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  1. Nesbert


    2019 the time is also and the long waiting almost coming to an end . waiting for best results
  2. Nesbert

    DV 2019

    Its just the beginning of the year 2018 , Its the longest wait of my life ,can`t wait to move out of this country . Hopping that I and my wife get selected .Its too quite in the forum , soon will be having activity .People checking too see if they have been selected and asking a lot of questions about the DV ,system ,etc. All the best for now life goes on as normal .
  3. Nesbert


    hi i am planning to move to china , just wanted to find out , if i get selected for the DV 2019 . what happens ,do i have to come back to SA to apply/do interviews or can i change my address and do the interviews in China.
  4. 18/10/2017 Have just re-submitted the entry after the technical system glitch . Now i wait pray that all goes well for me and my family. 2019 our year.
  5. Nesbert


    2019 I have to re-register .system problem . Praying that i get selected , want to be out of this country . this is one of my best getaway doors.
  6. Nesbert


    i am reg for the 2019 praying that all goes well
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