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  1. Financial Emigration

    Has anyone on this forum done financial emigration successfully without the assistance of a company such as Finglobal. Just need to know it is possible before I start what looks like a very difficult process myself. TIA
  2. Dv-2018

    O dear Dreamland, I have just been onto Britsimon. Yes, the numbers are real slow. I can imagine your anxiety at this stage. Stay positive, and at least you have time to get unabridged of everything. Timing for a reason, so just hang in there.
  3. Dv-2018

    Congrats. Your interview is nice and early. Re doctors, you will need to do as they tell you. Besides the visa situation, you will also pick up problems if the schools in your district require them. At the end of the day worth every penny. Also, adults are more than the kids. Best of luck.
  4. Dv-2018

    If you are like us with no one in the US, I understand 100%, Without the advice from the people on this forum I would not have made it. The journey is lonely. We were only telling the absolute "must know" people, so I get that. We are doing better by the day. Hubby been working for over 2 months now and I have just started. Exciting times and loving every minute.
  5. Dv-2018

    Hi Dreamland. I can imagine the nerves are completely finished. We took our bank statement of outstanding home loan amount along with valuation from our estate agent as well as pension fund payout amounts. They looked at it very quickly, so they were not too interested in all honesty. Our appointment was last year. We decided beforehand to take things one step at a time. Wait for your number to be released, wait for your mail from KCC and then you start with medicals, once passed, interview, when passed, sell the house, pay the last fee and fly. Good luck.
  6. Dv-2018

    Hi Dreamland. How are the nerves, insomnia and numbers going? FYI, 3 months in and I managed to open my first account today. Super excited as credit score is therefore on the rise. Health and life insurances sorted. Telkom finally sorted (it takes 5 months in total to get their zero balance invoice). As everyone will have mentioned, SABC TV License is impossible to cancel. Start now if you can. It seems Vodacom is cancelling as they should. We have 3 more numbers to cancel, just be aware of when your contracts expire. Other that that, still the best decision. We are truly happy. All the best to you and yours.
  7. Public vs Charter

    Hi All. Getting ready for our first winter. Was wearing 3 layers and neighbor came out wearing a no sleeve top. Ouch. Anyway, just a quick one on your experience please. Have a year to plan, so best to start now. Does anyone have their children in a Charter School? What are the pros and cons? Private School is out, we will never be able to afford that. Options really are moving to better school district and going public or staying in a great area with bad school district and then sending my child to a charter school. TIA
  8. Dv-2018

    Spot on SJ272!
  9. Opening a LLC

    Thank you guys. I could have done some research myself. My apologies. Slightly overwhelmed at the moment as each thing I search ends up sending me a million job opportunities for LYFT or Uber. Spent entire morning unsubscribing to things I never even signed up for. Anyway, thank you again.
  10. Dv-2018

    Easier said than done. Best of luck with that.
  11. Opening a LLC

    Hi All. Just a quick question. I am not entirely sure if I want to go this route again or not, but first I need to know if we may open a LLC on permanent resident status. If so, any recommendations of someone that could assist please. Thank you.
  12. Dv-2018

    Hi Dreamland. We were 42XXXX, As the numbers started coming in it looked as if we may have interviews Aug. That changed quite quickly and we ended up going 8 June. Hang in there. It might be sooner than you think.
  13. Dv-2018

    O Dreamland, so very happy my year of waiting in total anticipation is over. Really, best of luck, especially the nerves. If I may, what is you number and where are they on numbers at the moment?

    [at] dreamland - Best of luck. My child has his birthday in December. I believe your child will need to have his/her birthday by September to see which grade they will slot into. Mine is doing Grade 5 again though. I am actually happy about that, it gives him some familiarity with things they did back home and eases him in to US schooling in his second language. Best of luck.
  15. Bank Accounts

    Hi Suzy Not sure how long you will be on your LSD trip. We have just gone through/busy will everything. We went to Social Security a day after we arrived and they said we are too quick. We went back a week later and they said from the day we went in it should take around 10 - 15 days. We received SS within 8 days. This is what we used to open Bank of America. Our GC arrived yesterday. 3 weeks exactly it took. (They say between 4-6 weeks) The address on the SS once delivered should suffice. Best of luck.