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  1. DesignGuy


    I wonder if the Trump Admin realises that'll be the direct cause of exactly what they don't want, illegal immigration will spike, desperate people will do crazy things. I have seen that Australia and New Zealand are also starting to decrease their visa allocations and make their entrance criteria stricter. It's just making life so much harder for people looking to improve their lives legally.
  2. Thank you,I must admit, the one thing about Vancouver and dare I say Seattle for that fact is that property rentals are seriously high. They're not as high as New York or San Francisco or LA. Might I ask you a question. I see you're sporting the Oregon state as your Avatar, I'm am extremely keen on Oregon, it's probably top of my list of places in the US. Do you stay in Portland area or Eugene? What do you enjoy about Oregon and what don't you enjoy so much? I have heard and read a lot about it and I really love what I see. I would really like to hear a Saffa's perspective of Oregon if you don't mind. How does it compare to other states ? Thank you so much.
  3. Thanks so much for all the advice and the friendly greetings, this is a fantastic forum. I will make sure I go look into Canada and still try the family visa as well as the DV.
  4. I have considered Canada before but I have no clue as to the whole procedure. As for the VWP, I am fortunate that both my wife and I are dual citizens SA/UK, I just need to renew my british passport.
  5. Yeah from what I can tell they refer you to "their" immigration lawyer to handle the paperwork and they only really help you once that's done and you are State side. It's a lot of money for things as you said can be done by yourself.
  6. I do agree with you, I feel that all the "services offered" would be the normal procedure that any person would follow even when moving to a new location within their own country.
  7. That 100k is a package deal with an agent called Pathway USA they have a questionaire on their site www.pathwayusa.co.za. It's apparently a husband and wife team that work out of Charlotte NC. That's for standard emigration, not a DV.
  8. Those odds are massive. I can understand then the waiting time being so long. Just feels like there's so much stacked against you in this process.
  9. I'll put in for both the family and the DV as you say, it's better to try and increase your chances, but if your sister tried the lottery for the past 11yrs, what have been her primary issues, that's a long time to be applying for the DV without consideration.
  10. It seems to be the DV that's the route to go, I'm not too sure what type of level you're implying with the brass bollocks, but I am not sure that I am that amazing, I have specialised in Prepress primarily which after doing some serious research, I have realised that it's on the decline in the US and with my years of experience I'd be lucky to hit around 45 - 50k per year, optimistically. Thanks so much for your advice, I'd be very grateful for that info on the DV, I'm glad for any help I receive.
  11. The family member is my younger Biological sister and her spouse. I have looked at emigration agencies quotes and it'll need at least R100k - R120k without even the money to see us through the first six months. I see that entering the lottery can only really be done around October even although the site says they accept entries any time of the year. I've also heard that a family sponsorship can take up to 7 years to be processed. The US does make it difficult, but I understand that is for good reasons, it keeps the safety standards high and also ensures that people don't just emigrate there with no skills and then cost money instead of contributing to the country.
  12. Hi everyone on this amazing forum I joined for all the same reasons most Saffa's did, I am wanting to get started with the journey from Joburg with my wife and 2 lovely daughters to the US of course. I am a Graphic Designer / Prepress Technician with over 10yrs experience in the printing and packaging industry. My other half has over 10yrs of Admin / Sales Support experience. After several life altering events and serious consideration we have made the decision to do as many members here have done before us. I am fortunate to have family based in Seattle. I would really appreciate as much help and advice on the process as I can get. I am not entirely certain of the best way to go about this, should I go through an agency? which agency is best? What kind of costs am I looking at? Should I go for the DV lottery? I've read so much stuff on the net that I am getting confused.
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