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    Thanks [at]FranetteM - you were correct. I phoned the KCC (who were very helpful), and they instructed me to enter "other" on the DS-260 form for our newborn's "travel document", just so that we can have the DS-260's completed. They said that, only after all of our DS-260's have been completed, the KCC will mail me requesting a copy of the passport biodata page - at least this buys us time whilst we await our daughter's passport.
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    Franette and Kallas, all of our three case numbers is now current, jipee! May bulletin for June interviews is Africa 37200 🙂 From what I gathered, 2NL's gets sent from the 15th to the end of the month, and then interviews are on Tuesday or Thursdays in Johannesburg.
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    It's been many years since I last posted on this site. Life in Hawaii has been good to us. Climate is perfect Year round. My oldest 2 kids are getting close to finishing university and the youngest son entered college and my youngest daughter is still in school. My wife, at 48, is doing her nursing degree. I'm still flying an ambulance. Life's good. To top it all, my wife and I attended our USA Citizenship ceremony on Tuesday. We are Americans. "Life, Liberty & the persuit of happiness"