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  1. Isn't a rump steak the same as the 'merican sirloins? I think so...
  2. We managed to find a place in FT Myers that makes lekker boerewors. You can take your spices there, and he will make it up for you. Not a bad price as well. Post here if you need more info and I will be glad to give you the info you need. Ray
  3. Does anyone know where I can find a list of designated physician’s offices in Jo'burg? My mom is due to go for an interview, and she also needs to have the medical done. Any tips on making it go smoothly? Oh, and how much is the fee? Is it $355 like I thought, or has that changed. Dankie mênse! :ilikeit:
  4. boerseun


    Publix sells picalilli in the english aisle :ilikeit:
  5. Thanks for the tip, unfortunately the tickets have been bought and paid for already. I just need care hire right now. Had I known though...
  6. We are members of AAA. I just remembered! Lekker dom nê? I will have a look at Hertz. WE are going to be there about 5 weeks between 'Maritzburg and Stellenbosch. Ja, and money is tight... daai blerrie kaartjies was duur... Thanks for the help ouks!
  7. Ja, the plan is to hire in Durbs and Capetown, want dis waar die vliegtuig land. I was wondering if any of you ouks have stumbled accross a "deal" on the internet [where I am plannning to book anyway] or if you have had a good experience with a particular company.
  8. We are going to visit the folks in 'Maritzburg and Stellenbosch in February next year. I think it is porbably easier for us to rent a car while we are there. What/who would you oukies suggest? I would prefer a lekker deal without having to go to to much trouble. Any help would be appreciated. [ o, ja, heppie turkeyday] :ilikeit:
  9. probeer Tannie Salomie by www.biltongusa.com . Hulle maak sosaties, boerwors, droewors en biltong en dis alles moerse lekker!
  10. boerseun

    Travel Agents

    They are open after 12 east coast time, being that they are in california. He's a good okie though. :ilikeit:
  11. boerseun

    Travel Agents

    You have called Lawrence, right? (800) 626-0466
  12. boerseun


    It was the first time I had heard it, and the scary thing is, I actually believe that it could happen...
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