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  1. gman

    Lions Tour

    If your local pub isn't showing the games, looks like Peacock Premium is streaming it.
  2. gman

    Passport Renewal

    Seems like we're having more luck at the NYC consulate, though I did bargain for 9 months to be safe. I did two in-person applications in mid Feb, and received notice that one is ready (hoping the other arrives soon... ) That would be just under 4 months
  3. gman

    Passport Renewal

    Yep, pretty much 6 months. I did it 3 years ago in person at NYC consulate and it took 5 and 1/2 weeks. I took all my original docs there and they made copies, so no notarizing, and they did the fingerprints.
  4. In light of recent laws (either changes coming into effect, or being scrapped by Mar 2018) – having financially emigrated, has anyone taken a lump sum early, and was there a penalty? let it mature, and be forced to annuitise two-thirds? (I believe you have to purchase another form of income? Could someone clarify what this means) Thanks
  5. I thought I should add that birthday cards sent to us and our kids have also been opened on the SA side before arriving here as well ... : / It was re-sealed with SAPO tape or something similar.
  6. gman

    2015 Irb

    Only Universal Sports is covering all the matches. You can buy it pay per view for $200 (!!) or for individual games for about $30. If you have it on your cable package, they are only showing 7 games from what I can work out (luckily mostly knockout stages), and NBC says it is showing 1 semi and the final. So it's $$$ or find a bar. (Or some online stream).
  7. gman

    Mp336B And It21A

    Starting to look at doing a belated financial emigration, and was wondering if anyone has done it recently? Curious to know how people filled in some parts of the form – intended date of departure was almost 8 years ago, etc. Also, does each spouse need to complete a form, or can just one spouse emigrate financially? -- 3. (a) Intended date of departure from South Africa ........................ ( To which country are you emigrating? ....................................... © Are you taking up permanent residence in the country mentioned above?......................... -- 3. Departure particulars Besonderhede van vertrek Expected date of departure Verwagte datum van vertrek Are you leaving the country permanently? (Mark with an X) Verlaat u die land permanent? (Merk met ’n X) If not, indicate date of return Indien nie, meld datum van terugkeer
  8. gman

    Sa Passport Renewal

    JumpingJason - also factor in a few months to apply for your retention of SA citizenship. You'll need that when you renew your SA passport.
  9. gman

    Sa Passport Renewal

    I just renewed and it took five and half months to get my new passport. I submitted all my forms in January 2015 and received my passport mid June. I applied in person at NYC consulate and took all my original docs, of which they made copies and handed them straight back, so I assume they would send your passport back(?), but maybe someone else can weigh in. I did this about 2 years ago and it took 4 months, but I would take heed and plan at least 6 months ahead, per other members' experiences.
  10. Hi, these are rough timelines for NY: N-400 application - Sep 12, 2013 Biometrics - Oct 10, 2013 Pre-interview letter - Nov 14, 2013 Interview - Dec 9, 2013 Oath - Jan 17, 2014 So it's about a 4 month process, and then passports if you want to travel, are about 6 weeks. Good luck!
  11. congrats, and wow - 8 days for the passport?
  12. Happy Valentine's day... Citizen. It's been almost 8 years since I received my notification letter until yesterday when I became a citizen, so I thought it would be kind of apt to post that info here (my first forum posting). The ceremony took about 4 hours and it made some local news channels, as it was Valentine's day. http://brooklyn.news12.com/news/about-200-brooklyn-immigrants-become-citizens-on-valentine-s-day-1.7084914 http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/509275-couples-become-citizens-on-valentines-day/
  13. The general rule of thumb is not to be away longer than 6 months, though you can be away for up to 1 year. If you are going to be away for longer than 1 year you have to get a re-entry permit. One of the questions you have to fill out for Naturalization is to list all trips you make out the US and how long they last (there's a check box to say if it lasted more than 6 months). I would imagine if you had a LLC but were out the country for too long or too many times, you would lose your residency. That's my 2c.
  14. from a prev post: Passport timeline from NYC. Applied Jun 16. Passports arrived via Fedex Oct 19. So 4 months in total.
  15. just following up what superkruz says about the $60 t-mobile plan. although you're only here for 9 days, this could still be the most economic solution, especially in nyc, you're going to be on google maps most of the time getting around. it's a little slow but works. your hotel should have wifi, at least in the lobby and a couple of parks have a signal. also, get the 7 day unlimited metrocard to get around the city. i would wait for the SSN to see if it is automatically activated on entry, which it should, and have them mailed/couriered back to you in SA. rather enjoy your time in the city. bank account should be no prob with passport with visa and a 2nd form of id, like drivers licence. enjoy the trip.
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