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  1. Just another update! We just collected our passports and visa packets from DHL and we both have our immigrant visas. We are now on the home stretch, will be flying out to be in Orlando at the latest on June 4th.
  2. We just collected our passports and we have our permanent residency visas and visa packets in hand! Needless to say we are very excited but we have one question and I am finding it a bit difficult to find a clear answer and was hoping someone here can help. My wife is the primary applicant and her visa class is E31. My visa is for the spouse of an EB3 and the class is E34. My questions is can I work on the E34 or will there be something I need to do before I will be allowed to start working. Thanks
  3. Another update. Just came back from our exit interviews. Small problem, didn't know I had to have my expired passport with the visitor's visa there. So just sent a courier with it. Other than that it's all sorted now. The lady said everything is on track and once they get the passports(should be delivered tomorrow morning) we should get back our passports with the permanent resident visas. We should get our actual green cards a little while after we enter the US. Things are moving quicker than we expected and instead of July we will be flying out between the 1st and 3rd of June. Extremely excited and nervous all at the same time!
  4. Just an update. We received a notification from the National Visa Center during the night that our exit interview has been booked for the 5th of May. My wife needs to give a calendar month notice so as things stand right now we will be flying in the beginning of July. Will have to confirm with Avant as things proceed but looks like that is what will happen.
  5. HJF

    Exit Medical

    Thanks. That's great news. Their offices are at the V&A Waterfront right? That's the one we have at the moment.
  6. HJF

    Exit Medical

    So we should be getting notice of exit interview at the consulate sometime in the next couple of months. Part of this would be to have the exit medical done. We understand the two places this can be done is in Sandton and in Cape Town. We gave both a call and the prices difference was rather large. We will likely be driving down to Cape Town to have it done, and then stay for a week or so for holiday. Has anyone here used the doctors in Cape Town for their medical? Any issues? The doctors in Sandton are asking R4500 per person for the medical where the Cape Town doctors are asking between R2200-R3300 depending on what is required. I'm assuming it depends which vaccinations etc. They will send the results to the consulate for +-R300 courier fee. This fee is not per person however so the R300 gets split between however many family members take the medical. Any general tips for the medical? Thanks
  7. It's a pleasure. The career path for my wife is a lot better in the USA. Even in the same position as here she will earn a much better salary. That is taking into account the changes in living cost. I'll try to answer questions as best I can and keep this updated with the good and the bad as far as possible.
  8. Just some more information. In the latest information we received which was directly from the National Visa Center(CCed to my wife, Avant and the lawyers), they specifically refer to an "immigrant visa" in the E3 preference category. Just to be clear as I have it right now, we will receive an immigrant Visa in our passports which will allow us to enter the US within a certain time. This VISA does have an expiry date.(Usually valid for +-6 months) We will pay our USCIS Immigrant Fee before we leave. According to the information we have right now we will receive our physical green cards within 30-90 days from entering the US. Hoping it all goes exactly as they have described. It has so far.
  9. My Wife is Currently busy with the avant program. Started last year around March if memory serves. Priority dates are current and we now only have the medicals and exit interview left as far as I understand. We are in the final stages and multiple times they have confirmed we are getting EB3 green cards. They have covered all the costs for my wife up to this point with us paying for me. There were a few costs we had to cover, mainly postage and then any fees on this side. For example SA Nursing Counsel fees for the CGFNS process. Had a long post on here but just want to make sure of a few things. They do physiotherapists as well but they do not go over on green cards. Our timeframe has us flying around June/July if all goes well with the timing of the exit interview.
  10. Thanks for the help. Would ABSA be an authorized entity?
  11. My wife and I are hopefully on our way to the US in the next year and I have a few questions. The first one is regarding taking money out of South Africa when we leave. Does it need to be declared at all? or can we simply transfer it when we go. It will be less than R1mil. The other one is regarding receiving gifts when we are in the USA. I had a look on the IRS website but I'm not sure I am understanding it correctly so I hope someone can clear it up for me. From what I have read there are gifts from corporations/companies and from individuals. From what I understood gifts from foreign individuals over $100 000 need to be reported exactly and for companies it was a much lower number +-$15 000. Am I understanding correctly that under those limits you have to declare the gift income but you do not have to specify the individual gifts and over those amounts you have to include exact details of the gifts? The last questions is if there is a good way to get some of our money out of the country now? With the rand losing ground against the dollar it's not looking like it will get better before we leave. Thanks
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