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  1. Pete


    As far as long outstanding documents go, don't be afraid to make use of the presidential hotline to speed things up. It's an inter-department service that aims to deal with complaints re service received from any other department, and in the process they'll ensure your document or service request is actually fulfilled. This worked well for me in terms of getting our marriage certificate in time. Tel: 17737 Email: president[at]presidency.gov.za
  2. Pete


    Thanks! We don't know anybody in the cities we're visiting, but we'll be staying at Airbnb's the whole way, and quizzing our hosts for info. Plan to visit the business districts, public areas, buy groceries, take public transport / hire a car, cook in, and try to avoid those tourist goggles.
  3. Pete


    My wife and I went for the DV interview at the JHB consulate in February. At the first window, we were asked repeatedly whether we have a sponsor (we don't). We'd provided evidence of our financials though, and it didn't come up again. I think you can either provide proof of your own financial position, or you need to have an affidavit of support from a sponsor. At the second window, the officer asked my wife only two questions, and then said we were approved. We're going on a trip to activate next this month, where we're taking a 2 week trip to various cities we're interested in.
  4. Pete


    Congrats, Angel!
  5. Pete


    Thanks for all the responses, really appreciate the feedback. To clarify on the education point, my wife never wrote matric exams and doesn't have a senior certificate. She has a matric exemption certificate from the matriculation board of SA, based on tests (SAT and some others) she took at the end of her homeschooling. She got into UNISA with this, then UCT based on her performance. She'll definitely be preparing a work experience portfolio. The plan is to focus on documentation in the form of job descriptions, relevant training / certification, and affidavits from her current and previous employers regarding her role and duties. This seems more or less in line with what they're looking for. It's unfortunate how poorly detailed / understood the work experience requirement is - hopefully we'll be able to add to this understanding. Happily, in terms of addresses, I've discovered I have some 2nd cousins in NY / Boston, so I'll reach out and see if they're okay for us to use their address. Some further good news is that I picked up our unabridged marriage certificate this morning, which took only 5 weeks. I used the "presidential hotline" to expedite this, as I'd read a lot of bad stories about this document. I'd recommend this route if you get stuck with Home Affairs, as its free and surprisingly efficient. You can just email president[at]presidency.gov.za to escalate your issue at any department.
  6. Pete


    Hi all, first post for me. I've been studying Britsimon's website for the past few months but I've only just found this forum. It's great to get some local SA perspectives on the DV visa, and living in the US more broadly. My wife and I have entered thrice now, for the 2015, 2016, and 2018 draws. This year, the 2018 draw, my wife was fortunate enough to be selected - cue the shock, awe, happiness, and excitement! We've got a low case number of ~12,000 so will likely see an interview in November or December. We've been scrambling about to assemble all the required documents, with no major issue thus far - though still no word on the unabridged marriage certificate from DHA, which I understand can be a headache to acquire. The snag is that my wife, the principal applicant, was home-schooled and didn't attend formal high-school for matric. She has a matric exemption, and a degree and post-grad from UCT, but nevertheless does not technically fulfill the high-school education requirement. Fortunately, her work does fall into the skilled work category, so we're building up documentation and support for qualification based on work experience. It's an additional worry though, as from what I understand the qualification based on work experience is pretty much entirely up to the CO when you get to the interview at the embassy. The other thing is an address which I know we'll need to provide. On the DS260 we just put the SA Embassy in Washington for now, but we'll need to figure out a real one ahead of the interview. A mail forwarding service seems like a good idea given the circumstances, but I don't know if they'd accept that. Sjoe, I know this feeling of being in limbo well. We have not bought anything new, and have put our plans to improve our house on the backburner. Then there is just that feeling of waiting which is so pervasive on a daily basis. I consider us very lucky to have gotten a lower number though, as I don't know how people cope with this stress for as long as a year, which I know some must wait.
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