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  1. Heidz


    Well the Aug VB is in with some 2020 data and although still early to hope? - there actually might be a chance with our high number!? When we originally won in 2014 - there were over 900 South Africans that year and this time I think just over 162 and altogether only just shy of 84k selectees so fingers crossed! Now to go and talk to hubby as he had convinced himself this wasn't going to happen so stopped all the whooping Malamute -thanks for the timeline - just one question - from the date of visa to when you moved you went to US twice, once to activate the visa for the GC and second to not be absent for longer than 6 months so all in all it took you just under a year to move with 2 trips to the USA? SJ272 - we have 3 boys - 7, 11 and 15 and I guess it's just moving them again.
  2. Heidz


    Thank you Malamute We will definitely go through the motions of applying etc (our number is high at AF663xx) but the application is not what is stressing me its all the challenges with 3 boys (and 2 dogs!) that comes with moving countries. Can I ask on your timeline to moving to USA from the UK? Winning it twice has definitely made me pause and wonder if the choice has been given to us again for some reason we have yet to discover. This time I seem to be the more cautious one as it really is early days where as my husband is whooping like a cowboy (last time he was the cautious one!) Glad its the weekend as a much earned braai and bottle of wine is needed
  3. Shoot for the stars and you'll land on the moon. 

  4. Heidz


    .....and Breathe. We have been selected but with quite a high number. We won in 2014 but chose to stay in UK. Not sure about whether we will even become current with our number but you never know!
  5. Hi Has anyone changed the country for their interview. We are moving to the UK and as the stupid numbers are creeping up the ladder we not actually sure if we'll get an interview (number 41xxx) We are leaving in June so if we do land up having an interview, I need to move it from JHB to LDN
  6. AArgh, don't get me started on DHA. They lost my first sons details....he wasn't registered apparantly even though I had a passport and birth certificate for him issued 12 years ago. My marraige registration was also lost. So we had reregister our marriage even though I show that I am married on their system. I too emailed EVERY single email address I could find on the DHA website. I have an email address of a very helpful person who helped me sort everything out in an afternoon.
  7. December AF17000 (Tried to edit original post but just couldn't figure it out.)
  8. Okay, this is just a stress moan I guess but so far its been 3 months since applying for my Unabridged Marriage Cert. I went to Home Affairs on Monday and the gentleman behind the counter told me it had ONLY been 3/4 months. How long have these taken for other people? Apparantly it can take up to a year??
  9. "When an allocation cut-off number is shown, visas are available only for applicants with DV regional lottery rank numbers BELOW the specified allocation cut-off number:" Below are the cut off numbers for AFRICA 2015:- October AF8000 November AF14200
  10. Hi, thanks for the site. I know that I ask questions that have already been asked here on the forum but some of the threads are quite old and the information a tad outdated.
  11. We have travelled around a bit with our 2 oldest but the baby is still too small to understand anything. We have always been honest with them as its not only now that they need to understand things but also in the future when people ask them questions or when they are not in the home environment and people ask them questions. My oldest boy was born in Australia and they call him Ozzie at school. I once heard a parent ask him why his name was Ozzie and he said its because he was born in Australia. When asked why we left, Jake replied honestly that my DH was transferred back to the UK for work. (he then carried on a bit about how he has lived "all over the world" but I left him to have his moment )
  12. Hi All I have been trawling the net about possible places to live etc and was wondering why people chose to live where they are now settled or going to settle. Was it the weather, jobs, schooling, family etc.
  13. Heidz

    Passport Issue

    HI, Not sure what to do but a lot of the systems don't recognise the extra little characters. On the new DS260 form, they actually tell you that their system doens't recognise these characters and to leave them out. Do you have time to get another passport perhaps with her name spelt the English way - Lizle?
  14. Hi I have been doing some reading on schools in the US, and Common Core seems to be coming up a lot. I actually went to a website to see some Common Core Math equations and it boggled my mind! My oldest boy is in Grade 5 and currently does Singapore Maths. Does anyone know what this Common Core is?
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