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  1. Greatschools is a decent website, did you see this article?
  2. Do your research on the charter you are thinking of. “Charter” does not automatically mean good (although many of them are). I have a friend with kids in a really excellent charter school, but some of the charter schools have had some serious issues. Another friend in a different state took her kid out of one, and there’s one in another friend’s town that has had some major problems. If there are any issues with the charter school, if they are serious issues you’ll probably find local newspaper articles etc on the net. Best is if you can somehow try to talk to other parents, but that can be hard if you don’t have someone to introduce you. I believe some of the better ones are quite hard to get into as well, something else to consider vs moving to a good school district where they have to place you in their system.
  3. “Fake news”? How many people died in Vegas? How many people died in Texas? how many people died from the Uzbek guy in Manhattan? Unless you think arithmetic is fake these days too. Sheesh.
  4. And today’s terribly sad news of the church shooting in Texas, plus the awful Vegas tragedy, just underscores that in fact white men with guns are far more dangerous to Americans than DV immigrants whether Muslim or not.
  5. You change your address and do the interview in China.
  6. Much of the US immigration system is, highlighted by the fact that the data show DV winners are much more likely to be educated, speak English and working at good jobs than other immigrants, of whom the vast majority are chain family immigrants. I can understand immediate family but the US system is massively generous...siblings, adult children and their entire families, etc.... Beyond time that a more intelligent, Canada/Australia/old UK HSMP type program got implemented. Of course there is a lot of bipartisan support for such too, just the way US politics works it never seems to get beyond the senate.
  7. He’s already moved onto slamming chain migration and people bringing their whole evil families.
  8. Good luck all of you !
  9. You’re lucky it got there. When I lived in SA I literally only had half the stuff ever sent to me from overseas arrive...and that’s stuff I knew about. There was a much better success rate for things that got sent via my work PO Box number so I’d also suggest that if it is an option for people. Clearly they are less eager to mess with businesses than individuals.
  10. Either is technically fine, with #1 you can’t add him to the entry as such later but only after the fact to your case if you win; , #2 will be less hassle if you do get selected so it probably makes sense to wait and do it then. Still more than a week till entries close after that.
  11. Lol yes indeed. It takes over your life even when you’re trying to ignore it because so many decisions have to take it into account - no point in buying new car tv whatever for example, not sure when to plan holidays because you don't know when your interview might be. And, most people don’t say anything to most of their friends or relatives until they know they’re approved after the interview so you constantly feel like you’re biting your tongue ...
  12. 1. No, it’s a computerized random draw. 2. If you get selected, then you get assigned a case number which determines your interview date. 3. Yes (I won on iPhone photos). You can use a professional if you want of course, just make sure you find one who does US photos regularly as they differ to most other passport/visa photos.
  13. Disastrous for the people who were mistakenly selected, not the real selectees like you!
  14. Sadly (if you read the full link they explain the problem) just seems to be yet another IT glitch. Becoming more rare to have a year without one now... hopefully nothing as disastrous as Dv2012 happens again.
  15. Due to technical issues, the registration period for DV-2019 is being restarted, and all entries made prior to October 18, 2017, will need to be resubmitted for the entrant to be considered. We regret the inconvenience to Diversity Visa entrants. In order to ensure fairness and protect the integrity of the process for all those concerned, however, we must restart the entry process for this year (DV-2019). The new registration period for DV-2019 opens for electronic entries at 11:00am, Wednesday, October 18, 2017, and closes at 11:00am, Wednesday, November 22, 2017. If you entered before Wednesday, October 18, 2017, that entry will not be considered, and you will need to submit another entry during the new registration period. You may submit one new entry without being disqualified for submitting multiple entries. Individuals who submit more than one entry during the new registration period will be disqualified. Applicants can access the electronic DV entry form (E-DV) at the official E-DV website,, during the registration period. DV instructions also are available on the Department of State’s public webpage at All other eligibility requirements remain the same. Beginning May 15, 2018, DV-2019 entrants will be able to use their unique confirmation number provided at registration to check the online Entrant Status Check at to see if their entry was selected. Entrant Status Check will inform successful entrants how to apply for DVs for themselves and their eligible family members. The Department also will confirm visa interview appointments through the Entrant Status Check.