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    During my interview, the first (South African) interviewer asked if i had I-134, i said no i am taking financial care of mysef, then i said i have these finances to support mysef. The second interviewer (US girl) asked nothing about finances. Just asked what degree, and what field i will be working in.
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    Thanks Kallas, ja so happy! Next step is to receive my passport via courier, it should be here in this week. I have been looking at flights, short term < month are at a premium, flights in September are better priced, around ~$1600 for a return to Honolulu. Interesting, if you fly via Abu Dhabi, there is a CPB immigration there, where you hand in your immigration docs, then Abu Dhabi to US is like a local flight with no customs. Ok, so much of the financial tips I learnt from SAUSA, and Britsimons blog. The principal is; you have to prove that you will not become a financial burden on the US. The safest way to do that is with a form I-134. It is a form completed by a US citizen or permanent resident, that say that they will be responsible for your finances if you claim financial assistance from the US. I did not, nor any South African I have heard of, did not have someone willing to complete a I-134. So in the absence of this I-134, you have to prove you will not be a financial burden to the state. This seems to be the norm at Johannesburg. I did this by summarizing my financials. My first page was a summary, and pages attached proving the finances. It included bank account savings amount and three months statements, investments, property valuation. I asked my auditors to make a persoonlike balansstaat, that’s it. The idea is to prove that you and your family will be financially ok in the US. A job lined up, degrees like yours mec eng(?) is desireable, so include that for sure, existing savings, liquid assets, saying you will sell your house for Rx. All that helps to show you have means to support you and your family in the US.
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