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  1. PAP & WORS BRAAI 29 OCTOBER 2011 WHERE: CAPE FOOD & BEVERAGE - 770-395-1255 TIME: 11:00AM - 3:00PM
  3. If you are going feel free to come find me...oh and let the guys know where you heard about them/the concert so they know how to reach people for future shows. Hope to bump into you there.
  4. Time: Friday at 8:00pm Location: Smith's Olde Bar - 1578 Piedmont Avenue Northeast - Atlanta, GA Bring along all your friends to see this DYNAMIC South African band - The Parlotones - (CDs available at the event) and meet them after their show!!...promise you will NOT regret it. Online tickets for the event are $12 and also available night of the event at the door for $15. Buy your tickets online here: https://www.facebook.com/theparlotones?sk=app_137800769578239&app_data=event-11276 OR here: http://www.ticketalternative.com/Events/14848.aspx
  5. Cazz

    Sa Passport Renewal

    A few years ago someone had a contact in South Africa for SA Passport Renewals. Do any of you still have her info somewhere? Thanks in advance.
  6. As much as I understand your point and how sad I feel for you Ronel, I also feel for your hubby and understand his point and his feelings too. When my hubby came to me saying he was offered a job here in the States...I flat out refused to leave and never spoke to him for a few days. It was my friend's husband who told me to 'go and check it out - for the kids's sake' and so it was that I made my husband promise that we could return after one year if I was not happy. 12 years later we are still here and we still miss Cape Town and our family and friends too. There are days that we wonder if we made the right choice...Holidays, Birthdays and such are the worst for us, but when we look at our kids and how well they are doing we know that we did the right thing for them. No one here or anywhere on this earth can tell you what to do. Ultimately it's something you and your hubby have to decide on. I can only tell you that by making a huge sacrifice my hubby and I (like many others here) have given our children a chance to live the childhood we once had, to have a good education, and a chance to make their own choices in life. It's a sacrifice that comes with days of doubt, sometimes even tears and loneliness, but it's a sacrifice that is well worth it.
  7. Bev, good news for us but not for the grape-growers and wine makers..LOL. For those our way try http://www.duluthpackage.com/ as they have SA stuff too.
  8. Hi PaleNative.... I spent a few days of my misspent youth in Somerset West - grew up in Kuils River If you move to the US make sure you're near a beach...you'll miss it if you don't.
  9. And we wouldn't have to have worried about Al Qaeda as much if Clinton didn't dismiss the call for action when he received word that they had Osama in their scopes and needed the order to shoot...He got angry for being distrubed while playing a round of golf and told them to leave him alone!!!!....Now that is a true Comander In Chief's response to his troops when they're doing their job???...9/11 might not have happened if the order was given.
  10. Personally I do think that the American people need to be more responsible for their future and stop holding on to the apron strings of the government like a spoilt 2 year old. Time to take your future into your own hands and make changes that collectively will force those in power to sit up and take note....enough free handouts, enough bailouts and making abuse of the governments programs like WIC, social services etc...get off your lazy butts and do something to improve your future instead of relying on the government to wipe your nose and clean your butts when your decisions and mistakes land you in the proverbial shitter. Time to take responsibility and own up to the consequences without a handout from Big Brother whom you hate so much, but still beg for a helping hand.
  11. Jakeman...not over the top...quite real in fact. Depression, abuse of substances etc, etc amongst foreigners was published in an article a few years ago...inclusive of high divorce rates. (can't find the article anymore - was about 5 years ago or so).
  12. We are quite open with them and they know the situation regarding education, jobs, safety, violence etc in SA, but their main thing is missing family. I'm giving them a few days to wind down and am sure things will settle back to normal once they go back to school tomorrow....just tuff watching them go through this.
  13. This Jan 8th will be our 12th year in the USA and as my kids get older, (now almost 17 and 14 in age) I've noticed it has become harder and harder for them to say goodbye to their family....and we are asked 'why we can't move back'. Over the holidays we had my hubby's family here....parents, and sister with brother-in-law and their kid. They left on Saturday...back to Cape Town.... and my kids have been absolutely down and depressed since they left. "Why do we have to stay here? We can move back and you can homeschool us Mom." "Please lets move back. It's unfair to be so far away from them." ....and my heart breaks into a billion or more pieces. I can't help but cry with them....can't help but wonder if moving back would be THAT bad. I know, I know...I know all the cons to living in a country torn by violence etc....but my kids long for the family connections they don't have here...to see their Aunts and Uncles...cousins and grandparents....to grow up amongst the love of their family like we did. I wonder what 'bagage' they are going to carry through their lives due to not having their family here? Will it affect their lives forever? Will they suffer with some sort of depression? Will it have a negative affect on their lives? I can only hope that if any affect of growing up away from family will be positive...will make them value people more and will have them foster strong bonds with their children...their grandchildren and so forth. We'll take it a day at a time until the tears and the questions stop. Immigration is not for the weak for sure.
  14. I've had that same 'itch'...should I go back or should I stay. I think we all have had those moments and we all ponder on the pros and cons of going back. The heart-strings tugg and play their sorrowful tune....go home to where all you love lives...go home to where your childhood footprints engrave the land... No one can tell you what to do and give you advise of the nature you seek. This is one you have to weigh, carefully disect and study your findings to see if it's truly what you want your future to be. As for the collapse of the economy here in the USA....should that happen the rest of the world will follow...including South Africa...and it will be way worst there. I spoke to my Mom and they are already feeling the pinch again as their business suffers and they sometimes barely make enough to cover business expenses. I'd have to agree that going to live their for a few months may give you a better idea of what your life will be in the years to come.
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