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  1. SJ , Thanks so much , yeah I thought as much about the timing.
  2. Hi All I have not posted for a long time 😇, my bad . 1st off all , some feedback on our journey. Entered dv lottery Oct 2013 , for DV2015 Selected on May 6th 2014 with very low number Interview Oct 6 2014 My son turned 21 in December 2014, so we were forced to enter USA before then. Landed 1st time Nov 27, 2014 (Thanksgiving 😉) returned to South Africa around December 2014 Sold house (Stressed situation) with closure end May 2015 Arrived in Texas July 2nd 2015 , In the heat So now ready for applying for citizenship One of the biggest stress factors was getting a good credit score. Tip : get a secured credit card as soon as you can and buy something small every month and pay it off immediately. That will help to get a decent Credit Score in a reasonable time So a question from me , My wife applied for my stepdaughter with the F2B type Family sponsorship and we send information required, and her full unabridged birth certificate but was now asked by USCIS to supply more evidence as the full birth certificate does not show a date of registration. So according to them : "a birth certificate submitted to prove the relationship reflects that it was not registered contemporaneously with the birth" Quite annoying as a normal short birth certificate is not acceptable for the Green Card application, so assumption is that they need the same for the Family Sponsored application, So we got the "Proof of Registration of Birth " issued just after her birth , but the registration date was not filled in but rather stamped in , and thus the second annoying thing , the stamp faded over time and the date is almost unreadable, especially on a copy. So we want to get a commissioner of oaths to certify on a copy with the original at hand, the date of registration as is readable on the original. We'll send that as well as some photo evidence in. And we started a process of parental DNA tests with a certified Lab, which is very pricey , so we had to pay a deposit. The idea is to send the information we have plus the proof of DNA testing process that was started (As they know this takes time they allow it this way). If by some miracle USCIS approve the sponsorship, using the evidence we've send prior to the actual Lab test , we intend stopping that and save some of the money Any thoughts from people out there, who went through this already ?
  3. figjam


    Yip. Same story. everyone is checking . Web site congested . Few days later easy. Be patient. It will not go away. If you win , you win. Hope they draw a lot of South Africans this year.
  4. Thanks Janneman . Also from me and my family a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year to all the members. And may all the DV lottery entrants have good news in the next year. May I also use the opportunity to Thank Janneman for running/administration of the informative SAUSA chat/sharing site.
  5. figjam


    a colleague working with me, who is from St Louis , Missouri, says to not live towards down town or east of St Louis. He lived in Maryland heights. And says it was a lovely area. It is south west from airport . Further west is lovelier but more expensive. Maybe someone on this site have firsthand knowledge and can be of more help .
  6. figjam


    Well said Janneman. Was not so clear in my message.
  7. figjam


    Hi Tinjana Yes it is difficult and there would days in the USA that you will think . Bad decision. But the longer you're in the USA, the less those days gets. Myself and my wife decided to settle in Texas because we were a bit worried about adjusting to snow conditions in the northern parts. But my brother settled in Pennsylvania and they adjusted well. Things will be tough at first. Lots of things to get used to. Credit score is one of the biggest things to get used to. But after a year it is not an issue anymore. Even joined the library recently and also make me realised . Even the simplest things is working well here. Use to often queue to return or get books in SA. Here in Texas no queues. Driving takes lots of concentration for a month or 2. After a while it becomes natural. As my one American friend said when talking about USA driving on wrong side of road . "correction USA drive on right -right side south Africa drive on left - wrong side " . Was quite funny the way he said it. Anyway point is a lot of things will be hard to learn and adjust to. But all is worth it in the end.
  8. figjam

    Two Months On

    Agree with janneman. I do not know if all states do the same sort of test , but there was a lot of questions about how much fines are for certain offences and distance questions in Texas. That was the hardest questions as you can guess the correct answers for distance questions , But it can be tricky since south Africans are used to meters and these are in feet.
  9. Congratulations Vinny. Must have been nerve wracking. The wait... As SJ27 say . Make sure you have all your ducks in a row. Good luck with the journey. ...
  10. If you know someone in the US. apply for your SSN while in the US using their address. Also try and get a secured credit card even though you will not use it. For all adults . It will make life much easier once you enter again for yor credit score. Even when renting a house they want to see your credit score. Make your options much less when you do not have a credit score.
  11. figjam

    2017 Draw Results

    lizekie Welcome to the forum. Amazing people on the forum. And very helpful. I also had a low number like yours . DV2015 . Interview was 2nd week in October 2014. We also could not get the unabridged marriage certificate in time . I ended up getting a certified copy of the long unabridged handwritten one from my pastor. He had a copy and is a Commissioner of oaths. I was lucky enough that they accepted it. I eventually got the computer one from Home affairs 5 months after the interview. Without it they will probably put you on administrative processing, meaning they wait for you to get the long unabridged computer generated marriage certificate. If you can get a certified copy of the handwritten one , get it as a backup. And explain you could not get the computer generated unabridged marriage certificate from Home Affairs, if it comes to that. We were stressing big time about it. Only got the handwritten full marriage certificate certified copy 2 weeks before interview. Strangest thing was the Usa consulate in jhb phoned me a week before the interview asking me if I'm ready for the interview and I used the opportunity to explain the issue with the unabridged marriage certificate, and they told me not to stress the certified copy of the handwritten one is good enough. And I got through my interview with it. Good luck , it is a roller coaster ride. But totally worth it .
  12. figjam

    Moving To Usa 2016

    Reichette Tried that as well . I think I seen a post from you at the time. But I think the problem was that my resume was already out on most job sites, so even changing it and replacing it, did not have the desired effect. But got a few calls on it only after I arrived in the USA
  13. Myself and my wife also did not get ours on first arrival. However my son who was 20 almost 21 , got his within a week. But I guess the reason is you need it to register for selective service. Go figure . But when finally arrived , we got it in under a week after applying. In hindsight if we applied on first arrival , we would have had it before we returned to SA 3 weeks later. And could have applied for a secured credit card before leaving. Which would have been good start to building a credit score.
  14. figjam

    Moving To Usa 2016

    I tried a lot of times for jobs which I saw in adverts while in SA . No feedback on any. After arriving in USA as soon as I had a local number , I started receiving calls. Time since I started looking till I landing the job was about 2 months , but time lapse was about 3 months since arriving.
  15. Yeah , I agree that Abu Dhabi might be ignorant about what SA citizen problems might be . However I also read somewhere when I prepared for my move that some countries have different requirements as some do not even have the option of a computer generated unabridged birth certificate. So surely they will have to share some information from the country of birth embassies to get the local conditions and information. But I must apologize as I'm totally confused between birth and marriage certificates. It was the full marriage certificate I had the issue with. However another intresting event at the time was that they phoned me about a week before my interview to enquire about wether I'm ready for the interview and when I explained my delema with the computer generated unabridged full marriage certificate and mentioned the certifiied copy of the handwritten full marriage certificate they assured me there would be no problem. Took a load off my shoulders at the time.
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