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  1. Dv-2018

    Although the number set aside has been 50k that has been because 5k annually had been allotted for NACARA. Those have not been close to being fully used in recent years, since the late 2000s,, hence why you see a number of years from that time when DV issuance has actually gone over 50k - the hard limit in law is 55k, not 50k, and they were obviously using some of the underutilized NACARA allocation. (DV2012 was so low because of the second draw debacle so that wasn’t a normal year.) And it seems like in 2016 they simply underestimated the number of selectees who would proceed with their cases, which is why mist regions went current so early. However it certainly appears that a return to 50k has been the case more recently, which I’d be 99.999% sure is part of the new administration clamping down wherever it can without a court challenge. If 50k was a legal limit there would not have been any years at all in which it went over that.
  2. Dv-2018

    Agree i also think the days of issuing over 50k visas are over, many of the years they did (the official legal limit is 55k).
  3. Financial Emigration

    I wasn’t actually directly linking them, just looking for a cheaper option to get the money out. As i said above, I didn’t know what the rules for cashing out an RA were. ( I was lucky enough to have other types of pension/provident funds where I had to pay a tax penalty for cashing them out but otherwise had no restrictions on what I could do with my own money.) The suggestion about using the discretionary allowance was simply given as an easier way to take funds out without having to officially financially emigrate, given the cost of that process vs the amount of funds mentioned. If the RA indeed can’t be surrendered then - as I said - “If I’m wrong this won’t work”.
  4. Financial Emigration

    I’d look into not actually financially emigrating if the amount falls under the usual discretionary allowance. (This used to be R1m, not sure if it’s increased.) Cash in your RA and take the penalty /pay the tax on early redemption (if I understand correctly you can do that without emigrating ? If I’m wrong this won’t work) so that’s the same but then just get your normal tax clearance from sars and use your normal bank to send the money over to a US account. Quick easy and hardly any fees.
  5. Unabridged Birth Certificates - Gc

    One of ours took a while, but I took it upon myself to contact the offices of both the minister and the regional manager of home affairs, and it was ready the next morning...
  6. Unabridged Birth Certificates - Gc

    As an aside I hate these companies. The reason they get them fast is they have “contacts” on the inside. The contacts are not being kind in getting it faster...they are getting something in return. Just perpetuates the corruption problem and makes it harder for the rest of us.
  7. Financial Emigration

    That sounds ridiculous. I can’t remember exactly what we paid, I probably have a record somewhere, but as a % it was nowhere near that, in fact it probably ended up being much less than 1%. However you may find that there is some kind of basic/ minimum fee that gets charged for the admin work involved irrespective of the value of the asset. Have you tried asking your bank’s exchange control department for a quote?
  8. Electronics/ Furniture

    Re above - great list, a couple of things to add or contrast: FYI we had no problem buying cars on our SA licenses in California. Most insurers wanted to load the insurance for being a foreign license (then drop when get CA ones) but geico gave us normal rates right from the start - we did bring no claim statements from SA insurer. We were actually paying about same price or slightly cheaper than SA without the expense of needing tracker, a garage or lockup parking etc. What we found with beds is that queens are the same size and nothing else is. But - mattress/duvet same size as SA but pillows aren’t! They get bigger with the bed size here. Can use plain comforters as duvet inners. You can get duvet sets (ikea usually has a good number) here but not as common as comforter or quilt sets. GO TO THE DISCOUNT STORES when you’re setting up your home— depending where you are those could be Home Goods, Marshall’s, century 21, Ross etc. they have both cheap stuff and good stuff (even le creuset!) at better prices than the main stores, and when you’re buying a bunch of stuff at once it makes a difference. Good for linen, towels, crockery and kitchenware as well as decorative items, and if you’re lucky you’ll even find small appliances there too (we’ve seen coffee machines, toasters, blenders etc from names such as cuisinart, Krupps, breville, dash). Actually lol I even saw a full size Smeg fridge in Home Goods last week 😂 !!! our mtn phones would have worked with the right provider but it wasn’t the one we wanted. There are charity programs to donate old phones to, which we did. Moving2018 had a huge advantage with being able to arrange a house from SA - you’ll need proof of residence to get your kids into school. Some districts are stricter than others - our elementary schools require 2 different proofs of address and the high school 3, and you generally only have one when you sign a lease; we got the utilities companies to give us letters saying we had been connected for services at the address so that we didn’t have to wait a month for first statement for proof.
  9. Makes me mad how so many people got screwed over by the RA industry in SA. I’m thankful we just had provident funds so had tax implications but no penalties for early cashout.
  10. Florida 2018

    It’s a few years now but we used Biddulphs, I think at the time it was around the equivalent of $10k or so for a 20 foot container They packed up in SA and unpacked in the US (and even allowed for “one change of placement per furniture item” 😂) and were very professional from start to finish. Everything was packed really well and as far as I recall nothing broke. And we could track our container online!
  11. Dv-2018

    2016 was 34400 in June? https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-bulletin/2016/visa-bulletin-for-june-2016.html but yes, it was current by August.
  12. Dv-2018

    Tbh this statement “I just heard” is a bit worrying! If you’d followed the links from your selection letter you would have known that from the start - I’d encourage you to go back, make sure you have followed all the links and make sure that you haven’t inadvertently forgotten something that you’ll need for the interview.
  13. 5 Years and counting

    So awesome! thanks for sharing your story ... as the cliche goes, it’s not always easy but it’s always worth it. Enjoy having that new blue passport!
  14. Hi Everyone , just starting out this journey.

    Curious, is there no exception for Canadian PRs (like you don’t need a visa for Canada if you have a green card?)
  15. Hi Everyone , just starting out this journey.

    Oh I looked briefly at the site. One of those that tries to make you think you need someone to make sure you have all the stuff you need. between the official USCIS /state.gov pages on immigration and the (free) guides on sites like visajourney, again unless you have some kind of complication I honestly believe guys like this just take your money for telling you exactly what you can find out for free. They even say they’re not attorneys! So if you need legal assistance all they’ll do is refer you to someone else.