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  1. . Gee, I wonder if this sudden rush to protect DACA (which used to be terrible, remember) has anything to do with Texas becoming a swing state.
  2. Met Museum NY has said it plans to reopen 29 August.
  3. I tell you, the way this year has been going I wouldn’t be surprised to switch on the news and watch Godzilla taking out the Golden Gate Bridge .
  4. another congratulations! Re above -I think it’s partly that there just aren’t that many immigrants from SA to the US. DV selection has fallen to a couple of hundred a year, and total immigrant visas issued out of SA have been running around 800 a year. Forums typically have a fraction of actual immigrants on them so when numbers are low to start with I guess activity gets low too. There are some active Facebook groups of Saffers who have already immigrated, for all of the US and by city, but they vary in how useful they are (a couple of them seem mainly advertising vehicles). I personally no longer follow any of them.
  5. It’s density altitude - both altitude and heat matter for keeping aircraft aloft! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Density_altitude its generally not been a major issue for big commercial aircraft but I guess at this point where costs need to be tightened so much every little bit helps (like the cost saving on weight from silverware to plastic cutlery for economy class)
  6. Also nice option for people with family and friends in both Jhb and Cpt - means you just need an extra domestic one way rather than an extra return. If there’s anyone left to fly domestically by that stage ;/
  7. We had the same issue for a different process once in the US, the hassle involved for us in getting evidence led us to just do DNA (which was expensive but pretty quick and easy doing it all here in the US, and definitive). I have heard of people using evidence such as doctor records within a year of birth, medical aid records/registration after birth, christening records, etc. Basically anything “objective” showing child name & birthdate along with parent name within first year of birth is considered contemporaneous evidence. If you can get hold of anything like that I’d strongly suggest sending that in along with what you’re already planning to do. The only other insight i have is cautionary: I believe uscis usually take a couple of months to respond to evidence sent in, so you risk a long wait in case you then have to complete the dna process after first getting a response to that, but also that I have seen a few cases reported when the initial evidence is not acceptable that uscis don’t send another RFE but they just deny at that stage. Then the cost of either refiling or appealing (not sure an appeal is appropriate at that stage) starts possibly outweighing the part saving on DNA test cost?
  8. Other Texas centers have also been scheduling ceremonies and in fact San Antonio at least has already held some oath ceremonies since last week.
  9. Seen on another forum they’ve restarted oath ceremonies, what’s interesting is that two of the three I saw are for before official USCIS earliest date of 4 June reopening. 27 May in Austin TX, 3 June in KCMO, unspecified date in Salt Lake City UT. One reported details of notice - no guests, wear face covering, don’t come if you are sick! Certainly encouraging to see the ceremonies have restarted.
  10. List of colleges plans for fall. Updated regularly, over 600 included as of now. Over two thirds planning on in person, just 6% online, others undecided or hybrid model. All subject to change of course. https://www.chronicle.com/article/Here-s-a-List-of-Colleges-/248626?fbclid=IwAR1Pb8zviRw7yc3aw6faegZIryKA0VQAKGAq0YFjMOS-1VWXBXJISB-UGxw
  11. NYSE to reopen floor trading after Memorial Day. Traders will not be allowed to use public transport. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/new-york-stock-exchange-trading-floor-nyse-reopen-may/
  12. The actual news article headline is of course misleading because Technically they aren’t “immigrants” if they came in on work, not immigrant, visas (you didn’t repeat that error). And the rules are the usual ones, but I guess very stark now because so many have lost jobs at the same time and can’t find new ones. I wouldn't be optimistic about an extension to the grace period being offered ...
  13. [at]oscar- when you say NY “opening” - what exactly - all shops and offices? Or more staggered? There was a really interesting (I thought) article in The Atlantic by a prof at Harvard. Basically saying we need to figure out some kind of harm minimization approach, because you can’t just keep everyone locked down until there’s a vaccine. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/05/quarantine-fatigue-real-and-shaming-people-wont-help/611482/
  14. It sounds like speculation not official tbh. They can’t just change the criteria for DV like that, it has to be a random selection of the entrants. They would have to change the eligibility criteria first to do it that way and that involves changing the law as far as I understand. And obviously lawyers would be all over it if there was any official directive to stop people naturalizing. I think it’s someone misunderstanding (or sensationalizing) the covid office and ASC closures that are holding up interviews, ceremonies and biometric appointments until everything reopens.
  15. FYI this was the post I referred to above, from Saturday. Someone else reported having interviewed in Feb, had no status change till this week when got notified that the case was approved on Monday. So they definitely seem to be going ahead with stuff. 2 members in my n-400 Facebook group reported that they received an email from USCIS Pittsburgh saying that they are planning on holding oath ceremonies again soon and they are reaching out to people who are willing to attend oath ceremonies in “short notices” (a few days in advance only). The email asked the applicants to respond to it if they are willing to do so. No fixed dates are set yet. Both of them live in Pittsburgh. — Separately, apparently the Dems are trying to push for remote ceremonies. No idea how successful that will be, i suspect not very.
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