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  1. RCerrie


    I wish I could say that we were chosen.........:( Congrats to those how won
  2. RCerrie

    2017 Lottery

    I know a couple people that is not on this forum that didnt get selected either. Must be a glitch.....hahaha
  3. RCerrie

    2017 Lottery

    Would be nice to know if we were simply not selected, or if there were actually something wrong with our application.
  4. RCerrie

    2017 Lottery

    We were not selected, lets hope better luck next time. Good luck to you all.
  5. RCerrie

    2017 Lottery

    Jip, as expected…..Server too busy
  6. RCerrie

    2017 Lottery

    Good Luck to everyone who entered.........including myself!!!!! TIC TOC
  7. RCerrie

    Feeling Lucky

    Hi Everyone..newbie here I am from the lovely garden route, I am loving it here but me thinks it is time to move onto something greater. The opportunity is here so might as well use it. Me and Wifey decided to enter the DV Lotto.........so lets see what happens. Lets just say we feel lucky There is a truckload of info on this forum and I am very grateful that I can be part of that. Holding Thumbs RC