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  1. Hi SJ272 Thanks for all the advice and help We have not yet received our passports back due to lockdown. According to the website, that was updated on April 23rd, our visas was issued and printed. At the time of the signing it was the 24th here in South Africa. The problem is that we are outside the US at the time of the proclamation. So if I understand the webpage correctly we are still stuck. Regards
  2. I agree with SJ272 - Let hope it stays on 60 days. I waited 13 years for this visa. Had my interview the 12th of March. Saw today, on the status page, that our visas has been printed. Just waiting for my passport to return after lockdown. But now this Exec order is messing with my plans 😥
  3. Thanks SJ272. It has been LONG! I do not foresee any problems though and as BushBaby correctly states - My Retirement docs would help quite a bit.
  4. This has been a worry of mine too. After waiting patiently in line for 13 years we finally have our interview date on the 12 of March. I got this for from our immigration attorney yesterday and after I sent it back to her, her first question was if we do not have any property to sell?! So I am a bit worried! But there is not much we can do except hope for the best.
  5. I had my police clearance done 2 months ago (NOV). What a nightmare!! Had the police forward the application to CR & CSM. Waited a 1.5 months - no reply or indication that they received the application. (Was told, by the police station where I applied, that I will receive a sms once they begin processing). I inquired and was told by the CR & CSM that they "lost/misplaced" my application. Was told to resubmit an application. I then contacted Team Visa and Travel (https://www.facebook.com/TeamVisasAndTravel) - I can really recommend them. They couriered me the documents that was needed. Went to the police station for the fingerprints, Couriered the forms back to them .They went to deliver the documents personally and ensured it was being processed into the system. After 3 weeks I received my certificate delivered by DHL at my door. About 3 Weeks later I received the "lost" certificate from the police station. So now I have 2
  6. Good luck to everyone entering. May your dreams come true and your applications be successful. After entering the Visa lottery 11 times and never winning the lottery, I am not entering this year as my F3 application is nearing the Interview stage - YEAHHH!!
  7. Woekes


    I am a married child and I have been waiting 12.5 years already for our F3 visa to be processed. Some info from www.mygcvisa.com regarding waiting times
  8. Woekes


    Thanks SJ272 We are reconsidering the whole container option. Maybe just start fresh! Regards
  9. Woekes


    FrannetteM, If I may ask, which transport company are you guys going to use to get your stuff that side?
  10. Woekes


    Thanks SJ272 - Yes the F3 looks like it should "happen" around October 2020. Lets hope for some miracle that it happens sooner!
  11. Woekes


    I have sadly not been accepted - this has been my 13th year playing the lottery. Maybe next year! Hope there are better news for someone else.
  12. We are on our 12th try this time - holding thumbs
  13. Woekes


    Hi Shamus This is sadly a lottery and a graph is not going to be very accurate or informative. I have played the lottery 12 times already (13th time this year) and I am still in South Africa - never selected. My one friend played once and was selected. It would be interesting to see, but not very accurate.
  14. I will definitely be trying again - maybe 12th time lucky!
  15. Don't get to discouraged with the DV lottery. It is still possibly the quickest way to get a visa. We have applied 11 years ago for our immigration visa (F3) through official channels - and still waiting. Playing the DV Lottery is a "gamble", you might just be luckier than us ?. Good luck
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