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    It is that time of the year again !!! This has been my 8th attempt .... wish me luck
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    it will be another three hours and 25 minutes before the results become available. Good luck to everyone waiting for the clock to strike 12:00 PM Here is a link to check your results: Electronic Diversity Visa Program (state.gov)
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    11th time for me bud 😄.....Optimistic this year though 😉 All the best and Good luck to All
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    Excellent! Holding thumbs for ya! We got our second shots two weeks ago today, so feeling a huge sense of relief that, at the very least, we shouldn’t die or end up in the ICU. So there is that.
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    So the Covid-19 vaccinations are moving along! We registered today in Group 1C due to Diabetes. Hopefully we get our shots in the next few weeks.😃
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    At its Newark hub, meanwhile, United is also delaying the launch of new non-stops to Johannesburg from March 27 to June 3 as South Africa copes with the rapid spread of a new coronavirus variant. Delta is also delaying its introduction of Atlanta-Johannesburg-Cape Town flights from March 27 to June 1. https://www.sfgate.com/travel/article/Delta-SFO-OAK-United-delays-JFK-India-Cathay-15950648.php
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    Finally Delivered 😀 The small envelope of cards was delivered to my family's residence by the post office this morning at 12:30 . They had to pay a charge of ZAR 58.00 charge for parcels from overseas. - Standard charge it took 25 Days to arrive, but at least they have it.📭 The package had been opened and sealed in two different places during its journey. I assume Johannesburg and Cape Town. Nothing missing
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    True that! If the passport requirement was in effect during the lottery’s inception, I think we’d have more people getting selected sooner. I just wish SA’s numbers lingered around the 1000’s like before.😞 I miss reading about people’s journeys. It added hope in this forum.
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    Yes, good luck! I think they may have improved more than marginally, as I think a lot of African entries before were from “agents” entering people without their knowledge. They won’t be able to do that any more. Ghana was a big “culprit” there and entries from Ghana dropped from 1.9m for DV2020 to under 300k (!!!] for DV2021, almost certainly as a result of that. Smaller but still significant drops in some other countries. Overall African entries dropped from 8.1m to 3.1m! The overall % of total DV entries picked from Africa will not change so that must raise the odds of those left with valid entries quite a bit vs what it would have been before, although of course the overall chance of getting picked is still very small.
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    This is my 8th attempt ! I pray I get selected ...
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    With the return to the office in sometime in August , the plan is to work onsite for three days a week. Working days in the office will be "Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday " Mondays and Friday's will be working from home. Sounds nice and flexible.
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    Return to work in the Office is scheduled to start from August 2, 2021. 😃
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    Younger kid (in 12-15 age group) got first Pfizer shot last week. It’s nice feeling everything is getting back to normal and now especially with the younger teens (most are vaxing where we are) will be able to hang out in summer. Concerts all seem to be on too! Have a few ones in summer that were rescheduled from last year.
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    After being fully vaccinated and waiting the required 14 days, We went shopping. After over a year of being confined to our residence, it felt as if we had been released from prison. Also went to the Dentist yesterday! New York has some new guidelines regarding wearing a mask effective Wednesday. Mask-wearing update in New York: What to know - ABC7 New York (abc7ny.com)
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    Same here....Oh well, this was my last attempt - clearly not meant to be....besides id rather be in good ol SA considering how black lives are taken in in the US. As Marvin Gaye said "whats going on" ...Good luck to those who got selected.....
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    This coming Monday marks my 2nd week after my 2nd Pfizer shot... all those delayed plans from last year are looking more likely ! In fact we have rebooked most of them. Here’s hoping summer will be fun. And that the vax corridors with Europe actually happen.
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    Follow up on Covid-19 vaccine : Got our second shot of Moderna vaccine! Had no side effects beside a slightly sore arm....Will finally go to the shopping mall in two weeks time.😀
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    1st dose of Moderna last Wednesday and booked for 2nd shot on April 21st. Both with Walgreens and super easy to book. That being said it took a week to find an open slot but the actual booking process on line was easy.
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    Got my first dose, Pfizer, today.
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    Good luck Oscar. Our county has been pretty good getting people appointments at the county and state sites. The hospitals and pharmacies are luck of the draw, some people have been very successful and others not so much. Walgreens opens up every 5 days it seems for the next 5 days. If you catch the morning they open there is a few hours before they are all booked up again.
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    Finally got an appointment for Wednesday March 31 for the Covid vaccine. We have been registering on state and local websites and even some hospitals with only the initial reply that they had us in the system. The websites of supermarkets and big pharmacies never appear to have a vaccine or any availability in miles. So today we did something different. Walked around Manhattan for some exercise and did a few walk ins to the pharmacies. Ist Pharmacy: They had no availability today, but suggest I try their website around midday as that's when they refresh their web page and they get their inventory. The other suggestion was to arrive at the Pharmacy at 5:15pm each day to see if they have any leftover vaccine from people that were no shows for their appointment . 2nd Pharmacy was totally unhelpful all I got was No. 3rd Supermarket Pharmacy: Got an appointment set for Wednesday afternoon for the Moderna vaccine. Viola! What relief😀😄 So this proves that waiting around to get an appointment though the internet is extremely annoying and time wasting. For anyone out there trying to get an appointment get in your car and go talk to the a couple of pharmacists directly . What a successful day 🤪!
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    Congrats guys. We are lower priority so still waiting for vax, but gratifying to see how this administration really pushed to go full steam ahead with the rollout. And grateful to know we should be vaccinated before our early summer trip, which we had postponed from last summer.
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    South Africa will be receiving 1 million Covid 19 Vaccines made by Oxford Astra Zeneca - Manufactured in India on Monday - First round for Doctors / Emergency workers. ... That's good news ! Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine: South Africa to receive 1m doses Monday - P.M. News (pmnewsnigeria.com)
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    Happy Christmas to all. Stay safe and hopefully all will work out. In the words from The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - "It will be alight in the end and, if it's not alright, then it is not the end".
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    Hunter Biden married to Melissa Cohen Biden here is the link: https://www.capetownetc.com/news/south-africas-connection-to-the-biden-family/
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    Thanks Bushbaby PTA- We are riding with Biden on this one! I received some additional information from United States Department of State DOS Visa (NVC) Its a notice of visa case creation with NVC Case numbers for each application. They sent the correspondence, to an address I gave when I Applied over seven years ago. I have since changed my address twice, since then and even informed UCIS a few years ago of my new address. They appear to have ignored my address change and just mailed it to the original address. The new occupant at my old address had not received, any of my old mail going to the old address except for these two envelopes which looked rather official. They had the curtesy to take pictures of of the envelopes on their cell phone and mail the envelopes to me. This appears to be a recurrent problem with NVC as twice of the past 15 years people who had moved out of addresses where we have stayed, have come back to ask us if we have received any mail from NVC where in one instance it had. So for anyone changing address even if you have done the address change the official way and received official notification of the new address, there is something in their process that does not correct and up date the file. It may be a good idea if yo can to maintain some sort of contact with the people at your old address for instances like this.
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    I sponsored my brother and sister (Petition for Alien Relative) just over seven years ago. When I checked In to see what mail is coming today, US Post Office I saw two UCIS letters will be arriving this afternoon. I then went to dig out my file on my brother and sisters applications. Plugged in the receipt number and they have both been approved.😀 So I am excitedly awaiting the letters in the mail this afternoon. Quite an exciting day after over seven years of waiting.
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    From what I understand the VERY long wait might be over if Biden wins. Rejects the false choice between employment-based and family-based immigration. Each day, in every state in the country, millions of immigrants granted a visa based on family ties make valuable contributions to our country and economy. Keeping families together and allowing eligible immigrants to join their American relatives on U.S. soil is critically important, but the current system is poorly designed with per-country caps that prevent applications from being approved in a timely fashion. That means approved applicants may wait decades to be reunited with their families. As president, Biden will support family-based immigration by preserving family unification as a foundation of our immigration system; by allowing any approved applicant to receive a temporary non-immigrant visa until the permanent visa is processed; and by supporting legislation that treats the spouse and children of green card holders as the immediate relatives they are, exempting them from caps, and allowing parents to bring their minor children with them at the time they immigrate. https://joebiden.com/immigration/#
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    Agree but, you know, there was still a big % increase in SA selectees from 162 last year to 510 this year. Hopefully that will lead to a few more selectees on here! I agree, it was usually fun (though sometimes also stressful and nerve wracking!) to read about people’s journeys.
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    DV-2022 Program: Online Registration https://dvprogram.state.gov/ DV-2022 Program: The online registration period for the DV-2022 Program begins on Wednesday, October 7, 2020 at 12:00 noon, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (GMT-4), and concludes on Tuesday, November 10, 2020 at 12:00 noon, Eastern Standard Time (EST) (GMT-5). Individuals who submit more than one entry during the registration period will be disqualified. Good Luck Everyone !
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    Good luck! I think the odds have improved marginally since the passport requirement.
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    The Package is making great progress: October 16, 2020, 11:20 amProcessed Through FacilitySOUTH AFRICAYour item was processed through a facility in SOUTH AFRICA on October 16, 2020 at 11:20 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination. October 16, 2020, 11:20 amHeld in CustomsJIMC E EMS, SOUTH AFRICA October 16, 2020, 11:20 amCustoms ClearanceSOUTH AFRICA Processed through customs in a minute.😀 That's amazing... Still awaiting to see if they deliver it or if it has to be picked up at a post office.
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    Here is a update on the small envelope sent to Cape Town. on October 2. Package Arrived in Johannesburg yesterday 10/14 and it arrived in Cape Town this afternoon. 10/15 Tracking info Mailed in NYC October 2 Departed JFK October 5 Arrived in JHB October 14 Arrived in CTN October 15 it will be interesting how many days it sits in Customs and local post office. The US Post office gave misleading information as the promise was a 3-4 day delivery through a shared delivery system with Fed Ex - They charge $68.00 for a package with a max weight of 4 lbs
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    ^ I485 is only filed if the applicants are already in the US and will adjust status. It is form DS260 that is filled in to get a visa for consular processing. About a year or so (depending how fast they are moving) before the priority date is current, the priority date will be listed in table B “dates for filing” in the visa bulletin. At this stage NVC will contact you all to submit documents (the DS260 from the applicant, affidavit of support from the sponsor, pay fees etc). Once all this is done the case is “documentarily qualified” and can then be forwarded to the embassy for an interview when the priority date is current.
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    Thanks Malamute! It is such a shame that it takes so long! I sponsored my brother last year, now the long wait!
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    Congratulations - approval is an important step! They are now officially in line for processing. Yes, will be a few more years - you still need the priority date to become current - which is updated each month in the visa bulletin. That is the date USCIS received your application. When that becomes current, it is time to file the Form I-485 which is the actual permanent residency application. Sonbossie - The current date for brothers/sisters is Sep 2006 - so applications filed before then (14 years ago) are now eligible for further processing which will include the interview once the actual form I-485 is completed and processed - that all takes a couple of months. For Oscar, if he applied 7 years ago, now at the 1/2 way point.
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    The priority date still needs to get current before you can interview - usually USCIS approval is a few years before that happens, especially for F3 and F4 petitions. Such a long wait!
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    Here is a link to the US Post office mail suspensions to various Countries. https://about.usps.com/newsroom/service-alerts/international/welcome.htm?_gl=1*1jrezdl*_gcl_dc*R0NMLjE1OTg2MTYyNTYuNDM3ZWQ1ZGM2YzEyMWFkN2YyOWQ4YTk0OWVhNGNjNGQ
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    Ah, excellent point about the third party services. Yes, that’s probably a big part of it.
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