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  1. Sthe77


    Hi Guys today i went to collect my unabridged birth certificate and to my suprise the Parents info is dat of my grandparents ,, I didnt even know this . On the Ds260 i wrote my mom and father ,, only moments later i recalled my mom had me while she was a teenager so thas how my grandparents registerd me as their own , Now my worry is , wont this affect my Chances of approval ?? Both my grannies and parents are deceased
  2. Sthe77

    Unabridged Birth Certificates - Gc

    Will you plz share the contact you used for Home affairs
  3. Sthe77


    Im with the Family dear we are 5 ,,we have a whtasp group as DV 2018 if ud be interested to join us ,let me know
  4. Sthe77


    Thank you Devee ,,Im happy to reconnect Im still collecting Documents ,,Eish
  5. Sthe77


    Very slow , I jus heard that we need the unabridged Marriage certificate and Birth so Im still waiting to get them from Home affairs
  6. Sthe77


    Good Morning Guys Im also waiting for the Interview date My Cn is xxx35 and hey the waiting is sooo frustrating I hope the Vb pace will pickup is the coming months ,,