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  1. We need rain... desperately...

    1. Slaptjips


      Still need it! We have had record high temps for five of the last six days here in Houston.


  2. 77079 is in the city, which means expensive. How far are you willing to go out?
  3. Just joined Facebook. Enjoying it way more than I thought I would!

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    2. Fiela
    3. Slaptjips


      Thanks Fiela! Don't think I will get addicted though...

    4. Fiela


      That's what they all say...


  4. got a cold for the first time in years. not lekker. dik kop, congested sinuses. ugh!

    1. Janneman


      Meng brandewyn, gemmer, suurlemoensap en heuning. Verhit en drink saam met 'n Tylenol. Trek warm aan en gaan slaap.

    2. Eileen


      Hope you feel better soon!

    3. Slaptjips


      Thanks Janneman en Eileen... Wens ek jet jou resep vroeer gehad Janneman! Feeling almost back to normal Eileen. Thank you!

  5. Hello Malamute, I work with international students and sometimes need a legal opinion on a student's visa case. Is this something you can help with? Thanks!
  6. Got back from Dubai last night. Hubs and I enjoyed a delicious, yummy, heavenly meal at Nandos there. Just loved it!
  7. Slaptjips


    I am in Dubai (got here yesterday) and I am loving it! Seeing my hubs again and so far enjoying what this amazing city has to offer. Take care everyone and chat when I get back!
  8. Welcome to Houston! We have lived in NW Houston (The Woodlands area) for nearly seven years and LOVE it here. My teenage daughter took her written (computer) and practical driving test in December and passed first time round on both. There are a number of online prep courses you can do, but the simplest as far as the computer test goes is to learn the book. Good luck!
  9. Thank you for the info Durbs! Jinne, who would have known....!
  10. What on earth is FTW? (Ek is maar plat - ken nie al die goeters nie!) I NEVER ate Pronutro in SA ever, but think I would dive into it now! And ai, I'd love some Bokomo Weetbix. Auntie Trix advertised it so well so many years ago...
  11. Nee man Eileen, hoe kwyl my mond nou vir daai Crunchie! Haven't had a Crunchie in years and years... This was our staple at university. We would study like crazy till late at night, meet in a friend's room, make Milo, and then we'd nibble off both ends of a Crunchi and suck the milo through the rest of the bar. Yep, quite a calorie bom, but oh so delish. And such a great reward!
  12. Was it worth it though? I think Vegas is one of those places that if you've been there, made love there, the box is checked and time to find the next holiday destination!
  13. Nee man Oscar, moenie so lelik wees nie! You can get a suite at the Venetian at really good rates. Obviously New Year isn't it!
  14. We were in Vegas for five days over New Year. Stayed at the MGM and was by far the worst hotel stay ever (we booked there because the friends we went with stayed there too). Next time we'll stay at the Venetian - had some great times there. I agree about doing some shows - we did LOVE (Cirque du Soleil), a comedy (Sin City, so-so), Blue Man Group (EXCELLENT), and Jubilee, a typical boring Vegas showgirls gig. I would recommend you use the monorail/metro instead of taxis. It's MUCH cheaper and lot more fun. Enjoy!
  15. Slaptjips


    It's easy here. Go to LegalZoom.com, type up your will, and they will send you the legal document. Have it notarized and voila! You have a will valid in the US.
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