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  1. Kallas

    Possible Pregnant Wife - Dv Lottery 2017

    Hi all, Funny enough I'm sitting in this exact boat - my DS-260 has been finalised, and I would hopefully be hearing about my interview date soon. My wife is due in about 4 week's time, so I can't go back and add the newborn before the interview. So my question is whether Tarka's strategy is the best way to go about this (informing the interviewer that we have a newborn that wasn't included on the DS-260)? Thanks in advance!
  2. Kallas


    Hi all, Can't explain how relieved I am to have found this site. Felt so "alone and lost" with all my unanswered questions My family and I have "been selected for further processing" for the DV 2019 lottery (second time lucky), with case number 25xxx. I completed all our DS260 forms on the website successfully. On 31 December I received a mail from the KCC requesting some documentation. I've managed to get all the documentation, except for the police clearance certificate (PCC), which I have applied for. My concern is that the police station where I applied (Wynberg police station, Cape Town) told me that it takes a minimum of 8 weeks. I read some discussions on this website where people advise to rather use a courier service as it goes quicker, however, this is not allowed anymore (I saw a notice at the station communicating this). Where I'm hoping for some advice is - do I (a) wait for my PCC to arrive before sending anything to the KCC; or (b) send the KCC all other documentation and some form of proof that I've applied for my PCC? I hope someone can shed some light based on their experience. Thanks!