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    I think is a good move. Last week SAA flew back planeload of SouthAfricans from Wuhan, China. If SA can prevent Foreign Nationals in the country that may have the virus, their health care system will be overwhelmed. it may ding the economy. We have fallen into a Global recession anyway, So good for them for taking the initiative. My family who works in Cape Town were asked if they can work from home, and what computer equipment will they need to be set up. so this is a good move as the Covid -19 will be with us for the next 8 weeks to six months. in Manhattan, NY. The metro is running virtually empty at the moment. It sounds like a lot of restaurants, bars and nightclubs will be closed down pretty soon.
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    ....and President Ramaphosa just announced pretty drastic measures in SA - including banning foreign nationals from entering SA from certain countries - including the USA. So, if somone did not keep their SA citizenship, for example, they are now unable to go to SA. SA nationals still can....but may be subject to quarantine.
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