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  1. Gieds


    You can pay the $50k into her account if you can trust her in the way that she needs to trust you to be your sponsor?
  2. Gieds


    I'm sure you will get an interview. Numbers were moving slow for DV2016 as well when I was processed. My number was 49xxx and I had an interview in early August. To easy your mind you can compare recent bulletins to that of previous years. Best of luck!
  3. Hi TIA, I just went through this during July in LA. The DMV accepted my temporary visa as a means of USCIS identification to issue a "normal" DL . My expiration date is only in 2023. It was a struggle for the person to find the correct option on the USCIS system to identify me based on my stamped visa which serves as the I-551 for one year, because she has never done it before. She was very friendly and showed me that it was the last option on a list of something like 8 options for identification on the USCIS system. The second delay was that she did not enter a "0" as the first number of my USCIS 9 digit number. She only entered 8 digits. When she entered it in this format 0xx-xxx-xxxx I was identified successfully and could get a DL. I don't know if your sate does the same but from what I could gather, all applicants have to be identified on the USCIS system prior to being issued a license. I hope you can get it sorted out - keep us posted! G
  4. Gieds

    New Beginning

    Thank you for the well wishes SJ272. Please take note of my inverted commas around "expired visa". I never referred to the document as expired at the airports - the personnel did. I did show them the line at the bottom of the visa: "UPON ENDORSEMENT SERVES AS TEMPORARY I-155 EVIDENCING PERMANENT RESIDENCE FOR 1 YEAR". It did not help me to show them that, they still had to call someone and get it sorted which took extra time. I agree with your advise to take a copy of that page in the booklet with - although I still do not think they will take it as acceptable before calling someone who really understands this type of visa.. My advise to others are to take note of this issue and to allow extra travel and layover time because this might delay your plans by a few minutes to up to an hour or two. I am just referring to my own experience. Regards, G
  5. Gieds

    New Beginning

    Good afternoon, This will probably be one of the last updates regarding my journey. I entered the USA early in July 2017. I settled in Louisiana and I am enjoying and loving every moment so far. I was back in SA for less than 6 months since I left the USA earlier this year during the trip I took to activate my visa - my timelines and planning worked out pretty good, which I am very grateful for. I've gone through the entire process now; from winning in the DV Lottery in May 2015 (DV2016) on a first time entry (October 2014) until actually moving. According to the numbers published I am one of just a few people who actually pursued it and made the move in the end. If you need assistance regarding relevant questions. Feel free to ask me. Just a heads up for those who are planning to travel on the DV Visa after it has expired and you just have the stamp which allows travel for up to a year: I had a very hard time to travel with "an expired visa" - every time I went through security I was held one side to be scrutinized for the expired visa and higher security / immigration personnel were called every time. This happened at Johannesburg (OR Tambo) and Frankfurt airports. You need to get your story straight and have patience with the personnel because they do not work with DV visa regularly, especially expired ones. Regards, G
  6. Gieds

    New Beginning

    Good morning, Just an update for those who are interested. I am posting this for anyone who might end up in a similar situation. I went to the US in January to activate my GC. I went on a cruise with some friends. After we docked back in Miami, the border control officers did not acknowledge my stamped GC. They were clearly not informed of the DV stamp or DV process and asked for supporting documentation (which I did not have with me because I did not deem it necessary). Take note that I activated my visa just before the 6 month expiry date and while I was travelling in the US it expired. Therefore at the cruise ship border control, they thought that I was travelling on an expired visa. I was extremely stressed because from all the information which I gathered upfront on this forum and on the travel.state.gov website I knew that I could travel with the stamped DV visa for 1 year. I tried my best to explain and talk my way out of it but the officers did not want to listen to me (and they were really rude - treated me like a criminal). I was kept in a back room with a few chairs and two other officers who were working on computers. After waiting for almost 30 minutes an officer called me and asked me if I knew that I was travelling on an expired visa. I had to answer "yes" and tried to explain that I won the GC lottery and got the stamp from USCBP (Border Security) when I entered Atlanta Airport and activated my GC. I also explained that I could travel with the DV stamped visa for one year. His reply was "Sorry but we are Border Security and we would know if this is a valid visa." I could not see how I would get out of this situation - it was hopeless. A fourth officer (who was also working on a computer and reading a newspaper) came over after a while. Side note - this officer was also previously involved when I entered the back room and said "You just thought you would take a chance and go on a cruise and expect us to let you back into the country..." He looked at my passport/visa while I was trying to explain yet again about the GC being activated prior to the expiry date, being stamped and being valid for one year of travel. He looked at me, looked at the passport/visa again, looked at the officer next to him and just said "He's good." He handed back the document and went back to reading his newspaper. With that he meant "Good to go". The officer I was speaking to looked at me, gave me my passport and said "Exit through the door at the back", without looking at me any further or apologising. Nothing. I left the room extremely rattled but thankful for getting out. What I took from this experience is that everyone at Border Security does not deal with the GC process, especially the DV lottery visas. I think it is due to the fact that people on DV visas mostly enter and exit via airports and not port of entry at sea. Regards, G
  7. Gieds

    2017 Draw Results

    Hi Suzy, You just attend the interview on the date and time provided to you on the "official notice for you to pursue your application for a DV-20xx visa". Take all your documentation and the money to pay the Visa Fee (I used a credit card). You should also schedule and attend your medical prior to the interview. My interview was early in August and I did my medical during July (2 weeks prior to the interview). Regards, G
  8. They went through my finance documents themselves (which I grouped together - e.g. proof of savings, shares, car, bank accounts, payslips). The only question which they asked is how much I have saved up in total. I think that they just confirm that you are in a financial position to take care of yourself when you arrive in the USA because you might not immediately have a job and earn an income.
  9. It was really chilled. The lady who interviewed me was very friendly.
  10. Good morning, I would just like to let you all know that I had my interview yesterday and my visa was approved! Again, I would like to thank you for all the assistance as well as the information on this forum. Kind regards, G
  11. Gieds

    New Beginning

    Good morning, I would just like to let you all know that I had my interview yesterday and my visa was approved! Again, I would like to thank you for all the assistance as well as the information on this forum. Kind regards, G
  12. Hi All, I received an email to get my documentation in place and to email the following in advance: Police clearance/s certificates, passports, birth certificates and marriage certificates. Just a question regarding the "Evidence of finances" which I have to prepare for the interview: What are the requirements? I have 3 months' bank statements of my cheque and savings account. I also have 3 months' payslips. I can also take the registration papers of my car (it is in my name). I do not own property. Will this be enough? I had my medical last week, all went well. My interview is scheduled for next week. Regards, G
  13. Hi lizekie, I was selected for DV2016 and almost going for my interview. I asked the same question and a lot of information was shared. You can look at it here: http://www.sausa.org/index.php/topic/7857-green-card-activation-rules/ Regards, Gieds
  14. Gieds

    New Beginning

    My number is current for August. I received my email on Tuesday, 21 June 2016 and my appointment is scheduled for the Thursday, 4 August 2016.
  15. Gieds

    New Beginning

    Good morning, I am just above the cut-off case number for July (43825). Therefore I really hope to get an interview in August. Today I collected my Police Clearance. All documentation are in place now. Just waiting patiently for an email to go for an interview. Regards, G
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