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  1. OP1985


    Any winners?
  2. OP1985


    Please confirm if the results for the 2019 DV lottery will still be released next month ? Or has it been cancelled ? I`m really hoping the 2019 lottery will still be honoured! Remaining hopeful once again ...
  3. OP1985


    Oh well not Selected again! I feel so sad.
  4. OP1985


    Last year I was only able to check my results after 2 days so I`m not even surprised .... After waiting for so many months I find it almost impossible to be waiting for another second lol
  5. OP1985


    It is my long life dream to hold that blue little book in my hand with my name and picture on it . 5 more days and counting!
  6. OP1985


    Thank you Ravens . Are you currently in the US ?
  7. OP1985

    2017 Draw Results

    Congratulations Suzie and all of the best !!!!
  8. OP1985


    I am soooooo excited!!!! The "unknown" is killing me ... All of the best to everybody
  9. OP1985

    2017 Draw Results

    I know it`s still early days but it`s that time of the year when the excitement starts building up for me .... Counting down the months, weeks, days until the 2018 lottery results are released :) I must admit all this talk about the Lottery "potentially" being cancelled has been extremely discouraging for me and some of the members on this forum who have been the beneficiaries of the DV lottery are in support of having the lottery program cancelled But I can only just remain hopeful that the outcome will be favourable. :)
  10. OP1985

    2017 Draw Results

    Congratulations [at]moving2018 !!! You are extremely fortunate I can only imagine how many people have been selected on the second draw who is not even aware of it because they only checked the website when the results were released in May. Dis nou 'n jammerte ne'
  11. OP1985

    2017 Draw Results

    Which 2nd draw took place in September 2016 ? Could you please provide more info . Thanks
  12. In the very sad and unfortunate event that the new Bill is passed to end the DV Lottery, how soon does it take affect ? Is there a possibility that the 2018 draw could be cancelled this May ?
  13. OP1985

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new Year to you too! Thank you for your valuable contribution in 2016. I may not have been selected yet but I still appreciate all the info on this forum
  14. OP1985

    President Trump

    Thank you for the reassurance Malamute
  15. OP1985

    President Trump

    I really hate to sound selfish but all I can think of is what this means for the DV lottery ??? :(
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