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  1. Agree but, you know, there was still a big % increase in SA selectees from 162 last year to 510 this year. Hopefully that will lead to a few more selectees on here! I agree, it was usually fun (though sometimes also stressful and nerve wracking!) to read about people’s journeys.
  2. Yes, good luck! I think they may have improved more than marginally, as I think a lot of African entries before were from “agents” entering people without their knowledge. They won’t be able to do that any more. Ghana was a big “culprit” there and entries from Ghana dropped from 1.9m for DV2020 to under 300k (!!!] for DV2021, almost certainly as a result of that. Smaller but still significant drops in some other countries. Overall African entries dropped from 8.1m to 3.1m! The overall % of total DV entries picked from Africa will not change so that must raise the odds of those left with valid entries quite a bit vs what it would have been before, although of course the overall chance of getting picked is still very small.
  3. I find this puzzling. This was airmail obviously... what was this package doing flying around in the air for 9 days 😆 (I guess there is some kind of central facility at a transit point but even so ...? )
  4. I’m sure having tracking on it helps as “insurance” too if you know what I mean. Sending a birthday card today, interested to see when it will arrive. We have learnt not to send those fancy Papyrus type cards with stuff on the front anymore as they never reach the recipient ..I guess it looks too much like there is something included in the envelope. Normal flat cards seem to get there, albeit quite late sometimes.
  5. Wow! I filed as usual in April and I think I got my refund in July or August, it was really slow this year.
  6. ^ I485 is only filed if the applicants are already in the US and will adjust status. It is form DS260 that is filled in to get a visa for consular processing. About a year or so (depending how fast they are moving) before the priority date is current, the priority date will be listed in table B “dates for filing” in the visa bulletin. At this stage NVC will contact you all to submit documents (the DS260 from the applicant, affidavit of support from the sponsor, pay fees etc). Once all this is done the case is “documentarily qualified” and can then be forwarded to the embassy for an interview when the priority date is current.
  7. The priority date still needs to get current before you can interview - usually USCIS approval is a few years before that happens, especially for F3 and F4 petitions. Such a long wait!
  8. Wow, is that because of post office problems in SA or because usps use commercial flights? (I guess FedEx just uses its own cargo planes and so is not subject to the passenger plane restrictions?)
  9. Ah, excellent point about the third party services. Yes, that’s probably a big part of it.
  10. Students at my daughter’s college that live off campus are reporting renewing their leases for less than last year’s rental. Seems to me from a long term view this might be a good time to buy for those looking to get into Manhattan property at some stage.
  11. . Gee, I wonder if this sudden rush to protect DACA (which used to be terrible, remember) has anything to do with Texas becoming a swing state.
  12. Met Museum NY has said it plans to reopen 29 August.
  13. I tell you, the way this year has been going I wouldn’t be surprised to switch on the news and watch Godzilla taking out the Golden Gate Bridge .
  14. another congratulations! Re above -I think it’s partly that there just aren’t that many immigrants from SA to the US. DV selection has fallen to a couple of hundred a year, and total immigrant visas issued out of SA have been running around 800 a year. Forums typically have a fraction of actual immigrants on them so when numbers are low to start with I guess activity gets low too. There are some active Facebook groups of Saffers who have already immigrated, for all of the US and by city, but they vary in how useful they are (a couple of them seem mainly advertising vehicles). I personally no longer follow any of them.
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