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  1. SJ272

    Passport Renewal

    We did this but kids only get 5 years.
  2. SJ272


    I do recall one person who was asked for it - I can’t remember her name exactly now, I think it was a variation of Tammy, but her and her husband didn’t have enough to satisfy the consul. She was asked to provide a I134 and got one from her brother. As I recall just about everyone else has been asked to show some proof of finances at interview (myself included) and that has generally been fine. Moral of the story is certainly that it’s not worth fussing for unless and until asked for. And I can’t see the consul having an issue with $50k available.
  3. SJ272


    Sorry but firstly I think the idea of you transferring the money to her account is crazy and secondly that’s not how sponsorship works anyway. It has to be on her income, and it has to be much more than the poverty line (I think 3 times) if you’re using assets like a savings account. Agree with malamute, they are very accommodating in Jhb of your assets in terms of house, RA/unit trust/shares etc. I’m not sure who you are referring to on britsimon’s blog but I think it is highly unlikely it is a bunch of South Africans interviewing in Jhb? I think they are more strict with 3rd country nationals who interview there though. Some consulates rely a lot on sponsorship and others don’t.
  4. SJ272


    I don’t think I’ve seen any DV regressions since the first few years of the program, when I assumed that was largely because they were wtill figuring it all out. It’s really unfortunate. I wonder how many people it’s affected. Overall draw was 87610 this year vs 115968 last year so SA’s proportion actually up a bit - interesting.
  5. SJ272


    Wow...last visa bulletin for FY2018 is out and Africa has regressed from current to 39500. I hope no SA applicants were affected by this also shows 454 selectees from SA for DV2019.
  6. SJ272


    Awesome! Glad you got it, will save a lot of headache. You’re in the final stretch now...! You’ve booked your medical I presume?
  7. SJ272


    Hi adventurer, curious as to why you say this? We never did it for anything and never needed it for anything? We’ve used SA marriage certificate and birth certificates etc here (including for teen at dmv) and never been questioned as to authenticity?
  8. SJ272


    I’d second the use of an agent (much as I don’t like them) given how long home affairs take and that your interview is scheduled already. You have a copy of the marriage certificate from the priest as well I presume? That should have a license number or something on so home affairs can track it? ( We didn’t have to show anything, ours was somewhere in the archives. ) Failing that surely the Church has a record somewhere? worst case if you don’t have it in time is you’ll be put on “administrative processing” after your interview and send it in when you have it. We had to do that as the police records department was on strike when we needed our PCC. We got our visas about a week after we’d sent it in.
  9. SJ272


    You mean 2017?
  10. SJ272


    Occasionally it’s a month later than you expect. Sometimes it’s because the DS260 was submitted late. Some embassies have too big workloads but that wouldn’t be an issue for SA, which is really low immigrant visa issuance. I presume you’ve checked the esc page and not just waiting for an email?
  11. SJ272


    Whoops posted this in an old thread earlier so a repeat - Africa is CURRENT in latest visa bulletin! Fabulous news for the remaining waiting DV2018 selectees! Good luck for your interviews!
  12. SJ272

    Diversity Visa Cutoff Numbers

    Africa is CURRENT in the latest visa bulletin! What fabulous news for those of you waiting! No more stress - go for it! Good luck with those interviews
  13. SJ272


    I’m not sure there’d be an impact from the new October entry period as everyone who entered in the valid draw will know about it. (In 2012 when there was a re-draw take up was very slow, but that was because a lot of people didn’t realize the first draw had been invalidated and never checked again just assuming they hadn’t been selected. We had one of those here on sausa who got contacted by kcc near the end of the fiscal year, he hadn’t realized they had to check again until then.) So for this year to come the issue is more how many valid entries they have selected. But in any case 26xxx should be a totally decent number. Congrats, you’re in for a wild ride!!
  14. SJ272

    Retention of SA citizenship

    Whaaaat? on the one hand it’s not a huge issue for us as we go down to LA every so often anyway (not that I want to spend my free time at the consulate though) but the LA SACG covers a massive area and it’s not so easy for everyone. sorry another semi trivial question, did you use one money order and one addressed envelope to cover everyone in your family?i think I’m gonna get them off this week.
  15. SJ272

    Retention of SA citizenship

    4 months, eek! Did you do yours via LA?