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    Hunter Biden married to Melissa Cohen Biden here is the link: https://www.capetownetc.com/news/south-africas-connection-to-the-biden-family/
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    Thanks Bushbaby PTA- We are riding with Biden on this one! I received some additional information from United States Department of State DOS Visa (NVC) Its a notice of visa case creation with NVC Case numbers for each application. They sent the correspondence, to an address I gave when I Applied over seven years ago. I have since changed my address twice, since then and even informed UCIS a few years ago of my new address. They appear to have ignored my address change and just mailed it to the original address. The new occupant at my old address had not received, any of my old mail going to the old address except for these two envelopes which looked rather official. They had the curtesy to take pictures of of the envelopes on their cell phone and mail the envelopes to me. This appears to be a recurrent problem with NVC as twice of the past 15 years people who had moved out of addresses where we have stayed, have come back to ask us if we have received any mail from NVC where in one instance it had. So for anyone changing address even if you have done the address change the official way and received official notification of the new address, there is something in their process that does not correct and up date the file. It may be a good idea if yo can to maintain some sort of contact with the people at your old address for instances like this.
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    From what I understand the VERY long wait might be over if Biden wins. Rejects the false choice between employment-based and family-based immigration. Each day, in every state in the country, millions of immigrants granted a visa based on family ties make valuable contributions to our country and economy. Keeping families together and allowing eligible immigrants to join their American relatives on U.S. soil is critically important, but the current system is poorly designed with per-country caps that prevent applications from being approved in a timely fashion. That means approved applicants may wait decades to be reunited with their families. As president, Biden will support family-based immigration by preserving family unification as a foundation of our immigration system; by allowing any approved applicant to receive a temporary non-immigrant visa until the permanent visa is processed; and by supporting legislation that treats the spouse and children of green card holders as the immediate relatives they are, exempting them from caps, and allowing parents to bring their minor children with them at the time they immigrate. https://joebiden.com/immigration/#
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