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    As a South African (from Slaapstad) visiting NYC, I thought that he would have found the uninterrupted water and electricity supply the most bizarre part of the experience 😏 Having said that, I also expected that a journalist working for “Business Insider”, of all publications, would at least know that the US (the world’s largest economy) doesn’t use VAT! I guess not. He’s lucky he only stayed in NYC with its public transport. Pumping his own gas and filling his own tires with air would have totally baked his noodle!
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    The opposite perspective https://www.goodthingsguy.com/opinion/24-weird-things-south-africa/
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    Not to mention amazon prime and prime now. I was feeling ill the other day but there was food that needed to be got. Voila, a little over 2 hours later there was a Whole Foods order on my doorstep. Between that and 24/7 supermarkets, one never has to fear when (for example) your high schooler finishes an important assignment at 10:30pm due first thing next morning, only to find the printer has run out of paper... it really is a life of utmost convenience (says SJ, sitting on the couch telling Alexa what radio station to play and what lights to switch on and off ) Actually, just the fact that stuff gets left on your doorstep was in itself an eye opener!
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    Hahaha! Yeah, I’m old enough to remember GST in SA too. I reckon shelf checkout was probably the biggest “whoa! wtf” moment for us. Did it a few times in the UK, but they seemed to have a wonky sort of weight checking mechanic for each item mechanic that didn’t seem work more than it did. Much like pumping your own gas, I just can’t go back. I’m also enjoying the online and touchscreen ordering systems that more and more places are rolling out.
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    Hi, it's some gas stations in NYC but not all. In New Jersy, there is no self-service. They do not expect tips and its not mandatory to tip them. But its quite nice to get your windshield washed.
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    Hi All Best to follow the links for the details https://news.nari.co.za/info/new-process-getting-police-clearance-certificate.html https://www.saps.gov.za/services/applying_clearence_certificate.php
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