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  1. bolander


    OK, so what am I doing wrong. Where do you put the channel number in?
  2. bolander

    How did you get to live in the USA

    Hi guys I know - it's been a while since I've posted anything. I've started working full-time again (after being a SAHM for almost 4 years). Trying to get back in the swing of things. So, here's my story: My boyfriend and I visited his Uncle in 1999. We both applied for jobs. He got offered a position (and sponsorship). We went back to Cape Town, started the paperwork. We got married in May 2000, and moved to the USA in July 2000. Our daughter was born in 2003 and we became permanent residents in 2005. That's it in a nutshell (as Toks said, we'll skip over all the "other" stuff).
  3. bolander

    Information needed

    I believe Sam is right. Once you have the I140, you should be able to change jobs. Also, it shouldn't take that long after to get your greencard (4 years?) Between I140 and greencard took 9 months for us. That was a year ago. Of course, it's always best to check with a lawyer or immigration services before doing anything. Things change all the time. Good luck!
  4. bolander

    JaLiNi: Moving to Atlanta June 2007

    Hi and welcome JaLiNi We are in Buford, north of Atlanta. Very nice suburb(town). Hope to see you in ATL soon. Cheers,
  5. bolander

    US Driver's license

    We didn't even have to go on the road :ilikeit:
  6. bolander

    jackiem: new member

    Well, Cazz - I think it's time we get together. I would love to here more about your trip back to Cape Town. Give me a call anytime.
  7. bolander

    jackiem: new member

    Hi and welcome, Jackie I'm in Atlanta, GA. Adjusting to your new life is very hard, but it does get better. Back in SA, I was ready to make a change - my husband (boyfriend at the time) had no intention of ever moving away from SA. We both come from a big, closed-knit family. We visited a family member here in 1999, my husband got a job offer and a year later we were married and moved to Georgia. It was harder for me to adjust, but we got through it. Now, after 6 years, we still miss our family and friends back in South Africa (the hardest part), but we know we made the right move for us and our daughter (3). Just hang in there, and remember to come back to the forum if you need advice. And, enjoy this time of discovering and learning.
  8. bolander

    changes in the US

    I've gotten so used to pumping my own gas, that it felt a little weird having someone do for you (when we went back last year on vacation). Also, apparently it's custom (new?) to tip the petroljoggies, but some of them just assume you'll give them a tip and won't bring back your change or bring back too little. Happened to us.
  9. bolander

    Afrikaans Idols

    This is so crazy. Very sad indeed.
  10. bolander

    Afrikaans and Xhosa Translators in San Francisco

    Hi and welcome, John. I've sent you a PM.
  11. bolander

    I-140 application question

    I really can't remember whether they ever asked for it, but we got a letter from my husband's previous employer (we got it when we left SA), and just added it to the application (start of greencard). I recall a friend of ours having to get a letter from his previous employer too.
  12. bolander


  13. bolander

    My trip to South Africa – November 2006

    Welcome back, Cazz! Can't wait for Part 2.
  14. bolander


    I agree with Sam. There should be no problem. Just remember to take all the documents they requested. We also had to do the unabridged certificate. Getting the H4 is also no problem. Good luck with the process and congrats on getting your approval! :ilikeit:
  15. bolander

    Can meat be steamed?

    Ek het dit nog nooit probeer nie. Sal interessant wees om te hoor van iemand wat wel het. Klink gesond.