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  1. Congrats HJF, Very happy for you guys, and I guess, that ends the purpose of this thread, where I asked whether the AVANT reg nurse sponsorship is legit as a path to greencards. I will keep the thread going, if anyone else wants/ plans on following this process (are you/ your spouse a reg nurse?), as we progress, but we are probably (hopefully) just following the same path as HJF and his wife, just 6 months behind them. (According to the schedule we have been given, my wife should be going to the US to write NCLEX in the next 6 weeks or less). Congrats again, and all the best on your move next month!
  2. Hey Jelebi, thanks, just saw your response. You two sound informed and therefore also skeptical, which is needed when looking at a path to the USA, which has consumed us since 2012. So it is good to hear you say it looks good once you have read up a bit. Only uncertainty now is why so few greencards issued to this company Avant (a labour broker, hence the 3 year contract), and why there aren't tons of other nurses for me to contact who have done this process - especially with the long list of companies on the Shusterman website link that SJ27 posted.
  3. Thanks Jelebi, that is a concern of course, and it makes perfect sense for us to get it in writing - but we have actually asked, and we have emails from them stating when the green card processing begins (upon completion of certification with the foreign nursing accreditation body - who are the only people allowed to complete the VisaScreen for reg nurses - Schedule A occupation) - and certification will only be done after writing and passing the NCLEX exam, which at this rate, will be in July (they buy the air ticket and fly my wife there to write it). So, they will begin processing in August, as an estimate. I really appreciate the feedback and will keep updating this thread with our progress (or lack of) for other SA nurses who would like to pursue this option. The hardest part so far, besides the initial vetting and checking up, was the admin side from clumsy SA, getting stuff from the nursing council, then TUKS, then UJ (where my wife's degrees are from), so prospective nurses, start looking into that, its tedious. There is still a tiny chance they could exploit us, and we will keep an eye out, but so far everything makes sense, it would just be icing on the cake if a nurse who followed this path could be found. My thought was that the money we were putting towards getting an investor visa in the next 2-3 years (we looked at that after we knew last year that our DVLottery no would not get reached), we could use a bit to buy out her contract if they ship my wife and I off to Alaska [no offence Alaskans;) ] or something, so I am happy to hear you say there are many ways to get out of the contract. But thats a battle to fight once we have the greencards... Also employment in the beginning would be good anyway - my dad and family moved to Canada in 2014 and he took nearly a year to find a job. Yes SJ27, that is our thinking as well, that the contract is there because we get the greencard up front, which they have said clearly (I had to go through the emails with my wife last night to check that the used the word green card). I won't get too hopeful, but I am glad you say that you think that we will be LPRs upon arrival, will help me with employment. In the actual contract, they say, "AVANT shall sponsor Employee for an employment-based visa with the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, including preparing the application, assisting in the application process, and paying the fees on behalf of the Employee, subject to the conditions set forth herein. Employee will not be responsible for payment for any activity related to obtaining permanent labor certification, including attorney fees paid, in accordance with 20 CFR 656.12. Employee will be responsible for other costs and expenses associated with obtaining the visa, including, but not limited to, costs associated with interviews, medical examinations, photographs, and fingerprints. " So, I had to go learn definitions; greencard can be interchanged with the word immigrant visa, and the EB visas are employment based immigrant visas. But then the H1-b is an employment visa. I am sure this is obvious to you guys, but I am interpreting the above underlined as sponsorship of an EB visa, and not an H1-b sponsorship. But yes, clarity from them will help. Are medical examinations required for an H1-b? Don't think so, thats why I think its an EB/LPR/Greencard... I have sent an email to them again asking why according to that 'myvisajob' link you sent, SJ27, they do both greencards and H1-b visas, and asked who got the greencards, and when and why only 17, but I won't push too hard now, and rather wait till my wife has passed the NCLEX exam, which is taking up huge amount of stress. We would not like to allocate any more stress to any other facet of emigration right now (we are also waiting for the outcome from the express entry application for canada, which we also did last year..) SJ Thanks for the feedback, and, I know its getting tedious/ repetitive of me, but any nurse in USA that was trained in SA that went this path, pls give us a shout.
  4. Ok, thanks guys, your responses make sense. My main concern was there being a 0.1% chance that this is not a legitimate path to citizenship down the line. But as they do issue greencards (even if only 19 in 2 years - which makes a little sense, with the amount of hoops we are jumping through to get this), I think they are a legitimate company. It would still have been nice to hear from any (South African trained) nurse that used ANY company to do their processing and put them on the path to permanent residence in the US (whether this required an H!-B first or not). I am still unclear on whether they give the greencard immediately ( I know you only get it once there SJ27, but I mean the interview with a consular official done in SA, as we would have the job offer, and all other requirements up to date (as Avant seem to explain the process), and whether I will be able to work when I get there, or just my wife. I will hopefully find out with time and more investigation, but at least it SEEMS likely they do put qualified nurses and their families on the path do a life in the US.
  5. Thanks Jelebi, my understanding from phonecalls with them was that the greencard would be gained before we get there, once a job is secured. But maybe I misunderstood them. They said, after certification (the step we are in now, with my wife studying for the US nursing exam) plan for about 6 months for consular processing - which I assumed was for the greencard, so that we had it on arrival in the US? But I will have to follow up with them after what you have said. Thanks again Jelebi.
  6. Hi SJ27, thanks for the reply. I remember you answering questions I had about a year or so ago (we were selected for the DVLottery, but our number was too high - AF70xxx), hence our looking at other avenues for getting greencards. The second (shusterman) link is the one I found first and followed to get to Avant, a lot of the other companies did not even reply when I mailed them. The first link is super interesting and I have never heard of it. Still figuring out how to read the data. It is discouraging that they have only obtained 17 greencards, but at least we know they do get them. I know you said you have no particular nursing experience, but would you venture an opinion on why they would be issuing H1-B visas at greater numbers than green cards (besides the obvious fact that its easier to get a work permit than permanent residence), if there is a fast track process for nurses, as set out by the US government? (Schedule A occupations). My wife's contract with Avant makes no mention of an H1-B visa, only a green card, that they are to assist us in getting in exchange for her working for their company for 3 years.... Also, any other tips for us getting the greencards would be appreciated. Thanks again for the original reply.
  7. Hi, My wife is a registered nurse. We heard about Shedule A waiver for nurses and physiotherapists because of the skills shortage in the US for those two occupations. We googled and contacted and have now made use of a company named AVANT Healtchare in the US. My wife has signed a contract to work for them once we get the greencards, which they claim to assist in getting. We have couriered documents directly to legitimate organisations like http://www.cgfns.org/ and received correspondence. They pay for writing of the NCLEX (nursing in the US) exam and help getting accreditation with CGFNS (healthcare board in the US?) Anyway, she is doing their (Avant's) courses online, and has not paid any money over, and she has telecons online weekly covering the nursing topics. They have couriered books to us, and I have seen their offices in Florida on Google street view. There are many videos of theirs on youtube, etc. So it all seems legit. BUT I have not been able to find an actual nurse that has gone through this process, other than their own testimonials, and some youtube videos that they could have made themselves. So does anyone know any nurse who got her greencard (for herself and family) via this Schedule A - fast tracking for nurses and physiotherapists? I don't think its a scam, but any real life success stories of nurses that now have greencards/ citizneship would be GREATLY appreciated. Apologies if this isnt in the correct section. Please forward to anyone you think can help/ has useful feedback. This is the only link that is off the USCIS, and not a lawyer's website, and even this is not explicit, just a link to a meeting. https://www.uscis.gov/outreach/h-1b-schedule-based-visas-nursing-industry Thank-you sincerely.
  8. Yes, im finding it quite depressing. But who knows with the numbers, they could jump very fast from now on, based on the 'density' distribution BritSimon describes. Do you know what it means when it goes current? I know that it means that all numbers are open for an interview, but I assume it means good chances for my wife and I with the 70xxx no. compared to higher numbers, and an even better chance of an interview for you with your 62xxx. Have I got that right? Good luck to you too Nev, I'm really hoping we'll both be chatting about our successful interviews in a few months.
  9. Hi, Anyone got any insight/ thoughts on the low nos for the May visa bulletin - 32700? I was really hoping it would have shot higher to about 40 000 by May, but starting to lose hope. What are your thoughts on getting an interview now, with a no. of AF 00070xxx? Thank-you.
  10. Thanks for the heads up on the name change Nev, and for the confirmation SJ27. - the name change is because of the marriage so I hope it will be fine (can't do anything about it if not). And thanks Homer, that site does help a lot. How is your situation the same? Have you had your interview yet?
  11. SJ27 and SuperKruz, thank you VERY much for your very fast responses. Yes, we will definitely take up the advice of Nev re unabridged marriage certificate. Yes, my wife first submitted her DS260 as soon as she was selected, but then, once we had read up, we contacted KCC and had it unlocked, she changed her surname to mine, added me, and then I also filled in a DS260. Ok, thanks, we will just take as much proof as we can. We are just concerned (much less so after your responses, a little relieved actually) because, although our relationship is genuine and we were going to get married - we did get married earlier specifically for me to be included on her DV application, which we dread they might say is not a legitimate marriage, kind of like a technicality - where they know we aren't liars, but the rules might not allow our situation as we hadn't planned the marriage before selection. Thanks again.
  12. Hi there, I hope this is the right thread - as its related to the current DV... (although this is my first post after over a year of just reading so I may be in the wrong place) I would REALLY appreciate if anyone can help with some specific insight. I'll try keep this short while giving enough background to get a useful answer: My wife and I started dating in Nov 2011. We decided to both enter the dv lottery for the first time in Nov 2013 (DV 2015). We did not know exactly how it worked, only that we would like to look at options for leaving SA as we were getting serious and looking at starting a family down the line. My (gf at the time) got selected in May 2014. (her no is 70xxxx - 30% chance of interview?) Once we started reading up, we realized we need to be married for me to be included. So, we booked a holiday in Sept to the states (as she had never been and didn't know if she'd like it, she did, as much as I do). And then in October14, when back from USA, we got the pastor at her old church to marry us (no frills, in front of our parents) for the sake of being married for the green card. We love each other and are having a ceremony with friends and family this September, now that we have saved up enough money for the white wedding. So, we are legally married, but, as it states on the state department website - we will be looked at with increased suspicion as we only married after her selection. We can prove that we were dating for over 2 years before even entering the DV lottery, but we aren't sure about how to best state our case, or if this is even enough. We have photos together, can get affidavits, hundreds of emails, tons of cards, holiday receipts, engagement ring design receipt. We don't have photos of the wedding ceremony in the church office (simply the signing of the papers with my mom and her sister as the witnesses), as my wife wanted to save the frills etc for our white wedding in September 2015, but now we are VERY VERY worried that we wont get it. I applied for the FSWP in Canada last year as a Mechanical Engineer as we are desparate to leave SA now, with the way its going, but they returned my application saying they had already reached their cap of 1000 mech eng, so this is basically one of our last viable chances of leaving SA. Also we both absolutely LOVE the states, the excitement and possibilities, and vastness and people - everything! We have spoken to two US emigration lawyers (I know they don't usually deal with the DV as there is not much for them to do), one said that the case is a tough one as we are still having the white wedding later this year and will charge us $3000 each to help with the application. The other said that as long as we can prove our marriage was in good faith, we are fine. (But no elaboration on what that means). We have read cases where legitimate couples were denied at the interview, and some that were accepted. So, if we get passed the first hurdle (our high no of 70XXX) , and home affairs gets us our unabridged marriage certificate (which we've been waiting for since Oct last year), then can anyone help us with specific insight/ advice on how best to state our case - that we love each other, dated for over 2 years before even entering the DV, but that we got married to make sure we could both go on my wife's DV . I know everyone says this, and it is the same for us - the stress is insane, especially after getting the denied letter from Canada a few weeks ago (before which I thought we were certain of a plan B ). Apologies for the detail, and I hope someone can help us with some advice/ experience for this interview/ or can let us know that we won't get. Thank-you
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