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  1. Not to mention amazon prime and prime now. I was feeling ill the other day but there was food that needed to be got. Voila, a little over 2 hours later there was a Whole Foods order on my doorstep. Between that and 24/7 supermarkets, one never has to fear when (for example) your high schooler finishes an important assignment at 10:30pm due first thing next morning, only to find the printer has run out of paper... it really is a life of utmost convenience (says SJ, sitting on the couch telling Alexa what radio station to play and what lights to switch on and off ) Actually, just the fact that stuff gets left on your doorstep was in itself an eye opener!
  2. Oops, I meant anything more, not less! Lol
  3. Ha, I’m old enough to remember when we had GST in SA (and that the Nats changed it to VAT to make the increases in indirect taxes less obvious...I seem to recall the tax rate was introduced at 4% GST in the late 70s or early 80s and then went up to 14% VAT eventually). Oscar, is that just in NYC or is it NYS as a whole? We have one full service station in our town (and three self service, it’s not a big town haha). I thought I read in NJ they have to pump for you too but may be mistaken. The first time we did it was a novelty, now it seems strange when others pump for you! What “baked my noodle” when we first landed - about a week before Christmas- was going to bed bath & beyond to buy housewares (before we discovered ross and home goods, lol) and seeing a massive display outside of all sorts of stuff for sale, mostly small and easily pocketable, with absolutely no-one keeping an eye on it...
  4. I concur you will do much better at finding someone to help prepare it the first time, and indeed if there is anything less than just straightforward salary income we’ve found it still pays to get a preparer after that as they know much better the most efficient way to file. We found someone with experience preparing foreign plus local for first year through word of mouth from other local immigrants, that could be an avenue for you. I do my FBAR myself because it’s very straightforward, but everything else I just give a pile of paper to my consultant and voila, I get a completed form and a bill back
  5. The opposite perspective https://www.goodthingsguy.com/opinion/24-weird-things-south-africa/
  6. We normally call SA family on WhatsApp using WiFi, or sometimes Skype or FaceTime if we want video too.
  7. Ah, ok I don’t tend to hang out on the SA Facebook pages, or I might have been better prepared. Oh well... this whole process has been so expensive anyway, what’s another few hundred dollars 🙄
  8. Holy moly. Like many others, we only got long form birth certificates for the kids for visa purposes (we had actually asked at the hospital for one for the youngest but they messed it up and we got the short form). Well, I applied for my under 18 kid’s passport at the same time as mine a few weeks back after I naturalized. I just got a letter from the passport dept saying that because her birth certificate was issued more than a year after her birth, I need other evidence that she’s actually my child! The fact that she got her visa/green card as my child seems irrelevant??! We don’t still have any of the secondary documentation that they’d use as evidence (medical, insurance etc records with both her name and mine as parent around the time of birth)... we didn’t think we needed to bring decade old Discovery Health bills along when we immigrated 🙄 ..so it looks like we’ll have to a dna test as proof. I can barely believe how insane this is. Has this happened to anyone else?
  9. Some questions/answers about what may happen in event of cancellations etc (though some is specific to purchases made in SA) https://www.traveller24.com/TravelPlanning/what-to-do-when-your-flight-gets-cancelled-20161110
  10. [at]Shaun, fabulous! You seem to live in one of those places with quick processing times, so lucky!
  11. Thanks - have been on global entry a few years already, it is the best thing ever, but I will need to update the doc from green card to US passport. Apparently that change has to be done in person at an airport. They told us to wait two weeks before going to SSA office - there is one not far from me, a couple towns over, hoping it will be quick and easy.
  12. It was almost exactly a year (less one working day) to interview, and then another 6 weeks for oath ceremony. That last bit seems luck of the draw - some people at SF FO interviewing not long before me got oath within 2 weeks of interview date, most seem around a month.
  13. Took my oath today! Registered to vote and passport application done.
  14. Fabulous update! Thank you for posting!
  15. SJ272


    [at]Heidi556sounds like you are a settled-in local! [at]Kallasgood luck for the final move!
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