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  1. Haha 🤙🏼 thanks appreciated!
  2. Hi all This will be my first time complying with reporting requirements. Checking to see if I am on the right track. As I have it us new permanent residents have to submit: 1. Federal income tax returns to the IRS. April 15. Form 1040. This is global income. But US and SA has a double taxation agreement, so you may not have to pay tax on your foreign earnings, but you have to report it. 2. State income tax returns. (Hawaii April 20) 3. FBAR Foreign bank account report. April 15. Form 8938 and 114. No tax or fee associated with filing, but you have to report. I arrived 09/24/2019, so I have to file for the whole 2019 year by April 15 2020. I am a shareholder and director of a few companies in SA, so I will have to file quite a few forms, so will consult a local tax preparer, as the online tools i have found do not account for foreign earnings.
  3. Heidi556


    Hi everyone! My experience with social security card; it did not arrive automatically, had to go in to SSAdministration (there is one in Honolulu and Hilo), and you just complete a form, bring passport, did not need birth certificate. And it was in the mail two weeks later. Kallas, no mail gets delivered in rural Hilo/Mountain view, call USPS or ask locals, so find an address that you know works, this is also NB for green card. Regarding the green card; mine was sent to an address in Hilo, undeliverable, and was sent back to the mainland, have a new address now, so will hopefully arrive soonish. Otherwise all is well, been surfing, diving, hiking, running, and loving Hawaii. [at]Kallas When are you back on the islands, have you found a house, car, yet. Toyota or Ford? Shout if you and your family are in Honolulu, I’ll show you guys around a bit. [at]FranetteM Great, so it all went well for all of us on here this year, are you guys settled in, and finding the new place interesting?
  4. Heidi556


    Thanks [at]SJ272. I am here for good, but going back December or January to sort things out. This place is unbelievably beautiful. Took the bus the wrong (clockwise) way around the island, and so glad i did, wow the mountains!!! Tip: You can get a mobile sim line to get you sorted with data and communication very easily. What I did was go to AT&T, bought a Prepaid line, i got the unlimited with hotspot $80, then you pay $80 in the store, they give you a sim, and that’s it. You then have to put a card for payments on your account online within three days. I keep my SA phone on roaming for now, and then went to Apple store and just bought a new phone. Easy peasy. Still waiting for my social security card, to open a bank account.
  5. Heidi556


    I just finished my entry at LAX, all good, normal foreign passport line, and it was quick, like 10 minutes. Kallas, I am in Honolulu tonight, and renting a car tomorrow, need to go buy some stuff, what are your plans? I started a stopwatch when I got in the car in SA, have now commuted 38 hours, only semi sleep on plane, and have another 5 hours to Honolulu 😜
  6. Heidi556


    [at]Kallas Awesome, yes cheaper especially from LA. I will also be in Hilo in October and November. So Hilo is on the Big Island. And on the islands, generally the North Eastern side is the windward side, with more rain and lush, whereas the South Western parts can be drier (from what I see that is what Big Island and Oahu is like). The shore is just rocky, black volcanic rock, not sandy white. But Hilo sounds so cool. [at]FranetteM Yes, I’m packing in, flying on the 23rd of this month, very excited. I’m into diving, underwater photography, and all things ocean, so taking my diving gear, two spearguns, and a big Pelican case. Called the airline to let them know of these items and no problem, they give you a better rate if you book oversize or extra luggage before hand.
  7. Heidi556


    That’s great news! Are you guys excited? Keep the passports and envelope safe. Jip, well you clear customs here and my port of entry is Los Angeles, then continuing on to Honolulu. Happiness!
  8. Heidi556


    [at]FranetteM Yebo, I paid the $220 USCIS immigrant fee online, you can pay with a SA card no problem. But you need your alien registration number that is on the visa.
  9. Heidi556


    That sounds ok, I’m sure you are jumping on sorting it out right? Be sure to keep a close eye on the progress, time. Your interview sounded very chilled also. I guess it is almost flight booking time.
  10. Heidi556


    Some Youtube videos:
  11. Heidi556


    [at]Malamute Minimum wage is a number used to compare input costs. Sure it is practice to pay more, as I do in SA, and to contribute to UIF and Medi and other funds, and that it increases every year. It is a number used all over the world, no matter how harder, or labour supply, unloaded number you will find in any primary industry business plan There are actually six states with a lower unemployment rate that Hawaii, July 2019 data from Bureau of Labour Stats.
  12. Heidi556


    [at]FranetteM How I decided on products, I first looked for a place that suits nut production, Hawaii is it. Also California for Almonds, and Texas for Pecans. Hawaii imports everything, apart from mac nuts, coffee, and maybe fish. And imported goods will already be ~20% more expensive from freight, and if imported from other countries, even more expensive from excise and freight. So it is a captive market if you produce locally. But it has down sides, farm labour is $10 an hour (compared to SA R18 an hour = 800% of SA rate), and land is a bit expensive.
  13. Heidi556


    [at]FranetteM You are probably at your interview now, let us know how it went!
  14. Heidi556


    [at]FranetteM Great. Yes that is the consulate in Sandton City. Cool, saw the Capital Empire, walked past it on the way, nicely done.
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