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  1. BLISS


    Hubby and I both not selected ?
  2. So after many attempts to access the sight, my husband and I have both not been selected for our second year. Good luck to the rest of you!
  3. Unfortunately neither of us were selected. Hope others have better news. Good luck everyone.
  4. BLISS

    Intro: Bliss

    We had ours done at Reddam pharmacy in Steenberg Village shopping centre. Our friends who won 2 yrs ago recommended them as they are familiar with the specifications there (perhaps because it's so close to the American consulate?). They give you digital copies on a disk. We just didn't want to take any chances.
  5. I love South Africa and especially Cape Town. I love that we have great weather, mountains, beaches, winelands, so much history etc. but like the others, I see the crime increasing and I don't feel safe. I feel stressed by constantly looking over my shoulder, double-checking locks and wondering how long before one of us or another friend or family member is traumatized by a serious crime. It's getting worse and I want better for my children. What draws me is freedom - to walk, ride bicycles, leave the door unlocked and not live behind high walls and armed response alarm systems or worry if you let your guard down, you'll be next. I will be very sad to leave my birth country and family, but I cannot see it getting better in time for my children's future.
  6. BLISS

    Intro: Bliss

    Thanks for the welcome. The boerewors curtain is very much alive in Cape Town (northern suburbs), as is the Lentil/Tofu curtain (Noordhoek, Kommetjie etc). I'm between the two in the southern suburbs. Entry complete, confirmation number saved, printed, stored on phone and backed up safely until May.
  7. After a rocky start with connectivity issues, hubby and I have each entered DV2016. The site just would not respond, then all of a sudden, it did. I'll take that as a good sign. Tap, tap, tap ... Is it May yet?
  8. BLISS

    Intro: Bliss

    Hi all, Just saying hello from Cape Town. Hubby and I (plus 2 kids) are about to each enter DV2016. We had our photos taken today and hubby is on the site to enter as I type this. He has a colleague who won during DV2013/4 (not sure) who has been for his initial visit last Dec and is now going permanently at the end of this year. This is what got us interested and chatting about options. Up until recently I had heard about the green card "lottery" but never really understood what it was. This site has been very informative so far. Here we go ...
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