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  1. Angel21


    Thank you. All will be well.
  2. Angel21


    Hello all. Our interview went as follows. It was my husband, 18 year old step daughter, 7 year old son and me. I am the principal applicant. I arrived at the consulate at 12 noon but we were told to only come back at 12:45pm. We went to the Sandton City Mall and then came back at 12:40 and waited in the queue. Went through the security check. After receiving 2NL, before the interview, you must register the appointment on the embassy website (https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-za/iv/users/sign_in). If you have problems to sign up like i did (my case number was not found) i called the embassy and they requested me send an email to to They will not allow you inside if you did not register. No cellphones are allowed inside so its best to leave all your valuables at home if you can. When we went inside, we were given a number (11) and told to wait outside as there was no space to sit inside . Our number was called after 30 minutes and we were told to go to window 6. At the window a lady did our fingerprints on biometric machine. She had a file with our medical results and requested us to give her all the required documents a copy and original - Passports, 2 visa photos, DS260 confirmation page, unabridged birth certificates, marriage certificate, educational qualifications, police clearance certificates, financial statements ,I also gave them affidavit of support from my sponsor but she said its not a requirement but she took it anyway. She then requested us to pay the visa fees. $330 per person. It was 4 of us so we paid $1320. They only accept credit card to pay in rands. If you pay in US Dollars cash, the notes must be dated older than 2003 and must not be folded. We paid using credit card about R 17,000. After payment we were told to sit and wait to be called again. We were called after 5 minutes and went to another window where the Consular Officer interviewed us. She asked us the address of where we were going to stay. We did biometrics again. She asked me what type of job i do and if we have ever travelled to america. She also asked who we were going to live with and our relationship. After that she made my step daughter sign a form stating that she is not allowed to get married until we travel to the US. The consular officer then smiled, returned all our original documents and said all is in order and we can expect an sms or email from DHL to come and collect our passport in 10 working days. We were so happy that all went well and we give all the glory to God. Now we are just waiting for the passports and then plan the way forward regarding moving to the US. Thank you for your assistants on this forum.
  3. Angel21


    Hi all. Thank you for your help. Visas were approved. Waiting to collect passports after 2 weeks. Will post interview experience soon.
  4. Angel21


    Thank you Ade. Will definitely share my interwiew experience. We did medicals at Sandton City in Johannesburg . The doctor said he will send the results to the embassy before the interview date. We were only given our son's skin test results for TB and our xrays which are in a sealed envelope so we can't open them until the day of interview. Hopefully your number will be current before end of September.
  5. Angel21


    Dear all. Just to update you. Medicals were successfully done. Nervously waiting for interview on Tuesday. Will let you all know how it goes. I missed 3 calls from the consulate on Friday around 11am. The person left a message saying it's regarding my interview on Tuesday 6 March. I tried to call back just after 12 but was told the consulate closes at 12 so no one can assist me and have to call on Monday morning. Hope and pray there is nothing wrong. Did anyone here receive a call from the consulate before interview. Checked my email there is nothing.
  6. Angel21


    What supporting documents are required when submitting affidavit of support.
  7. Angel21


    thank you [at]moving2018
  8. Angel21


    Thank you for your response.
  9. Angel21


    Hello everyone. I am a DV2018 winner. My interview is on 6 March in Johannesburg. Going for medicals on 23 and 26 February. Its 4 of us i.e my husband, step daughter and son. Only my son has a vaccination card. Was given a list of the vaccinations 11 of them. To all those who had medicals done, did you have all the 11 vaccines done? The prices are just too much.(R 4,790 for all 11 vaccines PLUS R 5,400 for consultation and other various tests. For kids consultation is R 3,150. We did police clearance last year in September because i was speculating my interview to be in November/December (i compared my case number with previous years). The police certificates are dated 8 September. On 6 March will the police clearance still be valid? Do they expire after 6 months or 1 year? Should i have another one done. Thank you.
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