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  1. SJ272


    [at]Kallas, it sounds like something has gone wrong (happens occasionally) and you will need to go into a SSA office to get yourself on the system. Take your passport with the immigrant visa with you.
  2. Hey Janneman...I’d been wondering what had happened to you! Sorry to hear about health issues, hope you have smoother sailing from now on. Congratulations on the citizenship!
  3. Good luck [at]Woekes! Been a long wait for you, hope it goes quick from here. We won DV2013, and would still have another year or so to go if we had still been waiting for our F3...
  4. If you’re ex SADF, especially if you were on the border, and have applied for citizenship..I have a friend with a couple of questions about how to answer some of the n400 items. Please let me know if I can PM you? Thanks
  5. Good luck everyone. Remember there is a new rule, a valid passport held by the principal applicant is now needed to enter.
  6. It’s for immigrants. Among the people who are probably going to be most affected by this are diversity visa applicants, who generally don’t already have jobs and sponsors when they move, unless they already have a good few thousand dollars spare in savings. That said I have seen some threads about how citizens really game the Obamacare subsidies to get insurance for their parents that they are immigrating, and from my understanding that won’t be allowable as an avenue to prove insurance under this. From the horse’s mouth: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/president-donald-j-trump-protecting-healthcare-benefits-american-citizens/ The rah-rah blurb takes up most of it but the important bit is this part: Immigrant visa applicants will have to demonstrate that they will be covered by health insurance within thirty days of entering the country or have the financial resources to pay for medical costs. Applicants will be required to meet these requirements before being issued an immigrant visa. A number of exceptions will be made, such as for children of American citizens.
  7. ^ yes, the info notice we were given about the ceremony says up to 1350 people are sworn in per ceremony! Plus the guests. It’s a lot. I’ve been to the paramount a few times for other things, what a gorgeous venue for the ceremony. Can’t wait!
  8. Phew... so exactly a year to the day after I filed my N400 online, I have been informed I am inline to be scheduled for an oath... I had my interview on Friday. Almost smooth, except that I was questioned quite a bit about the ties I maintained to the US during my lengthy absence in the first year, even though I kept my trips to below 6 months. I know others have reported no issue with this situation. I partly think it was a new-ish interviewer wanting to ensure all the i’s were dotted and t’s crossed, but it was somewhat stressful. She asked about home, job, family etc... all we had really to show for it was that we filed taxes and had bank accounts, but that was enough, evidently. So now I wait for the one last step. They gave me a passport application at the interview and said it can be completed (but not signed) in advance, then signed and handed in after the ceremony. I believe there are normally volunteers outside the ceremonies here that help you register to vote, too. Very excited about these two things!
  9. SJ272


    Fabulous! How exciting!
  10. SJ272


    Hey everyone’s arriving! Welcome [at]Heidi556!
  11. SJ272


    We sent our cat separately via KLM, because they have an “animal hotel” at schipohl where cats go into larger cages while their traveling crates are cleaned and dogs actually taken for a walk on a special lawn area. All klm staff handing animals go for training and annual refresher training at one of the Dutch vet schools. Not sure if Emirates does anything similar? A direct flight from SA is still very, very long of course. There is no doubt it’s a traumatic experience for the pets no matter which way it gets done, but that seems to get forgotten quickly thankfully.
  12. SJ272


    Ok that makes sense now, it’s not the “first time ESTA” that’s relevant, it’s the “visitors with visas other than b1/B2” that makes that line the correct one.
  13. SJ272


    Good to hear, [at]Kallas Hope the interview went well!
  14. SJ272


    And omg global entry is THE BEST THING EVER. Highly recommended to anyone who doesn’t have it yet! Also includes TSA pre.
  15. SJ272


    Different airports have different types of lines. I have even seen ones where they had separate lines for USCs and LPRs, which is unusual. I just don’t recall ever seeing an ESTA one...and I used to fly BA a lot into jfk, so it’s something I think I would have seen. Though I think BA also now flies into a different terminal there than what it used to.
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