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  1. Hi Guys, Just a question regarding family based sponsorship's'. My sister is a US citizen and from what I can see, she can file for me but it takes a while for the visa to become available. Anyone who's done this before? Is it an option worth perusing? If I have have to wait 7 years I guess its not really. Thanks Henry
  2. I entered with about 4 hours to spare:) I must say its the 6th time I have entered so I am really hoping. I am interested to know how "random" the lottery is? It's like like they ask you in which sector you work. Holding thumbs, Henry
  3. HI Mua, a really good post:) I hope to be in the winning situation next year:)
  4. Thank you guys:) I am walking distance from the consulate so I can go back and forth easily if something is missing. Let's hope I win!!!
  5. Thanks guys, I really want to move but just tying to look at the best way to support myself over there. Will the winners be announced May 1st 2014?
  6. Hey Guys, Just some insight please. I have been entering this for the past 5 years and no luck. I was wondering as in to how "random" the selections are made or do they look at qualification or current occupation? I have a bachelor's degree and work in a Marketing related field and I am wondering would they give preference to a nurse or engineer? If I don't win this year, I am just gonna go live with family and take it from there. From Sandton Henry
  7. Henry

    Student Visa

    Hello guys and girls. What would be your thoughts on applying for a student visa when you are in the States? Would it be easier/cheaper doing it once you are there and decide to study or should one do it while you still in SA? If you go on a holiday visa you have 3 months to stay there and after that you can file for a change of status while you wait for your student visa. Is is true that you can't enter the country while you wait for a student visa?
  8. Henry

    Dv 2015

    Another question, does it make a difference when you apply for the Lottery? I.e. are you chances better when you apply on October 1st ?
  9. Henry

    Dv 2015

    Wow thanks guys!! I do understand why South Africa has not engaged with this but we also have to remember that they have so many other issues here (corruption, crime etc) that this would be last on their list. I would be very political incorrect in saying this but I feel that with BEE and all that, if more of the "skilled" "white" "traditional advantaged" people would leave they would have the way easier??? (Just my personal view) But I do feel that the US should look at skilled people across more industries and study related work experience should count for something. I now fully understand why people have GC marriages cause that is by far the easiest and cheapest way and those are people that do what to live and work and contribute to the US economy. In fact all my friends and family that I know there had to take this route and they are so happy there. Nevertheless I will enter AGAIN this year in October but even if I don't win, I will go there on a study visa and see what the obvious and easiest reason to say:) From a WARM Sandton, Henry
  10. Henry

    Dv 2015

    Hey guys, does anyone know if there will be another lottery this year? If so what dates? Also when is the second draw in October? Thanks.
  11. Very good news indeed. Well this makes me happy that I can marry who I love and be eligible to live in the country I want to:) I guess if you are in a same sex marriage in South Africa and your partner wins you will be eligible to go with him? I know that same sex couples are not able to sponsor their partners for GC depending on the state they are married in:)
  12. Good luck! Just remember that if you get selected you will need to show proof of funds and assets to support yourself. You don't want to win an then denied for not having sufficient funds.
  13. [at]Oscar. When Anderson speaks we listen
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