.
  29. Dv-2018

    No one can really answer that question. The pace does seem slow but it would be a very unusual year if they did not reach at leas your number, ade. There have been years where the pace picks up significantly in the last few months. All you can do is wait and hope.... good luck.
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