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  1. Hope you’re doing ok in all that rain oscar!
  2. Here is the actual CDC page https://www.cdc.gov/immigrantrefugeehealth/civil-surgeons/covid-19-technical-instructions.html
  3. From Oct 1, vaccines that are WHO or FDA approved. Waivers are available to applicants who are too young to receive the vaccine, have a medical contraindication to the vaccine, or who do not have access to one of the approved COVID-19 vaccines. https://www.natlawreview.com/article/covid-19-vaccine-added-to-requirements-green-card-processing-effective-oct-1
  4. Really goes in waves. It used to be really difficult to get your money out, then it got pretty easy, now it’s hard again. When we emigrated it was pretty formulaic to get the SARB to approve an application for taking out more than the excon limit, I am told that in the past few years they have not really been allowing that any more. Now this too…
  5. My mom’s retirement home all got their first Pfizer shot a couple of weeks back. Meanwhile more and more people i know back in SA are getting COVID, some mild, some very serious and unfortunately a couple of deaths of relatives of friends. Most of these cases (that I know of) are people in their 40s and 50s.
  6. Isn’t this global, I heard same in UK again quite recently. can’t stand the stuff personally lol
  7. SJ272

    Passport Renewal

    My daughter did hers a month before you at the same consulate and is still waiting. Go figure. Have to say found the people at NYC way more helpful than LA. Daughter did not realize she now had to make an appointment for fingerprints but they let her anyway, then helped her with the application to ensure everything was correctly filled - first time she has done it on her own.
  8. SJ272

    Passport Renewal

    It now says “minimum” 6 months and we were told 9 months verbally.
  9. SJ272

    Passport Renewal

    The lady at the consulate in NYC blamed home affairs in SA for the long wait. She said that they put the applications in a bag to get couriered to SA every week so the longest delay on their side is a week, but it seems DHA has a principle of assigning low priority to applicants living overseas. My daughter handed in her application in January and of course we have nothing yet and fully do not expect anything for another few months, will be pleasantly surprised if it comes within 6 months. Thankfully she now has a US passport. (On that note…she did her interview oath ceremony about 2 months after handing in the passport application …and even with current delays in US passports still got the US one before the new SA one)
  10. Younger kid (in 12-15 age group) got first Pfizer shot last week. It’s nice feeling everything is getting back to normal and now especially with the younger teens (most are vaxing where we are) will be able to hang out in summer. Concerts all seem to be on too! Have a few ones in summer that were rescheduled from last year.
  11. This coming Monday marks my 2nd week after my 2nd Pfizer shot... all those delayed plans from last year are looking more likely ! In fact we have rebooked most of them. Here’s hoping summer will be fun. And that the vax corridors with Europe actually happen.
  12. Got my first dose, Pfizer, today.
  13. Good luck Oscar. Our county has been pretty good getting people appointments at the county and state sites. The hospitals and pharmacies are luck of the draw, some people have been very successful and others not so much. Walgreens opens up every 5 days it seems for the next 5 days. If you catch the morning they open there is a few hours before they are all booked up again.
  14. Congrats guys. We are lower priority so still waiting for vax, but gratifying to see how this administration really pushed to go full steam ahead with the rollout. And grateful to know we should be vaccinated before our early summer trip, which we had postponed from last summer.
  15. Great news, pity they need to outsource the production to India though.
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