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  1. Ravens

    The Van's Journey

    Welcome. That is a nice area of PA. I live about 40 min from Hanover, and like to drive to the surrounding little towns. Gettysburg is always one of my favorite towns. Good luck with the visa process.
  2. The only state that you will have problems with emission is CA, they are very strict, and follow different laws then the rest of the country when it comes to emissions. When I was looking into importing a motorcycle I was told that the DOT regulations are much different here, and it's a nightmare to get the motorcycle titled. It can be done, but wasn't worth all the trouble for me.
  3. Ravens


    OP1985, Yes, have been in the US for 12 years, and recently became a US Citizen.
  4. Ravens


    I remember counting the days. Good luck to everyone who submitted an application this year!
  5. I called them and was told that I have to update my info in person, but no appointment required.
  6. I have been using Global Entry for about 3 years now, and it is well worth it.
  7. LOL, You clearly have an answer for everything. I'll leave you be... It was fun though.
  8. "To serve the LORD with all my heart, with all my soul and with all my strength." Seem like you only serve when you feel like it, cause your attitude towards others on this forum does not represent those words.
  9. I did edit my post as you will see Reichette. Yes, I would also like to know about politics when moving to a foreign country, but I would like to know how the system works. You are very fast to judge people you don't know. Not very Christian like. My best friend is a republican and a Trump supporter. I am not, but I am not going to let that ruin a great friendship.
  10. Hey SuperKruz, Doing great thanks... I am taking my Oath on Friday, so I am pretty excited about that. How have you been? Life treating you well in SA?
  11. Do you honestly believe that your posts are a contribution to this immigration forum? Let's start a poll, and see if the members agree... I only posted the pic because if you get banned or leave it would not harm this forum. If SJ27 decide to leave cause of an internet troll then the site will lose a very valuable member who actually contribute to questions about immigration.
  12. Sorry to break it to you Reichette. I have been on this forum for many years under an old username "Boer08" and I have hosted several South Africans who came to the US for the first time, including SuperKruz who is a well respected member here. SO yes I do contribute, and not just talk nonsense like you. You are clearly only here for attention that you are not getting anywhere else...
  13. You are a piece of work... "Be nice and be respectful even if you don't agree with someone else's views." This guy reminds me of the conservative republicans that preach all day about how homosexuals will burn in hell, and then get caught with another man in an airport restroom. SJ27 helps a lot of people on this forum with valuable information, all you do is come here to stir things up. You are nothing but an internet troll. I know, I am treading on thin ice. LMAO!
  14. That is correct Ruby. I recall now that I did put in my letter the state of MD does not allow... Good luck. When are you applying for Citizenship?
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