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  1. Thanks very much for the heads up. Due to the nature of Home Affairs at the moment we'll be travelling with every single form of identification under the sun. ;-) We'll definitely let everyone know how it went.
  2. That is absolutely brilliant - I can't thank you enough. We have been in contact with a couple of specialist schools in the area(s) we are looking at but I'll e-mail the school districts as well. Once again thank you (and all the other kind bloggers who took the time to respond to my query) so much for the advice. This site has been an absolute like-saver.
  3. Hi Reichette, Thanks so much for your response, it is extremely encouraging to hear how far they will go to assist you and your family. If you dont mind me asking, how does one go about starting the process of getting an IEP? Is it up to the school you initially attend or can you start by getting private evaluations from US-based professionals? Also how long does the process normally take before you see the assistance at the schools?
  4. I have seen that, Zillow has actually been a good tool as it links to the schools and you can see the breakdown %.
  5. Thanks very much! We had been looking at Don Juan Avila Elementary school but my office is in Irvine so the housing search expanded to there as well. We have run into the school boundaries concept and boy does it influence rental costs. We will definitely contact the school to take a look. Thanks again for the help.
  6. Thanks very much for the quick response! We've already reached out to the local support group who we do plan to meet up with. I'd really rather stick with the public school as the private ones would essentially bankrupt us ;-) Also the process of getting an IEP seems to be quite daunting but they do seem to provide a high level of support. As with everything we've seen though it can vary from school district to school district.
  7. Hi, my wife and I have been long time readers of the site as we've been going looking at relocating to the OC area. My company is putting us forward on an L1B visa and to this end we will be visiting Orange County with our 10 year old son (who is diagnosed with Aspergers) for about 3 weeks in October. Our son is currently in a small private school in KZN as he did not cope well in a mainstream Government school on a sensory/ anxiety level. They do the same work but just with less distractions and one to one assistance. We are aware that the current education he gets is possibly better but looking to his future we don't think that his prospects at RSA universities / Technikons are very good. He has enough to worry about without all that is happening now. As we are not familiar with the schooling system in the States, we were wondering if you could recommend any schools for us to visit while or if there is anything else you would advise us to do during our visit? As you can imagine, we would like to get as much information and guidance as we can during our short stay. We were looking to relocate to the Aliso Viejo, Irvine, Newport area. Thanks,
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