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    I haven't frequented this forum much, I've been using a different one. But I finally got selected today. The website was surprisingly easier to access than other years. My case [previously wrote “confirmation”] number is 24xxx. It will be interesting to see how DV21 will look like during the pandemic, and the new orders. Good luck to everyone else.
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    Hopefully we get a new President in January!
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    I tell you, the way this year has been going I wouldn’t be surprised to switch on the news and watch Godzilla taking out the Golden Gate Bridge .
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    Congrats, Delo! You must be beyond excited! It will definitely be interesting to see how the process works during the pandemic, although with a +20k number it’ll most likely be next year before you can expect an interview. Who knows what things will look like before then. At this rate we’ll probably be dealing with an alien invasion by Independence Day... 😂
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    Congratulations Delo ! its nice to hear of people winning.
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