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    As from 28 November 2018 there has been some changes on arrival with SA Customs. After you have collected your luggage from the carousel you then proceed to customs. When going through Customs all suitcases go through a X-Ray machine . This is causing in some instances long delays. Passengers are missing their connecting flights to other centers. On Friday last week there were a lot of disgruntled passengers trying to get through the process. also make sure you read the new information booklet from SARS : http://www.sars.gov.za/ClientSegments/Customs-Excise/Travellers/Pages/Arrival-in-SA.aspx http://www.sars.gov.za/AllDocs/OpsDocs/Guides/Customs-G001 - Travellers Guide new - External Guide.pdf although they say only some bags may be X-rayed they were making all passengers go through the X- ray process. With this new procedure, it appears when planning connecting flights from Johannesburg allow for extra time or take a later flight. The current 45 minute to 1 hour window period between flights looks like its going to be a challenge.
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    yes back in Florida - Jupiter!
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    Hi Sol1, welcome back woop woop You guys back in Florida? Hope you settle in well and quickly adjust to the American way off life. Just give it time, its never easy the first couple off months (after the initial honeymoon is over)- but stick to it, it does get easier with time.