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  1. True that! If the passport requirement was in effect during the lottery’s inception, I think we’d have more people getting selected sooner. I just wish SA’s numbers lingered around the 1000’s like before.😞 I miss reading about people’s journeys. It added hope in this forum.
  2. Good luck! I think the odds have improved marginally since the passport requirement.
  3. Excellent point indeed. On that assumption, then we might see a slight increase for DV22. From what I’ve heard, it’s still planned (one such embassy has even given dates. But I’d consider that tentatively). Also, some partial good news for some DV20 selectees (who are outside the US). Judge Mehta issued an order that DV20 visa issuance should continue. This, however only seems to favour the listed plaintiffs and possibly the people who had already interviewed/have expired visas. The argument is that DV20 should have been considered “mission critical” given the time constraints. We’ll know more about the possible extension for DV20 on 25 September. But I wouldn’t hold my breath because it’s clearly addressed in the INA.
  4. For what it’s worth, the visa bulletin is out. The number of entries is much lower (probably the passport requirement). Of the 132,404 selectees 510 are South African.
  5. I know that this isn't a political forum, but that's a really obtuse thing to say. Partisan opinions aside, but the current US president is nothing short of Jacob Zuma. They're both accidents that should have never happened.
  6. Further to [at]Malamute's point, it's a bit worrying how this proclamation will affect people who've already submitted their DS-260 forms/were in the process of interviewing. This will likely make it more challenging to prove ties to your home country when applying for a NIV. It's one of the reasons I haven't bothered submitting my DS-260 until I'm certain that no further EO's will be imposed on immigration. And of course the lockdown.
  7. Thanks SJ! That makes a lot of sense. I haven't paid much attention to the immigration numbers lately. I'll claim ignorance on my part. Strange enough, I know at least seven people who immigrated last year. None to the US though. We'll see how this (DV21) pans out. I know DV20 selectees in other forums are the most anxious right now. The fiscal year is drawing to a close and not much has been happening.
  8. 😄 That doesn't seem so far off. "Year 2020" already sounds like the worst chapter in a modern history textbook. Thank you, JumpingJasonFlash. I think the universe timed this perfectly for me because I'm turning 27 soon. It's like I was not meant for the Selective Service System. 😅 Yeah, at the rate things are going, I can't be certain. But given past DV bulletins, it seems like my case should go current around May. Of course I can never be sure, espicially with COVID-19.
  9. Thanks, Oscar! It seems like there hasn’t been much activity on this forum. Makes me wonder if people have sought out different approaches.
  10. I haven't frequented this forum much, I've been using a different one. But I finally got selected today. The website was surprisingly easier to access than other years. My case [previously wrote “confirmation”] number is 24xxx. It will be interesting to see how DV21 will look like during the pandemic, and the new orders. Good luck to everyone else.
  11. Delo

    President Trump

    I think you're missing the point that everyone is addressing here. By the way, I qouted that because I found it ironic. Religious laws (which usually infringe on other people's rights) shouldn't form part of any constitution. This applies even if 97% of the population is religious. "Irreligious" laws have never stopped anyone in believing what they believe in. Whereas religious laws have done the opposite. If abortion is legal, religious and "irreligious" people have a choice. As SJ27 said, the burden of choice lies with the person rather than having the laws choose for you (which goes against the whole idea of freedom). The same argument can be applied to many things religion has ostracized. The freedom to marry any sex of one's choosing and the freedom to attend any public academic institutions regardless of religion. "Irreligious" laws accommodate both parties' views, whereas religious laws are one sided. By your logic, if 97% of the people at a dinner table hate the smell of seafood, then that means the 3% that love/don't mind seafood (or the smell) shouldn't dare order it. Ask yourself who's the fascist in this situation.
  12. Delo

    President Trump

    I couldn't have said it any better.
  13. Delo

    President Trump

    Oh wow. Honestly, I think every person in this world should be very fearful of Trump's Philosophy, especially people who went as immigrants (legal or not) to other countries. That lack of empathy is quite saddening, honestly. ...and building a wall? It's not any different to the Berlin Wall. Look how that turned out. Hilary and Trump were neither great candidates for presidency. But Trump's thinking is dangerous to society (the US and the rest of the world). Low taxes and affordable medical insurance won't matter when people are being blown to bits in war.
  14. Disclaimer: I only plan to use my tourism visa for tourism purposes only (although I'll keep applying for the DV lottery, in hopes of finally getting selected and migrating legally/properly).
  15. Reading this thread a little too late. For anyone wondering about a tourist visa, here's my experience. Went for my tourist visa today and the interview process felt like a mere formality. The whole process lasted about 4 minutes after checking in through security. I have never traveled outside of SA. I don't have any relatives/friends in USA. I'm 23 and have only been employed for a few months since graduating. I own NO property. I had a few negatives against me but nonetheless the VO said the visa was approved (took my empty passport) and I'll receive an SMS. I recieved a blue slip stating how I should collect my passport (and a sticker on the back of my passport) before I'd even interviewed... (found that very weird). They took my fingerprints then they scanned a picture I'd taken myself with an iPhone (I know). Questions: -Tell me about your trip to the US. -Why those dates specifically? -Who are you traveling with? -Do you have any relatives or family in the US? -What do you work as? -What do you do in said profession? -How long have you worked there? -[All in one question] Do you own property, have a family or kids? -Your Visa has been approved. No documents were asked (to be honest I didn't even bring anything other than my bank statement so phew to that). It feels like 90% of the decision is made before the interview. The other 10% is to verify that you really exist and are telling the truth in your application form (just an opinion). So I think having really specific and short travel plans helped my case. Also, don't lie... I could see that she was examining my every expression and body language (I didn't realise that I was leaning forward on the counter throughout the whole process).
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