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  1. SJ272

    New Arrival Proceedure SA Customs JHNB

    Thanks for the update, Oscar.
  2. SJ272

    Passport Renewal

    No, in the queue for N400. Filed in October, 5-year GC anniversary is only end of this month, estimated completion Oct 2019....
  3. SJ272

    Passport Renewal

    The thought had actually crossed my mind, but we need both parents at home affairs for under 18, and then we can’t leave the little one behind, so it’s not just $$ for all 4 but taking everyone out of school and work for 2 weeks... not very practical ..
  4. SJ272

    Passport Renewal

    Ugh. Kid wants to do a Europe tour with school in June. Her passport expires October but a couple countries require 6 month’s validity left to enter so she'll need a new one. And payment has to be made by Feb. all cuttIng it very fine,including getting the visa ...
  5. SJ272

    Passport Renewal

    Any recent updates on time it takes to get passports renewed from LA consulate? has anyone gone in in person to get it done?
  6. SJ272


    Happy thanksgiving Shaun and everyone! yes, we’d had no idea just how big a holiday Thanksgiving was until we got here. This is the holiday more Americans go home for than any other apparently. We happened to spend our first one with friends on the slopes learning to ski .... we did a big traditional TG dinner in our rented cabin but it was all deli bought!
  7. SJ272

    Retention of SA citizenship

    For now..I just realized that if I don’t get my oath before my older kid turns 18, which on their timeline I won’t, we will actually still have to do one for her... lol. First world problems!!!
  8. SJ272

    Retention of SA citizenship

    Our certificates arrived back today, with a note that the children don’t need them because they automatically retain citizenship if they’re under 18. So just about 2 months from when we sent them in, probably would have been a couple of weeks faster if we hadn’t missed that we needed to send those affidavits plus copies of green cards in. By the way we had sent everything in one envelope with one money order and one return envelope, all worked out fine.
  9. For those of you who are required to file FBAR and have been tardy... today is the last day of the automatic 6-month extension.
  10. SJ272

    One last step!

    Not sure about the “almost” with my FO estimating 12-15.5 months processing!!!! , but hoping I’ll be as lucky as some of the others here and get it done sooner.
  11. SJ272

    One last step!

    FYI I got an error message the day I was eligible, telling me I couldn’t file before that day (!), but I filled it in and just tried to submit the next day and it worked fine. So it seems there is a tiny glitch with the 90 days before filing online, but you can do it 89 days before
  12. SJ272

    Immigrating to USA as a teacher

    The entry period will be 3 October- 6 November and the draw will be in May (if it is as per usual, the first working day of May - I don’t think exact draw date has yet been announced).
  13. SJ272

    One last step!

    I’ve seem a number of people filing online 90 days before so I think it’s fixed. I know it doesn’t allow you to start the process if you are not exactly within that 90 days.... but I’ll come back and report by the end of this week what happened our FO says 12-15 months Congrats on your citizenship too!!
  14. SJ272

    One last step!

    I didn’t even think about the fact that different applications might just take longer to process. I hope you’re right! question, did you file N400 online, and if so did you “frontload” with tax transcripts etc or did all those wait till the interview?
  15. SJ272

    Immigrating to USA as a teacher

    Firstly, she’d need a work visa, and any route to immigration in the US would not be certain via a work visa. That would require her employer to sponsor her in due course for a geeen card, which is a complex process involving labor certification etc. but if you are ok with coming over on a work visa recognizing the risk that you may have to return home at some point this can be a route to go. For work visas you need someone to sponsor you, for teacher that would usually be a H1 visa. (An H visa is “dual intent” and allows for a possible conversion to green card, subject to the employer filing for it and various criteria being met.) It will probably be quite difficult for a H1 to happen as a teacher (I presume you mean school teacher, it’s easier for university academic staff members) because the sponsoring organization has to show it is unable to find local people to do the job being sponsored, and because each state requires that teachers in its state be licensed there. She might have more luck with a J visa, see https://j1visa.state.gov/programs/teacher/ ,but this is a non-immigrant visa with a 3-year limit and requires that you spend 2 years out the US before being able to repeat it. (Also note that a bachelor degree equivalent usually means 4 years for the US, so assumes an SA honours degree if it was a 3-year B-degree in SA; I know some of the older education B degrees in SA were 4 years long but not sure if that’s still the case?) My understanding is that it is easier to get into Australia or Canada using this kind of route, work visas in the US tend to be much harder to get. in the meanwhile long shot as it is, suggest you enter the DV lottery in its next round (should be open October), it’s how a number of us here got into the US.