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    As [at]RubyShoes said in an earlier post... I was out of the US for two 5 month periods. I simply applied, told the truth, and left it up to them to either approve or reject my application- it was approved. My research at the time showed that (according to the courts) the time before you lived here doesn't count towards the continuous residency period, but I guess they aren't very strict with the application thereof. My recommendation would be to file an application now.
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    This page of the SA consulate website confirms the $25 mentioned by JJF
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    I had a similar experience - landed, then went back to the UK for 5 months, returned for 5 days, then back to the UK for another 2.5 months before finally returning. I listed my UK residence for that duration. The interviewer didn't comment on that, and I was approved. (naturalized in 2014).
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    I completed the section on the form about my trips outside the US - they did not ask a single question about the long absences. My guess is that it is not uncommon for people to have one such trip.... maybe the guy that handled my case was in a good mood and let it slide. I did have answers ready for them in case they asked.... flimsy ones, but answers none the less.
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    A very Merry Christmas to all of you and hope that you are having a great time. For those who are new to the US and having a first Christmas here - may it be a wonderful one and the first of many more to come.
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    Easier said than done. Best of luck with that.
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    Rather than jumping the gun why don't you get a current evaluation of your property from a couple of Estate agents. They will provide you with a letter at no charge.
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    Well, they are always at pains to tell you not to do anything irreversible before you have a visa in hand. Selling a house before the interview seems quite drastic, even if everything seems ok you just never know. It also puts you out of a home and possibly chews up money on renting a place etc that you should be saving for your move. We didn’t have any proof of what our house was worth (we had significant investment statements though), he just asked us “do you also own a house” but didn’t ask value! If your house is your main asset then the suggestion from adventurer1 seems good. Also bring pension fund /RA statements etc, they know that these can be cashed in and taken with when you emigrate.
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    Aha, missed that page, stupidly thought it would be listed with the actual form thanks guys!
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    It’s $25 per application. Got two check for our applications on Friday. Mailing them to LA Consulate tomorrow. Will let you know how it goes...
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    It was about 2 weeks from the time I submitted the paperwork to receiving the letter from LA. It seemed to be something they issued locally, rather than something which had to be issued at Home Affairs in SA, unlike a passport.
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    I stopped sending documents years ago - and those I sent years ago still never arrived. Tracking works all fine until it reaches SA, and then the trail goes cold. The SA post office are supposed to create a new tracking nr, but that doesn't seem to happen much of the time. Birthday/Christmas cards sent ordinary mail all seem to get there - but take anything from 2 - 8 weeks, so timing is an issue. For any documents or anything of value, bite the bullet on cost and send with a courier.
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    I listed my non-USA address as the address where I lived.
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    Thanks Superkruz! Sorry if I can trouble you with one last question on this - for the period of those absences - did you put down your address in Australia or SA or wherever you actually were at the time, or did you put your US address ?
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    I don’t know about from NZ precisely, but the information for US green card applicants is usually very reliable, and this is what it says about military records.. is this what you have tried already? Military Records Available. ....(for ww2) Application must be made to the Chief of Staff, Personnel (War Records), P/B X281, Pretoria 0001. Full name, date of birth, and S.A. identity number and military number should be furnished. Persons who have served in the armed forces since World War II should write to the regiment to which they were attached, furnishing full name, date of birth and military number.
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    I get what you're saying about the risk and volatility - virtually all currencies (except XRP) nosedived dramatically during the past 2 weeks, making it a good time to buy. I did and so far my endeavours are showing handsome gains- fingers crossed!
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    It's going well so far. We're using FinGlobal and they have been amazing so far. Everything is filed and we already have our emigrant account all set up and ready to go. It's just up to SARB and SARS now and that could take 3 months or 3 years. You know how they are. Luckily we've been keeping our affairs in order and filing our returns every year accurately and on time and keeping our contact details up to date, so there shouldn't be any nasty surprises... I hope! We're in no rush and the ZAR/USD is surprisingly decent and relatively stable right now, so things are looking okay for now. So here's hoping nothing changes in the near future...
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    Thanks, Rubyshoes! We might just bite the bullet and apply anyway. The turn around time seems quite long right now anyway and we’d probably only get an interview around June (or later) anyway, which would put us well into the safe zone. Else we can just apply in March and that will put us within the 90 day period of our “second” 5 year anniversary :-) Sorry to hear those passports are taking so long! I did mine about 18 months ago and it took exactly 4 months to the day. Have all the paper work for my wife’s new SA passport, just need to do the fingerprints and send in the application. What fun! We’re also about half way through financially emigrating, so it’s a bit of a busy year on the admin side already!
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    I asked a similar question on another forum and was told it would be alright, but I won’t be doing it till next year when I hit the 5 year mark, so I can’t give you any actual experience. I was using my father’s address as my official US address during the time I was out. In my case there is urgency to do it as soon as I can due to a minor child turning 18 about 4 months after our anniversary. From what I’ve read about other denials, it doesn’t seem like you need to be worried about misleading them, just that you would need to reapply when you could easily prove continuous residence. If it helps, all the denials I had read based on presence about were either where absences were longer than 6 months, or the applicants didn’t have the total requisite 30 months required within the US. Also heard about really long wait times for naturalization, which I believe is partly field office dependent. I plan to apply as soon as I can, which as far as I currently understand is 90 days before the 5-year anniversary.
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    May I echo those sentiments
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    Lol yes indeed. It takes over your life even when you’re trying to ignore it because so many decisions have to take it into account - no point in buying new car tv whatever for example, not sure when to plan holidays because you don't know when your interview might be. And, most people don’t say anything to most of their friends or relatives until they know they’re approved after the interview so you constantly feel like you’re biting your tongue ...
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    Am hoping for the best in 2018 lottery selection. I want to leave this country (NOW!!!) if possible.