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  1. You guys must really look at immigration to Canada. They have got some serious skills shortages and they are a lot more immigrant friendly than the USA. Why do you think Microsoft moved their whole IT programming department to Canada? It is because they can get skilled workers to come and work for them in a matter of months. I was offered 3 jobs in a period of two weeks. I applied with my future employer to the British Columbian province to be sponsored by the province for fast tracked immigration. We applied on 27 November 2007 and I was sponsored on 3 January of 2008! I had to wait for the paperwork to arrive from Canada and sent in my Permanent Resident application on 1 February 2008. I received a letter from them to confirm that they are busy with my immigration file and that they received all the supporting documentation that was asked for. (Police clearance certificate and all the Canadian government forms) We must only do our medicals still and if we get approved we will get Permanet Residency visas. The whole process should take us no longer than 6 to 9 months from beginning to end. Google the following: BC PNP You will find all the jobs that fall under this program there. IT jobs are definately there! It will tell you how to proceed in order to receive a sponsorship from the province. There are other provinces tha has got similar programs. We have to work in the province of BC if we get sponsored by them but I am not bound to that one specific company until I receive citizenship. I can apply for citizenship after only 3 years in Canada and we get Canadian Government Medicare 3 months after arrival in Canada. That is a big plus!!! Good luck with your future plans!!!
  2. Hi Lisa We entered the DV2008 lottery the first time but did unfortunately not win. Last year we also entered the DV 2009 lottery and we will also be checking the mail one of these days to see if we were lucky this time around! Good luck to you and your family. Hope you are one of the lucky ones!! P.S. I did not want to sit around here in SA waiting to win the US lottery so we are immigrating to Canada and will be living about 150km from the US border. It is taking us 6 to 9months for full immigration to Canada! A lot quicker than the 4 to 7 years that the US wanted us to wait!!! If you look at it like that than it is even quicker than winning the DV lottery!
  3. We will hopefully move to Canada within the next 4 months if all goes well. I had job offers in the USA too but it would have taken too long to go through all the red tape so we decided on Canada. From start to finish it will take us between 6 to 9months for full immigration. We will be moving to Kelowna, British Columbia in Canada but would have gone to Phoenix, Arizona in the USA. The only thing is that we would have been a lot better off financially in the USA when it comes to buying a house. We will only be able to buy a Mobile Home in Canada and it will cost us about $160 000. If you want to buy a real built house in the area that we will be moving to, it will cost you between $390 000 and $420 000 for a three bedroom and two bathroom home if you are lucky enough to find one. Do not get me wrong, we are gratefull for the opportunaty to move to Canada but it seems to be a lot more expensive on the housing side than the USA. Enjoy your beautifull homes. It will be a long time before I will be able to own something similar to what we currently own here in South Africa. (If ever) We will however make this sacrifice gladly for the opportunaty to raise our 22month old son in a safe and humane society!!
  4. Hi there After trying since Januarie to start our application, we have given up hope to move to the USA and have now decided that we will rather move to Canada instead. I had two job offers in the USA, one in Tucson and one in Phoenix. We decided on the one in Phoenix and contacted an immigration lawyer in Tucson to handle our case. My mother-in-law stays in Tucson and we decided on this lawyer because then she could get the necessary paperwork to him that he needed a.s.a.p. We paid for the consultation when we went to his office during our visit to the USA in December2006/January2007. He told us to contact him once we were back in SA so that we could start the process. I was applying under the Skilled Worker Group on a EB3 visa. He also told us that the process should take about two years to complete. We were extatic and my mother-in-law was so glad that she will have her only grand child close to her within the not too distant future. We came back home (SA) and started gathering all the info that was required. I was quite busy at work so some of the stuff took a bit long to get, but eventually we sent the paperwork of to the lawyer for the initial assessment to be done. This was done in May 2007. The lawyer contacted me and asked me for an assessment fee of $250 before he could start with the process. Two months later and e-mail upon e-mail and phone-call upon phone-call and still no sign of the initial assessment outcome. Eventually we decided to cut our losses and to move on to a new lawyer. This we did with the help and recommendation of some of the members on this site. (Thank you very much for the help and No, I am not sarcastic.) The new lawyer was unbelieveable. If I sent him an e-mail in the evening I would have my reply the next morning and they did not charge us for the initial assessment like the first guy. I phoned my employer and told him that we have changed lawyers and he would be contacted by them. They phoned him and he agreed to pay for the process as is required under the new regulations. They then told us that they would send my employer a retainer contract that he had to complete and return to them and then they would start the process on the Monday. On the Monday we received an e-mail stating that the lawyer would be out of the office on holiday for the next week and that they were sorry but they forgot about him going on holiday. They would then start the paperwork on the following Teusday. This was fine and the employer and me waited for the week to pass. Needless to say we never heard from the lawyer again. I phoned him two weeks later and he told me that he was swamped with work but that he will phone my employer within the next 30 minutes and he would then phone me back. This was midnight in SA and I decided to wait by the phone for the phone call. My wife eventually came to wake me up next to the phone and I did not receive any call. I phoned my employer and asked him to put some pressure on the lawyer from that side which he did. He could not speak to the lawyer as he was busy so he left a message for him to contact him. Until today there has been no call. The last lawyer also told us that the EB3 process would take between 4 to 7 years and I was very down after hearing this. My employer joked and said that the whole process takes about a year to complete but the lawyers sit on their behinds for six years before they return your call and starts the process. I started looking at Canada and realized that my skills were needed there (Electrician) and that I qualified under the strategic occupation program or PNP program. This is a fast tracked process which will take about 9 months to complete compared to the normal immigration time line of 3 to 4 years. You have to have a job offer from a Canadian company in the province that you will be applying at. We will be moving to British Columbia if all goes well. I also do not have to provide proof of funds and do not need letters from my previous employers either if I get approved under this process and also because I will have arranged employment in BC. I started applying for jobs on the net and got three job offers within three weeks since starting. The Canadian process is also a lot cheaper because the USA fees would have been about R87000 and the Canadian fees is about R27000. Canada works on a pionts system for immigration if you follow the regular route. This makes the Canadian system a lot easier to understand and does not waste time by you applying first and then finding out that you do not qualify because you have too little points. The points test can be taken online through any immigration company or even the Canadian Government's immigration site free of charge and it gives you a guideline whether you will be accepted into Canada or not before you start any paperwork. We will be staying about 150km above the USA border and 400km from Vancouver. We will also receive Permanent Residant Status from day one if all the applications is approved and we will qualify for citizenship within 3 years from arriving in Canada. We will also qualify for Canadian Medicare after three months from arrival. The USA must really take a good hard look at their immigration system. The current system is really out dated and makes it very difficult for good honest immigrants, that could contribute to the economy, to immigrate legally to the US. I guess that is why the Mexicans cross the border at night through the desert because it is easier to get into the US that way than applying to go there legally. My employer in the US told me that they have got huge shortages across all the trades but the Government obviously does not recognize this fact. They must wake-up and smell the roses because even a big company like Microsoft recently moved their programming devision to Canada because of the problems that they had to recruit skilled programmers from all over the world on the current US immigration system. I was preparing to use the AC a lot in Phoenix but now I will just have to use the central heating a bit more than the AC!! Thank you to all the SAUSA members that tried to help our family with their informative replies. We wiil be more active on the SACANADA site from now on but will still come to take a peak every now and then! Regards Einselec P.S. We did enter the DV lottery2009 again just in case and if we receive THE LETTER we will let you know!!
  5. On the news tonight!! Zimbabwe started printing a new $200 000 Zim dollar note. Thousands of Zimbabwe citizens are streaming over the border with SA every day now because there is no food left in that country and Presedant Mogabe is going to make it illegal for them to go to the SA border and buy food there so instead they are all trying to come here to find a better life. Seems like he succeded in crashing the economy of one of the best countries in Africa, all by himself.
  6. Thanks for your replies! I checked up on the date that the documents has been sent to him. I sent it via e-mail and that was on the 16th of May already. I have sent him another e-mail asking him what and when the next step is but I will have to wait and see if I get a reply! Regards from Cape Town
  7. Hi all It is with a heavy heart that I ask these questions and I have read the topic that Saville wrote on discussing legal representatives on this forum, but I have got a huge problem. While in the USA in December 2006 I was offered a job. I went to an immigration lawyer while we were there and discussed the whole process with him. In the beginning of June 2007 all the relevant paperwork was sent to this lawyer and he advised me that I had to pay $xxx for an initial assesment to be done to see what the possibility for sucess would be. He also told me that he will fax me paperwork to retain him as my lawyer but this never happened. I paid the $xxx and he told me that he would start on my case a.s.a.p. To cut a long story short, he never returns my e-mails, I can never get hold of him at the office, the other day he told me that he cannot get hold of my employer at his office but I told him specifically that he had to phone him on his cell as he is in the service industry and hardly spends his days at his office. I phoned my employer today and asked him if my lawyer had phoned him? He said yes, but that he did not ask him any meaningfull questions and he also did not ask him for any new documents. He spoke to him for about 2 minutes and that was it. It has been 45days since I started this initial assesment period and I know that US immigration is not for the faint hearted, but does it usually take this long just for your lawyer to establish if you will be elegable to start the application? I would like to get my foot in the door by starting the Labor certification process so that I can at least get a date from the DOL. If there is anyone out there that might have some advice, I would love to hear from you? Should I forget about the $xxx that I paid and move to a new lawyer? One that would at least answer my e-mails!!!?? I did not sign any retainer, but does the fact that I paid him now bind me to this lawyer? Does anybody have some personal experience with an excellent lawyer that might be able to help me? Any help will be appreciated!!!
  8. You guys are the lucky ones!! You are in the USA ALREADY!!!! Think of us,the poor sods that are still stuck outside!!!!! With the price increase you will have to fork out more $ but we have to fork out seven times as much because we earn Rand but have to pay in $. I am not trying to wee of anybody with this statement and it really sucks big time for them to have made such a turn around after the July Bulletin. I just got my hopes up and now this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to each and everyone caught up in this!!!!!!!
  9. Hi I think that we have missed the DV2008 because we have not receiced a letter yet. Hope for better luck next year! Since playing the DV2008 I got an employment offer in Phoenix and we are busy with the process for employment based immigration on an EB3 visa. We are hoping for the best and will keep you up to speed on how things are going. Regards from Cape Town
  10. Hi We are planning on moving to Phoenix,AZ. Got a job offer from a company there but my mother-in-law stays in Tucson,AZ. Waiting for lawyer to contact me with next step. If you have a SA drivers license and a international drivers permit that you get from any AA shop for a R100 plus 2 I.D. photos, you may drive in the states for a period of one year from the date that the AA Permit was issued. Remember, one year from the date that the AA permit was issued and not one year from your arrival. Get that permit as close to your departure date as possible to give you some extra time if needed. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to get the permit so you can do it the same day even but I would recommend that you go one week in advance just in case something goes wrong. When you arrive in AZ you just go to the DMV in your town and there you will get the drivers booklet (cars up to 26000 lbs), motorcycle booklet as well as the commercial booklet (our trucks) for free to study before you write your monkey puzzle test. If you pass the written test you can go for your driving test the very next day. My mother-in-law is not a very good driver and she passed the monkey puzzle without even going home to read through the manual. She went in and did the test then and there. She also passed the driving test the first time and I can tell you that I spend most of my time praying when I travel with her in the USA or here. One thing that you must have before you go for your license is your Social Security number. That is why I could not go for my licence while we visited over Dec to Jan this year. I must warn you that the cops sometimes deliberately follow you for miles to see if you will make a mistake so that they can pull you over. While there I was riding my father-in-law's 1300cc Honda Shadow around town and early one morning I had a cop following me for what seemed like an eternaty only to pull in next to me at the next traffic light and wave at me. (Best looking lady cop I have yet seen!!) She swung right at the traffic light and I went on my way a bit rattled but O.K. We left side of the road drivers always seems to think that we might have done something wrong just because we are not used to driving on the right side of the road! Must say that the ajustment to driving on the right side was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Came back to SA after driving about 5000 miles in 6 weeks in the states and found myself having to consentrate on driving on the left side again. To answer your initial question, to the best of my knowledge you have to go through the whole test and cannot just convert your SA licence to an AZ licence. Believe me my mother-in-law would have taken that option if it was that easy. Good luck and enjoy AZ.
  11. Check out the July 2007 Visa Bulletin!! It states that the status of all Employment Based visas has moved to current. This could be great news if it is true!!! Regads from a cold and wet Cape Town
  12. einselec

    DWI and DUI?

    Hi there Can any of you explain to me what the difference is between a DWI and a DUI confiction? In SA the legal blood/alcohol limit is 0.08. You can drink about two beers or about one double brandy/whiskey before you will reach this limit. This all depends on your body mass and the amount of time that it took you to consume the above beverages. If you are over this limit while driving you are deemed to be intoxicated behind the wheel! Why have the USA then got two different terms to describe the above? Regards Marnitz
  13. This is an article that I found on the Fin24 site. Million whites leave SA - study 24/09/2006 16:37 By: Peet van Aardt Johannesburg - One million white South Africans - almost a fifth - have left the country in the past ten years. This figure was released last week in a report from the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR). Frans Cronjé, who compiled the report, said it was especially crime and affirmative action which had driven a fifth of South Africa's white population out of the country. He did an analysis of Statistics South Africa's Household Surveys between 1995 and 2005, emigration figures and other reliable estimates on population numbers. Cronjé said the results left himself and his colleagues dumbfounded. "When we drew the graphs we saw that almost a whole generation of white South Africans are not here anymore." Young people, children leaving The SAIRR's population pyramid of white South Africans show a definite loss of young people and children under the age of ten. The figures for 2005 put the number of white South Africans in the country at 4.3 million, 841 000 fewer than the 5.2 million of 1995. Cronjé predicts that the white population would continue to shrink, and, he said, the situation would have a far-reaching impact on the economy. "The white population is getting older, which means the white taxpayers are only going to contribute to the economy for the next twenty years. There would have to be a huge influx of skilled workers to fill this gap. This, unfortunately, is not the case." Due to the inequalities of the past, the education of most of the black children is still not on par to fill these gaps. Last year, for example, only 3 000 black learners passed matric with higher grade mathematics, said Cronjé. Economically productive Most of the white emigrants are economically productive people, said Marco Macfarlane, co-author of the report. However, in the last decade the black economically productive population grew by 81%. Some of these people have slot into the high-income group, where black people make up a third of the top earners. Whites, however, still account for half of this group, where Indians and coloureds make up 7% and 6% of the high-income group respectively. The rest of the black entrants to the labour market are busy in the informal sector, which do not necessarily contribute to the tax income. "Black people are entering the economy at a stiff pace, but of the economically active middle class (the country's biggest tax contributors), blacks only account for 1%." Macfarlane said crime and affirmative action are the top reasons for the exodus of whites. More whites going to leave "And because the crime figures are not going to decline rapidly and affirmative action is to continue, more whites are going to leave. "The young people reckon they are being punished for what happened in the previous dispensation. They are furious, because they feel they had no part in it," said Macfarlane. According to the report the emigrants are between 20 and 40 years old. "This is the group that have children and help grow the population, but now they're getting their children overseas. And they don't come back. That means the white population is going to continue to shrink." The decline in the white population in the decade to 2005 is estimated at 16.1%. Regards from Cape Town
  14. Hi there You can be glad that you are not in the good old South Africa any more because the use of the word BOERVORS would have landed you in very hot water. Over here any word like that would have the government suspect you of being from a third force like the Boeremag! Like the song DE LA REY that was even mentioned in Parliament the other day. The singer, Bok van Blerk, was repromanded and some of our newly elected officials said that they suspect that this song has some racial connection because when the song is played in student pubs, the white students got to attention for the duration of the song. The lyrics goes something like this: "De la Rey, De la Rey, sal jy die boere kom ly?" De La Rey was a boere commander in the war between the Boere and the English! Just some idea of how the world changed on this side of the globe!! I am also a big Boerewors lover and will also have to produce some if we eventually move to the US. I currently drive to my butcher on a Friday afternoon and within minutes have the best lamb chops and boerewors that you can find. Also the best spices for braaivleis!! (Took a pound of braai spice to my buddie in Colorado when we visited in December and he already phoned for a refill!) We take these things for granted but just look to what lengths you guys must go to just to enjoy a piece of boerewors. I will eat my boerewors with much more appreciation in the future and will keep you in my thoughts at the lovely braais that we have in winter (indoors) and summer. Regards from Cape Town P.S.: I think it will take me quite a while before I will long for a Castle! I sometimes enjoy a Black Label. While we were in the US I enjoyed a couple of Bud Lights. I quite enjoyed that but will still stick to my whiskey thanx!!
  15. Thanx for all the replies. Also found Tucson to be stretched out over huge area but it does not really give you the feeling that it is a city. Just a bit worried because the wife and me both come from the platteland. Found the Americans to be very friendly and helpfull. The company that offered me the job in Phoenix waited for me for 10 months before I could meet them for my interview. They are also prepared to wait for me but I fear that the EB3 visa under which we are applying will take for ever and they might lose interest if it drags on too long. Greeting from a soaking wet Cape Town
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