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  1. Ouch... always SARS to put a cherry on the top. I think some of the "older RA's are a beast to get out. So many choices and companies to use... FinGlobal, Expatri8 and Exchange for Free. Might have a look and see if I can do it myself when the time comes. Thanks for your great info. I read that Allan Gray is really great in assisting with this and do it in house.. maybe a bit of running around but cost saving might be there. With the other smaller RA's maybe best to cash out, pay tax and transfer as cash. Fingers crossed, this will all be more cost effective in 2 years time.
  2. [at]JumpingJasonFlash thanks for that info. I guess there are always mixed results when working with companies. I have been researching anything and everything in order to get my ducks in a row for more immediate forms and processes as well as what will happen in 2 years time (eg fin emigration). Did you only contact FinGlobal or did you shop around? It's so difficult to put a price on the process. I saw a post on another forum where they quoted R38 000 to process a R200 000 policy. (nearly 20% ). Was your experience similar to this? Thanks
  3. MJames

    Moving To Usa 2016

    Phew, glad there are cheaper options. The research continues...
  4. Thanks for the info.. I am sure it has changed but this is in the back of my mind as I work remotely and enjoy working around the world.
  5. Hi, I would also like to know. Following
  6. MJames

    Moving To Usa 2016

    Hey, Just wanting to know what company you used to help with the move of your PETS and boxes? A medium size dog and did you use the container option?
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