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  1. Hi there, Heleen let me know she e-mailed you. Best regards, Cathy J Nieuwoudt
  2. Hello Lizel, I've forwarded your e-mail to Heleen, and I'm sure she'll be back in touch with you soon. Best regards, Cathy J Nieuwoudt
  3. Hello Liezel, I'm in the Birmingham area .... but I do know of a Saffer in the Mobile area .... specifically Daphne AL. When will you be arriving?? Will you be living in Mobile itself, or are you looking at Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area??
  4. I have arranged a braai for the SA'ns in the Birmingham area for 10/23, and would dearly love to bake a Coffee Caremel Cake .... the only problem .... I've lost my recipe .... The cake baked, is in one layer, and is baked in a pie dish. A sauce is made of instant coffee, brandy, sugar and water and boiled on the stove. The hot sauce is poured over the hot cake. The cake gets iced with carmalized condensed milk and desicated coconut. I would SO APPRECIATE it if some kind Samaratin can help me out with the recipe!!! Thanks in advance
  5. As it turns out, we had to get a transit visa to enable us to use the transit lounge on Sydney Airport - for an hour on the journey to NZ and for 3 hours on our way home ..... charge of $20 per visa ..... in my estimation a true rip-oof but oh well the visa's have been got via the internet, and we can't be refused entry ....
  6. In Albertville AL where Tyson employs mainly Hispanic's there are Latino school, churches, grocery stores and whatnot ...... so no, absolutely NO INSENTIVE at all to learn the English language
  7. cathyn

    Super 14 Final

    Hi there, is there anyone watching their rugby via Kudu Klub and streaming it via their computer to their HDTV. If so, please let me know how you do it. Thanks in advance
  8. We are flying to NZ via Sydney. We are both on US passports ..... will we need a transit visa for Australia??? Does anyone on this forum who is on a US passport have experience of this please!!!
  9. Thanks for your input, I appreciate it!!! Will be looking into it!!
  10. Hehehe Jane, I guess it really doesn't matter if there's going to be another 2 stops ..... as it is we're going to have to fly halfway round the world and back to get to NZ for a reasonable price ..... thanks for your input ..... was this directly via Continental or on Travelocity/TravelOne??
  11. We are flying out from LAX to Auckland NZ on Sept. 1 - but need a cheap connection from Bhm, AL to Lax - anyone tell me who has the best deals for these type tickets at the moment??? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi there, we live in Alabama, and spend most of our summer vacations in Florida - although we have also spent one on the Outerbanks of NC. The vacation spent on the Outerbanks was most memorable - it is beautiful and not nearly as developed as Florida - If you're looking for bright lights, amusement parks and hub-bub, then the Outerbanks will DEFINITELY NOT be for you. We have done the East Coast of Florida all the way from Key West all the way up to St. Augustine, and I guess you could say our favourite spots are Ormond Beach, New Smyrna Beach and Delray Beach. Daytona is also nice - but out of season, when the place isn't over-run with tourists. If at the same time you are looking at visiting Disney, then you'd need to be at Daytona - that is probably closest to Orlando to make a day trip viable - however let me mention, Orlando in my personal estimation is a whole "other vacation", as there is just so much to do there. Regarding vacation rental since 2003, my husband and I have used www.skyauction.com (vacation rentals) and have either bid on the auction or did the "buy it now" for unused timeshares - all of the places we've ever had, have had full kitchens, seperate bedrooms, livingrooms, TV's, DVD's etc, and most places have had really nice heated pools. The trick with the unused timeshare is to go and check the reviews on google before you decide to make a bid/buy-it-now so that you're sure you're going to like the place before you make a commitment. Oh and if you do get to stay at Delray Beach or Daytona, and enjoy Fish and Chips - Oceanbasket style - try the Miller Alehouse - In Daytona the Alehouse is on International Speedway on the right hand side, just before you hit I.95 (if you're driving from the beach back to the intestate). Delray is a bit more complicated - but look it up in the phonebook ..... As I said in the introduction hereof, the Outerbanks is not the place for a bright lights vacation. If you enjoy fishing, walking, cycling, kite flying and a good old beach vacation then this would be the place for you. We spent one vacation up there in 2006, and it was really quite wonderful. We visited everywhere on the outerbanks from Duck to Ocracoke Island - and it was really very charming. If you do get to Howards, don't forget to go to Howards Pub - they serve some really good grub, and the locals are really interesting to chat to!! Good luck and trust you find the vacation place of your dreams!!!
  13. cathyn

    Imagine if....

    I agree with Mariette ..... and I even did my citizenly duty this week - did jury duty ..... even if they did only need me 2 days, and I got struck off both juries I was called to ....
  14. cathyn

    Container Costs

    Goeie genade, how things have changed and prices increased since I shipped in a share load 13 yrs ago. I used up 1/2 a 20ft container and it worked out at the princly sum of R12k which included insurance and anything else that was required back then - I was told there'd be no extra charges .......
  15. cathyn

    VISA for Bahamas

    Thank you both so much ...... now the planning can begin!!!!
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