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  1. Kallas


    Thanks [at]FranetteM - you were correct. I phoned the KCC (who were very helpful), and they instructed me to enter "other" on the DS-260 form for our newborn's "travel document", just so that we can have the DS-260's completed. They said that, only after all of our DS-260's have been completed, the KCC will mail me requesting a copy of the passport biodata page - at least this buys us time whilst we await our daughter's passport.
  2. Kallas


    Thanks [at]Heidi556. Yes I've already asked them to unlock the relevant DS-260 forms, and also added a profile for our daughter. I'm expecting the passport to arrive in the next 2-3 weeks. I'll give the KCC a call and see what they say. Perhaps I can persuade them that I "complete" my daughter's DS-260 without the passport info, and then provide the passport info at the interview. Let's see what they say. Thanks again and good luck with everything on your side.
  3. Kallas


    [at]Heidi556 - so exciting! What happens now?? Do we wait for a mail from the KCC? I'm a bit unsure whether I should be excited or stressed, since I had to re-open our DS-260 forms to add our newborn daughter, and on top of that, we're still waiting on her passport from Home Affairs... I hope the passport's done soon so that I can complete our DS-260 forms. I'm guessing nothing is going to happen (we won't be scheduled for an interview) until we complete these. But does this mean we're missing out at all, or do we simply get scheduled as soon as we've completed the DS-260? Hope someone knows...
  4. Kallas


    Thanks [at]SJ272 - I've dropped them a mail. Will post whatever happens in case someone else ever find themselves in this situation 😊
  5. Kallas


    Hi All I've posted before, but could not get a certain answer on our current situation. I was fortunately one of the lucky few that was selected for further processing for the DV draw. My case number is 25xxx, so according to the bulletin, we should be scheduled for an interview in June Currently on the list is myself, my wife, and our first born son (now 2 years old). At the time of processing all the documentation, my wife fell pregnant, and we have subsequently had our second child (she's now 2 weeks old). We have submitted all required documentation, and received a confirmation mail from the KCC confirming that all of our documents are in order. However, due to our daughter not being born yet at the time, she is not on the list of dependents. So our current status is that we're waiting for an interview date. The big question is - do I now add my daughter to our DV-260 list? We're in the process of getting a passport for her, but obviously don't have one yet - therefore I can't complete her DV-260 form without her passport number. I've done a bit of research, and according to britsimonsays.com, the following scenario is where we sit (below). Any advice, that anyone could shed, would be MUCH appreciated... Thanks in advance! " Scenario 1: If the birth is before your case is current or scheduled. In this scenario, as soon as possible after the birth do the following. Obtain the birth certificate and the passport for the child. Unlock the DS260’s of both parents (you need to include both parents details in the email to KCC). Add the child on each parents form. Create a DS260 for the child. If you have time to wait for the passport number, that’s ideal, if not put the passport number frokm one of the parents. If you have time to correct this before the interview that is ideal – if not you can correct that at the interview. The child will need to attend the medical appointment with the rest of the family and should attend the interview also. The interview and medical fee will be payable for the child. Note, adding a child will not normally delay the case."
  6. Kallas

    Possible Pregnant Wife - Dv Lottery 2017

    Hi all, Funny enough I'm sitting in this exact boat - my DS-260 has been finalised, and I would hopefully be hearing about my interview date soon. My wife is due in about 4 week's time, so I can't go back and add the newborn before the interview. So my question is whether Tarka's strategy is the best way to go about this (informing the interviewer that we have a newborn that wasn't included on the DS-260)? Thanks in advance!
  7. Kallas


    Hi all, Can't explain how relieved I am to have found this site. Felt so "alone and lost" with all my unanswered questions My family and I have "been selected for further processing" for the DV 2019 lottery (second time lucky), with case number 25xxx. I completed all our DS260 forms on the website successfully. On 31 December I received a mail from the KCC requesting some documentation. I've managed to get all the documentation, except for the police clearance certificate (PCC), which I have applied for. My concern is that the police station where I applied (Wynberg police station, Cape Town) told me that it takes a minimum of 8 weeks. I read some discussions on this website where people advise to rather use a courier service as it goes quicker, however, this is not allowed anymore (I saw a notice at the station communicating this). Where I'm hoping for some advice is - do I (a) wait for my PCC to arrive before sending anything to the KCC; or (b) send the KCC all other documentation and some form of proof that I've applied for my PCC? I hope someone can shed some light based on their experience. Thanks!