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  1. Scud

    Transit In Europe

    If the British want to make it so difficult to walk on the hallowed ground at Heathrow I skip that airport. Seriously, There is no God given reason why I would want to stay in the UK. I cannot fathom why it is an impossible task to go through airside without any paperwork necessary. Thankfully, we have options.
  2. Scud

    Transit In Europe

    You have cleared up a lot. You wouldn't say I travelled the world for so long but the new rules in the UK were somewhat confusing. British Airwawys has the best deal USE to Moscow to Cape Town and back to USA. Thanks again
  3. Scud

    Transit In Europe

    It is very unclear or I just do not understand but there is no clarity whether I need a transit Visa en route to Russia if I go through either Heathrow or one of the EU airports. I have a Permanent residency , does this make a difference although I still carry a SA passport ? I would appreciate any advice.
  4. Join any program. On landing here in the states I used up 1 million miles in exhange for airline tickets and got 10 roundtrips out of SAA. Do not know nowadays how many miles are subtracted for a free roundtrip but if you know you will be flying, get any membership connected to Star Alliance and benefit down the line.
  5. Scud

    Green Card

    ek weet nie maar ek laaik dit anyways
  6. Scud

    We Are Going

    Cause TN is the best !
  7. http://www.petsonthego.com/profpetmovers.html I remember using a company at Hartsfield in Atlanta (I think it was Mercury) and it was all very easy to get the dogs after the inpsector checked them out.
  8. without checking, I know the list is very short. I have been through 4 passports and fifth is on the way from SA. Even need one for the damn UK now....
  9. Scud


    I think the best is to read the travel advisory on the US consulate website. Personally, I do not think it is comparable to SA and in my humble opinion, a dangerous place to be
  10. Scud

    Opt Training

    Probeer hier www.monster.com
  11. Scud

    Opt Training

    Ek wens ek kon help maar die rigting is so uit my "league" uit en ver van wat ek doen. Daar is iemand op SA Index wat ek jou boodskap miskien kan "copy" en sien of sy van iets weet maar sy is in New York area.
  12. Scud

    Just Landed

    Boet, it is just the land and homes and TX big mouths that apply The golf course are shorter cause the TX'ns cannot hit a golf ball. Mexican rest are bigger because of TX and steaks are not that much bigger anyway because the same Franchises exist everywhere in the USA ! Nah - TX'ns are just slightly different but not bigger....... Darn - did I mention they just initiated the biggest indoor crowd to a NFL game !!!!!!!! maybe they are bigger in these insignificant ways .....I saw the new stadium from the air and it is awesome.......
  13. Scud

    Starting Again

    ask this organization about the visa stuff. https://www.immigrationsupport.com/ Jobs in the auto industry are scarce, very scarce. They are in tough times.
  14. Scud

    Just Landed

    Welcome and best of luck. I just missed you. I flew out of DFW on Saturday evening after customer golf day in Grandbury. Have fun.
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