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  1. thanks - I am on the group ... I will see if I can get some info off this as well ... I don't dare leave them behind so I need to start saving !!!
  2. HI there - just wanted to get a sense of the costs of bringing my pets across to the US ? I cannot get a suitable answer from the few companies I have contacte here (SA) - I am looking at a ball-park so I know what I am in for.... thank you
  3. Great ! thank you for this explanation! Sorry, I did not stipulate the intention to move to the US yes, this is the deal and I appreciate your insight on this ... My one child is in a home-tutoring environment and my second is still in normal government school ... You have addressed my questions perfectly ! thank you !
  4. Hi there - new to the club.. in the preliminary stages of emigrating still but wanted to know if anyone could advise which curriculum would be best as an "online learning solution" for my two ( Grade 6 and Grade 9) - I believe the GED is no longer accepted. Would the British / Cambridge curriculum be a better option ?
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