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  1. Clearly no-one here has brought out the champagne. No-one on this site has mentioned they've won. I'm going to look again tomorrow, maybe their servers have 10 000 000 people wanting to access the site all at once!
  2. Well many people say they have not won, try tomorrow and wish for the best? We're going to keep trying, perhaps a glitch in the system.
  3. Well if what we've heard is true - some people who win it are not eligible for whatever reason. So we're still going to check constantly until next year when the deadline is reached. Perhaps our luck will change...
  4. We got in almost immediately and could check right after 6pm. Try caps lock on - that worked for me...
  5. Hi all not us either - 3 entered.
  6. IrocZ


    Little less than4 days to go. Holding thumbs for everyone entered!
  7. IrocZ


    Hi Malamute Thanks for the informative reply. Really - a year to wait for a work visa? Why does it take that long? I am very aware that I cannot sponsor my mom or sister on the DV but my son is entered with me. This will be my 6th year of trying. We have all entered on our own too. Holding thumbs for this! 3 weeks to go... Yeah the family. Always a problem hey? I'm sure they'll help us here and there but not really assist all the way as sponsor. So we'll make it on our own, come hell or high water.
  8. If you are where we are now, you'd take the homesickness and longing of warm sunny skies with barely there winters and change it into something you make work for you! Nothing in the world compares to SA and no country will ever make my heart beat like it does now but there is a world out there and better opportunities and one has to dream and work to make your dreams real. So push your homesickness into a new project, make friends and go see the world that's around you. I dream of a better life every day and know I won't miss the crime, below average service delivery, load shedding and pathetic government etc. Our lives are worth more than being homesick and thinking of returning to a place you left, most probably for a good reason..
  9. So true! And funny. I drive around various potholes every day to work and really have learnt to swerve quickly with reflexes like a cat! There's a pothole, finally filled in, but this one has a brother pothole that's starting to become a tad wide. Car just fits over it now.
  10. At least Snickers taste the same here as in the states. And we go nuts when my aunt sends us Hersheys etc... But still not Cadbury's!
  11. IrocZ


    Hi thanks for the welcome. Planning to go soon. Applying for work every day and entered the DV Lottery but I know our chances are around 2% to get it. But trying every possible avenue to start a new life. Typing on a laptop by candlelight this evening. Isn't that ironic... Power off in my area (Alberton) 2nd night in a row.
  12. IrocZ


    Hi everyone, newbie here. Still in SA but have plans to move to Texas soon. This means me, my 14 y/o son, mom and sister. Grew up in SA but lived for a while in Seattle as aupair before I had my boy. Now half my family is in the US already and we mean to make a new place our home and start fresh. So thanks for the forum and the informative posts- I really enjoy reading anything of interest!
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