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  1. Heidi556


    New bulletin for December 2018 interviews (DV2019) for Africa is 9800 (Except Egypt 6200).
  2. Heidi556


    New bulletin for November 2018 interviews (DV2019) for Africa is 6400 (Except Egypt 4000). That is a good jump from the previous month’s 2750. C’mon 26XXX!
  3. Heidi556


    Thanks. Yes I have started preparing all required documents, and already submitted DS260, getting matric certificate, degree, unabridged birth certificate, financials, etc. I am not married, and will be going over alone if all goes to plan, and I also don't know anyone in the US. So yes, stressing about the need for an affidavit of support, that is the only potential problem.
  4. Heidi556


    Thank you Malamute. I have read much of what you have contributed on this forum, thanks! Sorry a misunderstanding, what I meant with DV2019 reentry is that there was an entry period in October. Entries up to 19 October had to be reentered, and the entry period changed to 19 October to 22 November. https://ec.usembassy.gov/new-entry-period-diversity-visa-program-dv-2019/
  5. Heidi556


    I'm a lucky selectee for DV2019 with AF26XXX. If 2018 is anything to go by, I am expecting an interview in June 2019, with 2NL in April. But I am aware 2019 will probably not be the same as 2018. What influence do you knowledgeable people think the October reentry for DV2019 will have? Any more winners out there? Let's talk and maximize our chances of getting a visa! If all goes well, I want to do farm work in Hawaii, any tips apart from HI being expensive?