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  1. moving2018

    One last step!

    Congrats. I am truly happy for you. I cannot wait for the moment I can give my son his US passport. This entire journey is a true blessing. Enjoy every minute. Sure this "high" will last a while. Well it has to seeing that all is now legal in SA. whahahahahahhahahahaha.
  2. moving2018

    Sending item to SA

    Thank you all. Will try Postbox for sure.
  3. moving2018

    Sending item to SA

    Evening All. I have someone in Cradock (platteland) that wants to purchase a sleeping bag here and they need me to ship it over. Will she ever see this item? What is the best way to get it there and if you have an indication of how long this my take please. TIA
  4. moving2018

    One last step!

    What a wonderful story. So very happy for you. We are one year in on 6 Sep so just a bit more time for us. The R400 is new, not sure when it started, but yes, if they recon you are still ok to use your current one, they will make you pay the penalty. Good luck with the ceremony. I am green with envy.
  5. moving2018


    Hi Heidi, congrats and congrats. What a wonderful opportunity for a single gal. We in our 8th month and have never looked back. As a guideline, 10 000.00 USD, but as Malamute also said, they did not really focus on it. Best of luck!
  6. moving2018

    Financial Emigration

    Thank you all. Hubby got his out no problem. This I think is a Sanlam requirement, so yes, will do what I can and go as far as I can. If all else fails I will look into it when we first visit. Thank you all for input.
  7. moving2018

    Financial Emigration

    I actually have one silly Sanlam RA and they quoted 29k. I will see if I can get it done myself. RA value after penalty and SARS 51k. Probably TMI, but yes, I think the cost is really high. Best of luck.
  8. I am in the process of getting my Sanlam RA cashed. Can be done, need docs from SARS and SARB. Your SA bank needs to be blocked as well. Will see how this plays out. There is the early cash out penalty as well as tax from SARS. Hope I can get it done and just be done with everything.
  9. moving2018

    Electronics/ Furniture

    Did this entire exercise in September and this in my 2 cents worth and for Pennsylvania. Please note this is in no order, so my apologies. Had to rent a car until we had learners and drivers tests, cannot buy without. Car Insurance very expensive as they count your driving experience from date of Pennsylvania license. Travel insurance (must have) valid for 32 days only. Got here and went on Government insurance, managed to secure for. It ran out the same month as our company insurance kicked in. Rented a fully furnished house and we have been purchasing household items on sale like there is no tomorrow. First big purchase was to replace our Simmons be (Queen around 1000 and double 600) Macy's stock duvet inners, covers is a different story. Ended up getting quilt and lovely winter blankets. Electric blankets also first on the list - snow - Pennsylvania We sold our entire household content. Shipped 6 containers from Cape Town by plane, R18k. We kept photo's and the most precious memos. Laptop, phones etc in crates and nothing went missing. We ended up having to buy new phones anyway as Vodacom promised they were good to go, the were however locked when we got here and therefor had to buy new phones. Great deal with AT&T. 40 usd per month, unlimited calls, text and 6 gig. Electronics we brought laptops and phone. Adapter now giving in, so really not worth it. Hubby bought new laptop. As we secured house from SA I was able to contact school district and they did everything from school bus to class. we arrived, Wednes, school orientation Thurs and he started Friday. Niche.com is a great tool and quite accurate. When you arrive, give a few days and go to social security office, ours took 3 weeks to arrive and can do pretty much nothing without. Green Card arrived at around 6 weeks Got life insurance set up within 2 months. The main concern is getting credit score, if you are looking at buying as soon as possible. We started with Bank of America, 3 months later Capital One contacted us for actual credit cards and it looks like we may have a credit score. Waiting for bond originator as we speak to advise if we have one. This is how we did it, lotto winners, middle class, only proceeds from the sale of our house to pull us through. Best of luck and please ask. This forum is super fantastic and ready with answers. I remember waking up and the first thing I did was to open Sausa to see what responses I got and that gave me some ammo to take on the next phase.
  10. moving2018

    5 Years and counting

    Congrats!!!!!!! What a lovely story and what a journey. Enjoy every moment and thank you so much for sharing. We are 7 months in and I am living for that very moment. So happy for you.
  11. moving2018

    Moving To Usa 2016

    For sure. We were around 14:1 when she came over.
  12. moving2018

    Moving To Usa 2016

    Even though my Wire haired fox is a medium breed, she does stand quite tall. Also, the crate was built according to IATA specs, which I believe has recently changed. The airline and destination also has a big influence on cost. Glad you were able to do it for that price. I am just glad my girl is here with me.
  13. moving2018

    Moving To Usa 2016

    Hi. We used Global Paws and could not be happier. Cape Town, London, Philly on BA, they did the crate, all inspections en delivered her to us out in the stix (an hour from Philly) and came in around 40k, rough idea, but they build the crate etc, so worth it. Follow them om FB and you will see all the happy clients. Best of luck.
  14. moving2018

    Financial Emigration

    Has anyone on this forum done financial emigration successfully without the assistance of a company such as Finglobal. Just need to know it is possible before I start what looks like a very difficult process myself. TIA
  15. moving2018


    O dear Dreamland, I have just been onto Britsimon. Yes, the numbers are real slow. I can imagine your anxiety at this stage. Stay positive, and at least you have time to get unabridged of everything. Timing for a reason, so just hang in there.