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  1. in the news this morning, the airline industry is taking a vote next week to decide weather to ban laptop computers and some other electronics packed in the checked luggage. The concern is when lithium batteries in laptops packed in suitcases comes into contact with leaking hairspray containers or other aerosol containers in packed luggage, have caused fires in the hold.
  2. We also send a box of old magazines every 6 months 20 lb box for $85.00 This includes a tracking number and its interesting to see all the tracking on the package on the US side which takes about 7 days. The tracking of the parcel stops once it lands at Johannesburg. Once in Johannesburg or Cape Town the package appears to float around for 4- 6 weeks when it will finally reach Cape Town and is delivered They charge about R 40.00 in taxes. What is shameful is the cutting open of any card that is sent to check for money, then they tape it up again. They did this in the past as well an on enquiring they said it was found damaged or open in the mail. A friendly reminder to anyone sending Christmas cards or birthday cards not to include anything of value.
  3. We occasionally send cards to family in Cape Town. Recently we sent a Happy Halloween card, it took 21 days to get there. My family reported back that the envelope had been cut open in the one side and then resealed with clear tape..?? Obviously the SA post office employees are opening up cards looking for money to steal. We never send money. Just a warning to all not to put any money in your cards. No wonder why the mail is so slow, they open everything. luckily, they forward it along, after their long fingers have been through every mail item.
  4. I just herd of a South African losing his yacht (valued at ZAR 3 million) in Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean. The boat is registered in South Africa. They had insurance for the boat, but no Hurricane coverage. Apparently Hurricane insurance is an additional rider policy in South Africa. So the insurance will not pay out.
  5. There appear to be proposed income tax changes affecting South Africans working overseas. You could face a less generous tax exemption from SARS refer to https://www.businesslive.co.za/bd/national/2017-03-04-working-overseas-you-could-soon-face-a-less-generous-tax-exemption/
  6. Latest news on the laptop ban. There will be new enhanced security at foreign airports (not all details have been released). If all the foreign countries comply with the new checks and requirements, the laptop ban will not be rolled out. The current laptop ban on some middle eastern countries could also be lifted, if they comply with all the new security requirements.
  7. As there is no real enforcement of cabin baggage weight on all domestic flights within the USA, people get away with taking far too much with them. Please be aware that on International flights its a different story. SAA actually checks you cabin bag weight at Dulles Airport. If its over the 9kg weight, you will have to move things over into your checked bags provided they are not on the maximum weight already. SAA does allow you to purchase a 3rd bag for $100.00 - This has to be done at the time you purchase your ticket. This is quite useful if you have lots of gifts.
  8. Some passengers may end up having 3-6 plastic trays of their electronic goods, books and food items. This is bound to slow things down a lot. There is a list of the pilot airports available. The main big airport on the pilot program is LAX. Once the pilot program is working it will roll out to more airports. My best advice is to apply for the TSA Pre Check program. The TSA Pre Check and Global entry program does not help you on International Departures as there is no Pre check on International flights.
  9. New TSA check in changes at 10 Airports within the USA . All electronic equipment larger than a cell phone, has to be unpacked out of your hand luggage and placed in separate plastic trays for scanning. They may also ask you to unpack any large book and some food items. This is part of a pilot system to see how it works or cause any delays. These rules do not apply if you have passed the TSA Pre - Check program. These guidelines are separate to the possible electronics ban from European countries.
  10. European countries met in Brussels yesterday as they are not quite happy with the new restrictions. There will be another meeting in Washington, DC next week. They mentioned any new restrictions will take a couple of weeks.
  11. I read somewhere on the internet that passengers on flights to Dubai could use their computers to Dubai, but would have to check in all computers from Dubai to the USA. I don't know if they will take your checked luggage off for you to put you computers back into your luggage. I think this is highly unlikely. The may be placing your electronics in a plastic bag. I'm not sure.
  12. Sounds like a new electronics ban is going to be announced within the next two weeks on all transatlantic flights from Europe. All laptops, CD players, electronic readers will have to be checked in with your luggage. All you will be allowed to take is your cell phone.Looks like we will all have to go back to reading books again! Delta has already placed posters at the airport notifying passengers of the new possible restrictions.
  13. No its for a 5 year period
  14. Just got back from a trip to SA. The Global Entry card worked fine. Another benefit that has been added for Global Entry card holders is that you don't have to stand in the long lines at Dulles Airport to get through customs with your luggage. Usually there is a long line of about 80 -100 people in front of you. With the Global Access they have created a separate line on the right hand side where you can bypass all the regular folk standing in the long lines and you can virtually walk straight through customs.
  15. If you are age 60 and above you do not have to pay the $140.00 for the new ID card. It's issued for free. Something for nothing for the older folk.