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  1. Well, they are always at pains to tell you not to do anything irreversible before you have a visa in hand. Selling a house before the interview seems quite drastic, even if everything seems ok you just never know. It also puts you out of a home and possibly chews up money on renting a place etc that you should be saving for your move. We didn’t have any proof of what our house was worth (we had significant investment statements though), he just asked us “do you also own a house” but didn’t ask value! If your house is your main asset then the suggestion from adventurer1 seems good. Also bring pension fund /RA statements etc, they know that these can be cashed in and taken with when you emigrate.
  2. Aha, missed that page, stupidly thought it would be listed with the actual form thanks guys!
  3. Thanks. Did you pay a fee? I don’t see anything about this on their website, but I’m sure I’ve heard people mention it.
  4. For those of you that filed these forms in the US, especially if by mail - how long did the process take? Do you get confirmation that the form has been processed? Any issues in the process? we’re probably going to be back in SA during the summer and I’m wondering if it’s worth spending an hour or 5 in a local home affairs office and doing it in person rather. Any thoughts on this?
  5. Agree, or send with people going to visit. when we lived in SA, maybe 1 out of every 3 or 4 parcels sent to us would actually reach us. We eventually told people not to send us stuff. Same story with packing gifts in your suitcases going via OR Tambo. My bags got regularly broken into and stuff taken if it was worth taking, neither SAA nor ACSA seemed to care about complaints.
  6. Thank you too, Malamute!
  7. Thanks Superkruz! Sorry if I can trouble you with one last question on this - for the period of those absences - did you put down your address in Australia or SA or wherever you actually were at the time, or did you put your US address ?
  8. I don’t know about from NZ precisely, but the information for US green card applicants is usually very reliable, and this is what it says about military records.. is this what you have tried already? Military Records Available. ....(for ww2) Application must be made to the Chief of Staff, Personnel (War Records), P/B X281, Pretoria 0001. Full name, date of birth, and S.A. identity number and military number should be furnished. Persons who have served in the armed forces since World War II should write to the regiment to which they were attached, furnishing full name, date of birth and military number.
  9. Did they ask any questions about why you had those two 5-month absences?
  10. Out of interest, how is the financial emigration going? We did it when we left and SARS was impossible (like literally unable to add up numbers) and their part took almost 5 months (and cost us a fair bit on rand moves in that time ) but Reserve Bank bit went very fast, I think like a week or so. I’ve heard that they’ve become quite sticky again more recently?
  11. I asked a similar question on another forum and was told it would be alright, but I won’t be doing it till next year when I hit the 5 year mark, so I can’t give you any actual experience. I was using my father’s address as my official US address during the time I was out. In my case there is urgency to do it as soon as I can due to a minor child turning 18 about 4 months after our anniversary. From what I’ve read about other denials, it doesn’t seem like you need to be worried about misleading them, just that you would need to reapply when you could easily prove continuous residence. If it helps, all the denials I had read based on presence about were either where absences were longer than 6 months, or the applicants didn’t have the total requisite 30 months required within the US. Also heard about really long wait times for naturalization, which I believe is partly field office dependent. I plan to apply as soon as I can, which as far as I currently understand is 90 days before the 5-year anniversary.
  12. Do you have proof of when lobola was paid? Photos of the ceremony from then, etc? Bring all the documents and proof you can. I believe that as long as you can show a genuine relationship you should be ok especially if you can show a customary marriage occurred on the date you listed on the DS260. I have heard of similar situations to yours being granted the visas elsewhere in Africa. Am sure the SA consulate must have had other cases like this. if you need to submit documents before the interview, then the consulate will contact you to tell you what to do.
  13. May I echo those sentiments
  14. As the article says, it needs an act of Congress. The president doesn’t just get to decide...
  15. A green card holder cannot sponsor a green card for married child. If the child gets married, you’d have to wait until you were a citizen to be able to file for them. And over 21 is F2B, not F2A. so yes all possible but the timeline is long.