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  1. oh good grief - please help SA in its hour or indeed days or years of need !!! The man is an ignoramus - if someone says he is your enemy and then is not your enemy what is he on about ???
  2. we informed everyone in writing that we would be working out of the country on various contracts - everyone SABC included is aware we are not resident in the country. We have been out of SA "on contract" for almost 9 years now ( during this time we have obtained an SA tax clearance , renewed our SA passports, sold a property and transferred that sum to US without any hassles ) I am "almost" totally convinced that one can "settle" one's affairs fairly neatly without having to declare one is leaving for good. Having said that we have been grateful to our parents who have allowed us to have that SA address that you seem to need to get all the above done.
  3. You do not pass through passport control - HOWEVER from our recent observations (november) it seems that you could be singled out at anytime by immigration as you go through the usual "what do you have in your hand luggage" search again - but Malamute is correct Chicago will not be able to board you if they pick up on the temp SA passport so could be better to save yourself heartache and hassle and change flight :thumbdown:
  4. Thanks so much for your advice - much appreciated ..... however my security settings and firewall are correct and my IE cache is not corrupt - BUT -- the good news is that today I have managed to use the forum without having to go through the Lo-fi - :ilikeit: As I have not applied any patches apart from a java update - I have no clue why this is now possible - just glad it is ( perhaps a present from the Thanksgiving Turkey )
  5. Janneman thanks so much for a reply - but we are using IE7 (we have microsoft shares - what can I say) Newbie laptop has antivirus/firewall with cherries on top so definately know that there in NO virus although could be a bug that needs a patch ? Am reading the site and replying via my old faithful !!! Just shows you the newer flashier model is not necessarily able to fulfill ALL your needs I can also enter site on my newbie if I use lowfi - but the page just looks like pants and i cant sign in from there HELP ?
  6. Hi anyone / everyone I have new laptop with new Vista - and cannot read the individual posts - it comes up with this error Parse error syntax error, unexpected '[' in/home.suausaip/public.html/cache I do get the home page and can go into the topics but not the posts has anyone had this happen - any advice would be appreciated Thanks kara
  7. Not being the sharpest tool in the shed - I just could not get my head around how big a difference there was between all these "illion figures" being bantered around - like someone said its all very well to say you can run a marathon and another thing to do it :whome: Then someone on Fox business news channel was kind enough to break through my barrier and say the following a million seconds = 11 1/2 days a billion seconds = 32 years a trillion seconds = 32,000 years WHAT !!!!!!!
  8. Kara

    Switzerland Visa

    Cherryl . you have my empathy and understanding (and Ulani) – the passport and visa process is so frustrating and brings up so much emotional turmoil the depth of based usually on the reason for the need of said passport or visa I can only add to the post that we stay off and on with friends of ours (ex-sa) who live in Vorarlberg Austria - we have flown to Zurich in Switzerland where they have picked us up and we have driven through the swiss/austrian “border post†however were not asked for our passports or stopped. (this according to our friends varies as to time of day and who is on duty) we drove the next day to Germany and did not even cross a border as such !! Last time we were there we got on a train in Munich and got off in Austria no borderpost at all at any station along the way !!!! HOWEVER our friends stated that we should carry our passports at all times as it is the law for visitors to have to prove status at any time they are requested and you will be escorted to the nearest “official office†with no exceptions. We are lucky enough to have obtained Irish passports so I cannot help out on obtaining schengen visas in the USA except to say back in the day when I only had an SA passport – and had to apply for schengen visas – the german embassy was more of a schlep in SA but the Belgium embassy in Ireland when we lived there was a real pleasure. Sending many positive thoughts your way that you have a smooth visa process Kara
  9. Hi Francois and family - welcome , DH and I have been in the USA almost 3 years (so relative newbies) I am originally from Gordans Bay - a little town to the left of you that you might know We have got around for newbies and IMHO California is very similar to where you are coming from we love it here :ilikeit:
  10. As a footnote - we had to give our SA drivers licences up in the UK when we swopped them for UK drivers licences (they said they sent them back to South Africa) - we have a friend here (in Norcal) who did not have a drivers licence so just phoned up, made an appointment to do the written test (remembered to be driven there by someone else as they had never driven in the US before :holy: ) did the written test - provided their SS card - made the appointment to do the drivers and kla gelag the problem was sorted. We were in SA in Jan - B-I-L 's licence had been stolen (yep ) but no joy was recieved when trying to contact the dept of transport at all - so eventually he went there and stood in the line - which seems to be the only way to obtain any documentation right now. Good luck with your test !
  11. Hi Julian , welcome to SAUSA – my husband (in IT in Silicon valley ) went through the labor cert in Jan/Feb this year and everything went well – we were also nervous thinking that 100 billion American citizens were ready , able and willing , the good news is none were as suitable as my DH – in our experience the job does not have to be elite however it is best that you have a niche skill within your profession that would be in high demand – this would be demonstrated by the fact that a USA company wishes to employ you and at the prevailing wage rate. HOWEVER that is not the end of the trials and tribulations you can face …. It turns out that our huge reputable corporate immigration attorneys which our firm ( and several other big name companies ) use is now been audited by the DOL !!! “WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Labor today announced that it has begun auditing all permanent labor certification applications filed by attorneys at Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy LLP.†so aaarrrgghhhhh we once again in limbo and wait to hear the outcome of our recently filed PERM application ! (Let me add that we think California is worth it :ilikeit: …. we have also entered the GC lottery as a backup …) link to this site http://www.dol.gov/opa/media/press/eta/eta20080752.htm another site you might find interesting re the PERM process http://www.ilw.com/immigdaily/digest/2008,0605.shtm#comment this is a good site to get insight for those of you who are also caught up the Fragomen saga :thumbdown: http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=4
  12. Thanks Ingrid, good to know - especially when you live in the USA on a "will they or wont they allow us to stay" mode !!
  13. Kara

    Summer is here

    We plan to go down to San Diego – to find sea that has a temperature that we can actually swim in and hopefully complete the San Diego RocknRoll marathon – we also hope to have some time to visit the infamous Nuke Hooters in San Onofre while we are there !!
  14. Kara


    Truly sorry Dude ! On a positive note when one door closes another one opens - wonder what this different future will hold in store for you - am sure it will be nothing but good
  15. Cheryl it seems that you really have no choice but to let her go - whilst at the moment you are only thinking of her wellbeing - you should also consider yours - will this change your hopes and ideals of your move to the USA - will you be able to live here without her ? ( to be seperated from your daughter will also be traumatic for you and probably not something you envisioned when planning your move to the USA) I know easier said than done but try and let this all end with love, compassion and best wishes as you dont want your or her memory to be one of trauma and tears .
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