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  1. The Main Potjie category for Potjie 2011 has been announced... CHICKEN
  2. Spokie, we'll look forward to the opportunity coming at some point!
  3. Bummer Durbs! I was looking forward to braaiing some wors with you again this year. Enjoy Florida and hopefully we'll see you next year!
  4. The annual Texas Potjie Festival is now only 6 months away! Here are some details for Texas Potjie 2011: Venue: KOA Campground in Rusk, TX When: Labor Day weekend, Sep 2 - 5, 2011 Attention RV owners: If you are planning to attend Potjie 2011 and you would like a specific RV site, Rusk KOA will allow requests for specific RV sites if reservations are made by 3/1/2011 and paid in full by 4/1/2011. After 3/1/2011, the usual KOA RV reservation rules will apply. For more information, please see the Upcoming Potjie page on the website. If you have never been to a Texas Potjie and wonder what it is all about, please visit TexasPotjie.com More information will be published as it is released.
  5. We recently updated the Texaspotjie website. It contains new information that you probably haven't seen before. Check out the new site: texaspotjie.com
  6. Hi Cobus! Ons bly al vir 12 jaar in die Austin area en is mal oor die plek. Hier is 'n redelike groot groep Suid Afrikaners hier, soos in Dallas, Houston, en San Antonio ook. Ons hou van tyd tot tyd braais, en alhoewel nie almal altyd kom nie, is daar dikwels nuwe gesigte by die braais, wat dit eintlik baie lekker maak. Jy kan gerus ons website www.sa-austin.com besoek om meer van ons te wete te kom. Goed gaan! John
  7. It sounds like it is fairly unlikely that you will be able to get a cabin. If you don't mind staying outside the campground, you may want to look at one of the hotels close by. Another option would be to get a RV stand and rent a RV for the weekend. Here are some of the hotels: Weston Inn & Suites (1 mile from the grounds) : 1(903) 683-8383 (discount rate for mentioning SA Festival !!); Southern Motor Inn (2 miles) : 1(903) 683-2688 (10% discount for mentioning SA Festival !!); New Holiday Inn, Jacksonville (11 miles from grounds - not sure about their number).
  8. Texas Potjie Festival 2010 This will be the 10th Potjie, so it will be a big one! When: Labor Day weekend - Sep 3-6, 2010 Where: KOA Campground in Rusk, TX If you have been to a Potjie festival before, you know what it is all about. If not, see this video. Reservations: To stay in the KOA campground (cabins, RV stands, tents), call 1 (903) 683-6641 to make reservations. Mention that you are coming for the South African Potjie Festival and get a 10% discount. Alternative Accommodation: If you don't want to, or can't stay in the campground, there are hotels close by. More Information: See the Texas Potjie website and Facebook group. Additional Information: South Africans in Austin and Facebook group. Both of these websites have mailing lists that you can sign up at to ensure that you get all the latest updates by email as it becomes available.
  9. I think the pockets of non-English speaking Hispanics is because the US tries too hard to be politically correct and sensitive to everyone else. All I know is, if I had to move to Italy or Spain today, I'm going to have to learn to Italian or Spanish fast if I wanted a shot at functioning in their societies. They are not going to bend over backwards to accommodate me. It's their country and I better fit in or get out. Here in Texas at my kids' schools, if the schools send any information home with the kids, they always send home an English and Spanish version, and I was told they HAVE to do it. So where is the incentive for Hispanics to learn English? About the 30 & 40 year old non-English speaking Hispanics with US birth certificates, I think there was a time where many pregnant Hispanic women slipped over the US border to give birth in the US to get the US birth certificates for their kids. Then they went back to Mexico and raised their kids there. Those are the kids that were in the line at the passport office.
  10. This why I believe that the normal one-person-one-vote system is not a good idea for South Africa. I have an alternative idea that still gives everyone the vote, but that may end up giving South Africa more qualified leaders. I have written an article about it that I intend to publish on my blog soon. Once published, I'll post a link here.
  11. And that is why I think there may well be trouble on the way. This guy has a big supporter base... a supporter base so big that even the head honchos in the ANC fear him, which is probably why the recent charges against Malema were dropped. Look what happened to Mbeki three years ago when Malema and his supporters threw their weight behind Zuma. This supporter base shares many of Malema's characteristics, i.e. not too many brain cells, radical, and openly hates whites. In a regular one-person-one-vote democracy, the numbers are all that count though. The ability of each "number" to make an informed decision has nothing to do with it. Unless something happens to Malema along the way, he seems set to be a future SA president.
  12. I have been following Julius Malema's antics for about a year now. He struck me as dangerous to the welfare of South Africa. While he isn't currently the president of South Africa, as ANCYL leader, he seems to be well on his way to becoming the president in a few years. That concerns me greatly. In my mind, not only will he focus mostly on enriching himself and not improve the living conditions of his supporters, but he will likely target whites and possibly even strip them of their property. That is just my opinion though. What do you think about him?
  13. As I said towards the end of my blog post, I don't why these people write viruses. They are obviously very talented programmers who can really make a positive contribution to our world, but instead they choose to make a negative one, and often not even for any material gain, but just for the thrill of it.
  14. Here is just a friendly bit of advice to my SAUSA friends: If you are surfing the web and suddenly you get popups warning you of a virus, trojan, or other malware on your computer, also giving you the option to remove it, be very sure that it is your own installed anti-virus program that produced the popup. My wife is the only one in our household that still runs Windows (the rest of us are on Ubuntu) and somehow her computer got infected with a trojan called FakeRean, which is a fake anti-virus program that gave me a serious headache a couple of weeks ago. If you suspect that you may have bumped into this horrid thing, I documented all my experiences with this thing, including how to get rid of it, on my blog: My Battle With The FakeRean Trojan & TDL3 Rootkit Even after removing it, there is still some sort of problem with Firefox. So now I have my wife using Google's Chrome browser, which is very cool and unaffected by this.
  15. Kwan, it seems that you might be a candidate for a L1 visa, specifically, L1-A. Here's an article about the L1 visa on our website.
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