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    3 hours will be close, but is doable. The trouble with the JNB to JFK flight is that it usually lands first thing in the morning, so there aren’t always a full compliment of officers at passport control and with a bunch of other flights landing at the same time the lines can get pretty long. The actual immigration process itself is pretty quick once you get to the officer.
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    3 hours is borderline for jfk, usually I’d say you’d probably be fine (especially if you don’t have to change terminals) but occasionally it backs up a lot, and immigrant processing can be unpredictable depending what else the guys are doing, sometimes very quick, sometimes quite long. Would you be flying direct to jfk from SA? As long as the flights are booked on one ticket the airline will move you to the next flight if you miss the first connection. I’m personally the ultra cautious type who’d take a four hour connection and risk an idle hour surfing the airport WiFi, but 3 is -usually - doable.
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