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  1. Who will try again? The Diversity Visa program is open for entry from Oct 3 – Nov 6. dvlottery.state.gov
  2. Got an email last night - all must enter again for DV2019 FROM: DONOTREPLY[at]dvlottery.state.gov "Dear Diversity Visa Program entrant:Please check www.dvlottery.state.gov for an important announcement regarding your Diversity Visa Program entry.Remember, only internet sites that end with the ".gov" domain suffix are official U.S. government websites. Many other websites (e.g., with the suffixes ".com," ".org," or ".net") provide immigration and visa-related information and services. The Department of State does not endorse, recommend, or sponsor any information or material on these other websites. The Department of State, KCC, or any other U.S. government entity will never ask you to send money via email or request that you reply with personal information. The only fee associated with the DV program will be paid at the time of your interview.U.S. Department of State"
  3. We are inline for a family visa - we are basically also f#ck$d now.
  4. bushbabyPTA


    No luck again for us this year - NOT SELECTED
  5. bushbabyPTA


    Howzit all, seem there is currently a system error. Please see link below http://britsimonsays.com/dv2018-information-entered-not-valid/
  6. Only 61 days for us to wait.... Shocking! I agree 100% Good luck to all.
  7. Congrats [at]moving2018 - all the best!!
  8. Very interesting, thanks Malamute. You always have some good facts. I wonder how many South Africans are in the queue for the Family visa. If only a total of about 7% per county is allowed per year (if I understand it correctly) that list must be blerry long..... Seems it take about +-13 years since application.
  9. #%&@!! - We (in SA) hope this is not going to happen. This will break our hearts..... Dubbel en dwars! We are in the queue for the family visa and are still trying our luck with the DV. We have enough to retire in the States but that is not what we want to do. A very large family home in a great tourism area is getting renovated to operate as a bed and breakfast that we will run. We cannot go the investor visa route because the total people we have to employ will be a huge over kill.
  10. bushbabyPTA

    Dv Stats

    Only 197 of those to South Africans (includes DV1 and DV2 - i.e. both primary winner and derivatives) - so not many of the 924 SA winners drawn actually pursued or received visas. Ai. This is very sad, so many of us in SA are ready and 100% comitted to leave if selected and approved. Opportunities are lost and taken away from others that are committed if you do not continue with the process. We need more than luck this year - if the draw will continue....
  11. When in Dec did he say this? Where can I maybe see a video/news statement etc.... about this? If possible please post a link to it.
  12. Only 427 lucky South Africans drawn for 2017 DV https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/law-and-policy/bulletin/2016/visa-bulletin-for-july-2016.html
  13. [at]Saun07 - Jip it blows. Follow your heart and your dreams. We checked our entries yesterday (4May) just after 9am SA time. No selection again, very disappointed. Within an hour later my partner received the following via email and she shared it with me. It would like to share it to all, spesifically to all who did not get selected. "You needn't worry. There is time. You have all the time in the world. You preceded time and you will exist beyond it. Age is irrelevant; more meaningless than a number. Forever, (your name), you have FOREVER. There is no dream you now have that you will not manifest. There is no challenge you now face that you will not crush and dispose of. There is no point in spending one more second of your awesome, amazing life, thinking anything to the contrary. Olé, The Universe" We will not give up, there is always hope!!
  14. Again - not selected (my partner and me)
  15. I have not experienced the same. I have visited 25 states over the last few years(north). Never felt unsafe, people were always friendly and very helpfull. Obese, maybe but in SA we also see that daily... Lift you chin, all will work out for you.
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