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    Yes, scan and send the originals and take them plus copies to the interview.
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    Here is a fun activity to do in New York for exercise.. visit the Vessel its free but you have to book tickets. https://www.hudsonyardsnewyork.com/discover/vessel https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=hudson+yards+vessel&view=detail&mid=DCA9B995EC9B7ACA1372DCA9B995EC9B7ACA1372&FORM=VIRE For rooftop dining visit Serra on the roof (Not at same address ) its at 200 Fifth Avenue Floor 14 https://www.eataly.com/us_en/stores/nyc-flatiron/serra-by-birreria/
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    Judging from other forums it’s the usual issue of the server being overloaded for a couple of days. Good luck to all SA entrants!
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    Hi Franette. My unabridged birth certificate also only has my parents name and date of birth. The email address KCC used to request documents was “KCCDV[at]state.gov”, with “Further DV Documents Required” in the subject line. So then I guess you have to wait for the police clearance, is there no way to expedite it? I still think once you get the police clearance, to send KCC the documents without waiting for an email requesting it. If I were in your shoes, I will definitely send the documents. Kallas, which states are you guys looking at? And are you going for a look-see-decide trip, or just emigrating? Franette, where are you guys heading first? The US is so huge, everything from subtropical, desert, big cities, to Freestate plains.
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    [at]FranetteM, On the unabridged birth certificates, neither my husband’s nor mine had parent ID numbers. Mine had my parents’ birthdays, my husband’s only had the ages his parents were on the date he was born! I think they just take whatever was in the written record at the time and copy that. The key things are the parents’ names and your place of birth, I think.
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    Yes, that’s correct. 1NL = “You have been randomly selected...”, it is what you will see on the ESC page now. 2NL is also on the ESC page, it just replaces the 1NL and appears after the email, and it gives you interview details, date, time, place. The email is just a link to the ESC page.
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    Very true statement - it is that stupid <1% you need to watch for and they exist everywhere, not just the US. The worst part of that encounter is that my dog was super kid friendly and wanted to say hello to his about 7 year old son (Who was totally excited about that fact) but the father freaked, adding "to the "keep your viscous dog away from me" with Can't you see my son is terrified?". I am assuming that my laughter and sarcastic comment which was something about grown men being babies while his kid was cool was the reason he stormed off in a huff dragging his poor son with him. 👼 At least that is what my wife tells me!!!
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    Thanks [at]FranetteM - you were correct. I phoned the KCC (who were very helpful), and they instructed me to enter "other" on the DS-260 form for our newborn's "travel document", just so that we can have the DS-260's completed. They said that, only after all of our DS-260's have been completed, the KCC will mail me requesting a copy of the passport biodata page - at least this buys us time whilst we await our daughter's passport.
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    Franette and Kallas, all of our three case numbers is now current, jipee! May bulletin for June interviews is Africa 37200 🙂 From what I gathered, 2NL's gets sent from the 15th to the end of the month, and then interviews are on Tuesday or Thursdays in Johannesburg.
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    keep trying - we won it on our 9th try!
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    It's been many years since I last posted on this site. Life in Hawaii has been good to us. Climate is perfect Year round. My oldest 2 kids are getting close to finishing university and the youngest son entered college and my youngest daughter is still in school. My wife, at 48, is doing her nursing degree. I'm still flying an ambulance. Life's good. To top it all, my wife and I attended our USA Citizenship ceremony on Tuesday. We are Americans. "Life, Liberty & the persuit of happiness"
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    On dogs...again...in the news yesterday, someone let their dog off its leash in a no-dogs area of a state park (even in areas they are allowed they have to be on leash at all times) and it killed an endangered type of seal pup...potential $11k fine in addition to the misdemeanor charge...and all entirely avoidable. Always follow the rules...
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