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  1. Actually, a consumer viewing his/her own credit report and score DOES NOT affect the score. A creditor pulling your report and score will affect your score. A consumer can pull a free credit report from each of the bureaus once a year - the website is www.annualcreditreport.com - this does not include a credit score - you can purchase a credit score separately. When getting a credit card - you can purchase on it, do not go over 30% of your limit (each scoring model is different but the general rule is 30% usage). You can pay it off in full each month and then spend again - there is no need for you to keep a balance. If you do get a secured card from a bank, make sure the bank reports that card to the bureaus, not all banks report. If you want to monitor your credit reports/scores - each of the bureaus have a credit monitoring service. You can sign up at one of them and get all 3 bureau monitoring, or individually at each bureau.
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    Hi there I have a friend who entered the DV lottery through USAFIS, before they knew about the official one. They have now received a call from USAFIS to say that they were "successful" and needed to have an immigration package sent to them (at a cost of 625 EUROS) Now I know that this is the "right timing" for the winners letters to be going out, but I do not know how reputable USAFIS is (I went through the official one). I assume the immigration package is the one with all the forms needing to go back to Kentucky. Any advice? Anyone else won through USAFIS? Thanks
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