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  1. Ah, ok I don’t tend to hang out on the SA Facebook pages, or I might have been better prepared. Oh well... this whole process has been so expensive anyway, what’s another few hundred dollars 🙄
  2. Holy moly. Like many others, we only got long form birth certificates for the kids for visa purposes (we had actually asked at the hospital for one for the youngest but they messed it up and we got the short form). Well, I applied for my under 18 kid’s passport at the same time as mine a few weeks back after I naturalized. I just got a letter from the passport dept saying that because her birth certificate was issued more than a year after her birth, I need other evidence that she’s actually my child! The fact that she got her visa/green card as my child seems irrelevant??! We don’t still have any of the secondary documentation that they’d use as evidence (medical, insurance etc records with both her name and mine as parent around the time of birth)... we didn’t think we needed to bring decade old Discovery Health bills along when we immigrated 🙄 ..so it looks like we’ll have to a dna test as proof. I can barely believe how insane this is. Has this happened to anyone else?
  3. Some questions/answers about what may happen in event of cancellations etc (though some is specific to purchases made in SA) https://www.traveller24.com/TravelPlanning/what-to-do-when-your-flight-gets-cancelled-20161110
  4. [at]Shaun, fabulous! You seem to live in one of those places with quick processing times, so lucky!
  5. Thanks - have been on global entry a few years already, it is the best thing ever, but I will need to update the doc from green card to US passport. Apparently that change has to be done in person at an airport. They told us to wait two weeks before going to SSA office - there is one not far from me, a couple towns over, hoping it will be quick and easy.
  6. It was almost exactly a year (less one working day) to interview, and then another 6 weeks for oath ceremony. That last bit seems luck of the draw - some people at SF FO interviewing not long before me got oath within 2 weeks of interview date, most seem around a month.
  7. Took my oath today! Registered to vote and passport application done.
  8. Fabulous update! Thank you for posting!
  9. SJ272


    [at]Heidi556sounds like you are a settled-in local! [at]Kallasgood luck for the final move!
  10. SJ272


    Just looked up The Orlando motel 6 we stayed at on TripAdvisor, rated #308 out of 360 hotels in Orlando lol. Wonder what #s 309-360 are like! Possibly my most disappointing stay was at the Waldorf Astoria in nyc - on a work trip a few years back - it’s now part of Hilton. The entrance /lobby was grand and I’m sure some of the rooms were too, I think there are two towers and one is old-style Waldorf, but the room I was in was exactly like any other “business class” Hilton anywhere. It was almost identical to the Hilton in Sandton once inside the room! I was expecting something special but .... nada.
  11. SJ272


    Murders? Lol. The one in Orlando anyway is clearly aimed at tourists, not fugitives, it’s in the middle of a strip of hotels and motels (hilton, days inn etc) and near the main drag, universal, water parks etc. No, the problem was just that it was filthy. We got our room changed as the sink in the first bathroom still had hair in the drain hole, ugh. But everything just felt dirty. Like I said, never again. It was also the days before things like TripAdvisor were widely used. (We tend to stay at either Hyatt or Hilton brands now, both of them have a range of options per city from budget (clean budget lol) to luxury, and the points do rack up. Occasionally will go for a boutique hotel or something like a kimpton.)
  12. SJ272


    Hey franette, welcome, glad you are already sorted with somewhere to stay and that the fur baby is good! (I had to laugh at your motel 6 comment, we also had a first and last experience at one, ours was in Orlando, trying to save money back when we were traveling on rands...never ever again lol) Good luck with everything from here!
  13. If you have a confirmation number you’re fine. Good luck!
  14. SJ272


    [at]Kallas, it sounds like something has gone wrong (happens occasionally) and you will need to go into a SSA office to get yourself on the system. Take your passport with the immigrant visa with you.
  15. Hey Janneman...I’d been wondering what had happened to you! Sorry to hear about health issues, hope you have smoother sailing from now on. Congratulations on the citizenship!
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